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  1. I guess this is the end...

    Im still playing, but i stopped buying/selling on the market since mid last year.
  2. Let's Make a Story!

  3. The History of Project Terra

    Sounds about right.
  4. Let's Make a Story!

    Jennifer lawrence's
  5. So...Why keep it a secret

    Wasnt it a functional game at some point?
  6. The History of Project Terra

    Found this link here: Sadly this is exactly what they did.
  7. Nation Bragging & Analysis

    What ever happen to the staff? one minute they were here next minute, they weregone? Like what happen to Demosthenes?
  8. How do you envision Your nation? Foreign Policy:Interventionist or Isolationist Economy:Capitalist or Socialist Social Freedom:Authoritarian or Libertarian Personally, i envision my nation to be: Foreign Policy: Isolationist Economy: Capitalist Social Freedom: Libertarian

    I mean didnt Chris had to rewrite the game? so its logical he would of picked a programing language most comfortable to him? or aprograminglanguage he thought best suited the game?
  10. With the Apple Watch open to pre-orders today, it is safe to say that all the main players are in, after several years of minimal sales of smartwatch's, the Apple Watch could every well be like the original iPhone or the iPad and kickstart the smartwatch industry. The Question is: Will SmartWatch's make it to mainstream? and are you planning on buying a smartwatch? Personally i would get an Apple Watch, only because i use a iPhone 6 plus. And i do thinksmartwatchs willmake it to mainstream, but will slowly die like tablets.
  11. I will wait.

    People are wanting to leave because, when you have built 10+ cities, passed all the laws you can pass, and build up a years worth of warehouse goods, you have nothing left to do in the game, you get bored and tired, sure other simulation games lack a few features PT had, but at lest other games have a very active community and devalopers and a game that works, ATM PT is a shell of its former self. This is why people are leaving, this si why i left for nationstates and a few others, yes they are not as good as PT but hell im doing a lot more in these games than i ever was in this one.Everyone want chris to speed up devalopement, he said he was working on the game and that an update would be avalable soon, but we been hearing that for a year and a bit. Before the community died we often had post telling him how he could help things and how we could help. I only come back now once a week, just to see if there is any updates.
  12. Chris was on today.

    Congrats, your post is the first post of April... 4 days in and thats not counting the last days of March.
  13. Chris was on today.

    Its the lack of everything really.
  14. Is Research not a thing?

    Yes, Research currently is not a thing? a year or two ago, it was, but not anymore... yes i know, surprising. When will we getResearch back? thats a hard one, maybe a year to never?
  15. Chris was on today.

    Aside from the rewrite?rewriting code that alreadyexistisn'thard, regardless how bad the coding was. And the point was, there has been little show of any progress or effect to keep thecommunityactive, this is a hugefailureon your part as the owner of PT. Don't waste your time? this is the first time in a very long time Chris has even replied and maintain a conversationwith any PT member, trust me he doesn't waste his time, with people like me. And Yes Chris, please show us some progress so people like me can stfu.
  16. Chris was on today.

    No one wanted to turn this into a pissing contest Chris, I was pointing out that i have a unusual busy life and yet been able achieved more than you have since you took over PT, i mean, if your really are struggling, ask for help, if you cant pay someone to help, you can offer 3% to 10% of future profits or ownership of the game. Ive watched this community die Chris..Ive alway been a huge supporter of you but even i have now lost my faith. Chris didn't create the game Daniel, He simply bought the game, and since then we have seen very little change, most of the community have left and what is left are the few like myself and the newbies like yourself who don't seem to stay for very long. PT has had a very long history, and sadly it is at a very sad state currently, its slow and many functions that worked before are currently not working, we spend most of last year with little communication between Admins and the community, Im complaining because ive been here long enough to see we are going no where but backwards.
  17. Chris was on today.

    I honestly understand, i have University, Work, Part-timeCollege and my small APP/Software Business, I am extremely busy...But it doesn't take me more than 6 months to make progress on my apps and to connect and grow my small community of followers.
  18. Just Spam all around. I was looking, as i often do, to see if any of the Gods (admins) have been active and no news there...but when i went to look at chris, i found, Anti-Christ and Christ alike name Profileslike: Chris Pearson, Christf, Chris Spectrum, ChrisFromDetroit then it got bad, Chris-the-killer, ChrisIsA********. The last one is pretty mean.
  19. The game is not that advance yet.

    Basically this
  21. Beta Access Opened

    What game?
  22. Nation Bragging & Analysis

    I was at one time the third biggest Nation in PT, now i'm 27th. Ive passed all my laws, and it has became to expensive to continue growing more cities, in otherwords, stagnation. Relationship between me and my nation isn't to well.