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  1. Ahovking received reputation from Paul_ for a blog entry, Operation Coastal Chaos   
    Intelligent reports confirm Sari Purnawarman muhammad the Queen of Maluku and her children have escaped to Socialist Republic of Sulawesi and now making their way to Silistrious.
    Socialist Republic of Sulawesi remain under heavy attack from the bombers of the 3rd division's carport bombing, as 8 out of 9 ports are now blockaded by the Oceanians navy, the Ruler of Socialist Republic of Sulawesi has since requested to meeting with Oceania officials to talk about a peace deal, The Neo-fatherland party however makes it clear to the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi for there to be peace, they must accepted an unconditional surrender,
    Oceania launches Operation Coastal Chaos where "squids" (specials-ops Marines) sneak into major power plants and fuel storage building and sabotage them, 18 Titian Class-Destroyer spread thought the sea of Sulawesi begin shooting down any building taller than 2 stories, with no fuel left cities being attacked and nation wide blackout, Socialist Republic of Sulawesi reluctantly agree's to Oceania's unconditional surrender, and pulls out of the Conflict.
    Large parts of Maluku begin to also accept an unconditional surrender, with whole cities flatten and countless dead, with no King and a government fleeing, many are giving up.
    The People Union of Kalimantan requests Silistrious to build a base in Kalimantan and to maintain as strong presence to prevent oceania expanding the war towards them.
    Oceania's War machine begins to roar to life as its capability to construct warships and warplanes double.
  2. Ahovking received reputation from Varspasian for a blog entry, Operation Coastal Chaos   
    Intelligent reports confirm Sari Purnawarman muhammad the Queen of Maluku and her children have escaped to Socialist Republic of Sulawesi and now making their way to Silistrious.
    Socialist Republic of Sulawesi remain under heavy attack from the bombers of the 3rd division's carport bombing, as 8 out of 9 ports are now blockaded by the Oceanians navy, the Ruler of Socialist Republic of Sulawesi has since requested to meeting with Oceania officials to talk about a peace deal, The Neo-fatherland party however makes it clear to the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi for there to be peace, they must accepted an unconditional surrender,
    Oceania launches Operation Coastal Chaos where "squids" (specials-ops Marines) sneak into major power plants and fuel storage building and sabotage them, 18 Titian Class-Destroyer spread thought the sea of Sulawesi begin shooting down any building taller than 2 stories, with no fuel left cities being attacked and nation wide blackout, Socialist Republic of Sulawesi reluctantly agree's to Oceania's unconditional surrender, and pulls out of the Conflict.
    Large parts of Maluku begin to also accept an unconditional surrender, with whole cities flatten and countless dead, with no King and a government fleeing, many are giving up.
    The People Union of Kalimantan requests Silistrious to build a base in Kalimantan and to maintain as strong presence to prevent oceania expanding the war towards them.
    Oceania's War machine begins to roar to life as its capability to construct warships and warplanes double.
  3. Ahovking received reputation from Paul_ for a blog entry, Maluku's last few Breaths   
    Reports flood in, Homar's air strikes that attacked training and recruitment camps, had killed the King of Maluku, who was visting a few recruitment camp before fleeing to the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi, The Kingdom of Maluku enters a state of chaos, Oceana occupying forces break thought defensive lines and attack critical military installations and Supply depots, And surround the "Silistrian Zones".
    As a response to the establishment of "Silistrian Zones" Oceania establishes an Anti-Air Network, which comprise of 47 - Pelican 88s (a Light Armored Vehicle) is an eight-wheeled amphibious Anti-Aircraft vehicle, With a two-stage long-range surface-to-air missile (the classic D-70S, Highly accurate, small and one of the Fastest missiles in the World), with 23 - Atlas Class cruiser, design specifictly as an anti-aircraft ship, the Atlas Class cruiser has 4 Sidney Missile launchers armed with 4 two-stage medium-range naval surface-to-air missile, and another 75 - AU-111 intercepter as well as another 25 AU-8 next gen Muti-Role fighter jet, to prevent any drops off, with almost 80,000 solder on the island and another 25,000 on the Southern island to help repel any counter-attack.
    The Neo-Fatherland party praises Homar for the newly announced sanctions against People Union of Kalimantan, One spokesman said "Although they [People Union of Kalimantan] are not technically at war with Oceania, their support for both The Kingdom of Maluku and Socialist Republic of Sulawesi are simply unacceptable."
    As The Kingdom of Maluku losses their last Port city, Oceania begins to move onto the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi, Oceania airstrikes attack, governmental buildings and other key military installations and Supply depots, While the Oceania Navy blockage 6 out of 9 ports, However Most of Oceanians fighting force remains on Maluku as heavy fighting continued as the last breath of the old regime is taken.
    Civilian populations remains hostile against Oceanian solders seeing them as occupiers from a state trying to recreate the Oceania Union, the brutally that has been shown during the war also has made the Oceanian occupying force very unpopular compared to the Forces from Homar, who went as far as to drop aid to help civilians stuck between war zones.
    Domestic News
    Neo-Fatherland party has finally, after protests in New Zealand and New Guinea and heavy lobbying from the Coalition United Party, Realeased a statement that the kingdom of Maluku and the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi will not be annex. Instead the kingdom of Maluku and the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi will be forced under Federation Of Oceania sphere of influence
    Critical Parts of their industrial sectors will be exported to Oceana, Keeping their economy heavily depended on Oceana, And the new reformed government will be entrusted stay within Oceania sphere of influence.
    Both Neo-Fatherland party and the Coalition United Party have signals their concern over the deployment of the Radon gas bomb by the Silistrian state, Neo-Fatherland party has warned use of such a weapon would be seen as a direct declaration of war against Oceana, and that Oceana will then begin mass mobilisation as well as deploy Nuclear Armed Weapons.
    Coalition United Party also signals their concern waring such a move just justifies the Neo-Fatherland party decision to once again enable Nuclear, chemical and biological research, although nuclear weapons is still years away after years of self-disarmament, Oceania still contains a significant number of Biological weapons thats has the potential to do so much more damage, and that it may response with if a Radon gas bomb is used.
  4. Ahovking gave reputation to Varspasian for a blog entry, A turn of Events   
    Two hours ago, Grand Chancellor Varspasian ordered the Silistrian Military Advisors to assert control within several cities, and the area around them, in the Kingdom of Maluku. These cities have been declared as "Silistrian Zones" and are territory protected by the Silistrian Military. It is currently not known if this was by the request by the government of Maluku or not. Silistrious assures that no non-Silistrian Military personnel will be armed within the zones. Any action taken against the soldiers within these zones would be an act of aggression against Silistrious and would be dealt with accordingly.
    In other news;
    The Republic of Homar has joined in the attack on the Kingdom of Maluku. The president of Homar, Dylan Reberbio, seemed to express his wish for Silistrious to join in the attack, however Grand Chancellor Varspasian is adamant to not join.
    The first fleet is nearing Maluku waters
    Silistrious had reportedly developed a Radon gas bomb. The bomb detonates above the target area, causing the radioactive radon gas to encompass the target area. The half-life of the Radon used is approximately 3.8 days, which allows for soldiers to take over the target area without risk of radiation poisoning.

  5. Ahovking gave reputation to Paul_ for a blog entry, Roundup for 1/26/2015   
    Anderson Palmer: Happening now, breaking news. Homar going to war for the first time in history, nearly 2 thousand troops being sent to the Kingdom of Maluk in defense of the Federation of Oceania. In a statement the President gave at 9:30 PM, the President noted that the Kingdom of Maluk had not surrendered or retreated and operation Blue Eagle would go through. Here now, the full Presidential address to the nation on the war in the Kingdom of Maluk. Take a look.
    PRESIDENT OF HOMAR DYLAN REBERBIO: Good afternoon. Tonight, on my orders, the Homari official military has begun strikes against the Kingdom of Maluk from the air to efficiently strike and eliminate training and recruitment camps. These actions are designated to create disruption within enemy lines and to attack the military and financial capability of the Kingdom of Maluk. We are joined in this operation by our direct allies Oceania and hopefully Silistrious in the near future. The barbaric attacks on the Federation of Oceania have brought the death of nearly 380, and these 380 must be brought justice for. Yesterday, I have the Kingdom of Maluk a clear choice. To retreat and capitulate to Oceanic forces and to admit responsibility for the death of 380 native Oceanic citizens. None of these demands were met, and our demands were not backed by false statement. By destroying these camps and disrupting their communications networks, we will make it more difficult for these terrorist operations to take place in foreign sovereign soil. Our military action is designed to clear the way for a peaceful change of regime in the Kingdom of Maluk. Now let me be clear. These attacks are not against the people who are oppressed by the unfair and inhumane government controlling the Kingdom of Maluk. As we strike and compromise enemy lines, we drop food, drink, medicine and urgently needed supplies to the suffering men and women of Maluk. Homar is a friend to all people, and we are the friends to millions of people who live in the Kingdom of Maluk. But Homar is the immortal enemy of those who aid and assist in terrorist actions and cower and hide behind these actions. That being said, we will also target those who aid in these activities. To those in the leadership of the People Union of Kalimantan, let it be heard that your activities in funding a war in defense of terrorism will not be tolerated, and will result in the utmost punishment. But today, we focus particularly on the Kingdom of aluk, but this entire war is broader. Today, I announce the authorization of class-action sanctions against the People Union of Kalimantan as well as the Socialist Republic of Sulawesi. In this conflict, there is no neutral ground, and I suggest the nation of Silistrious take action against these cowards, and take action against these murderers. Now, there is a great concern I understand about the entire war itself. No one asked for war, most of all I, but we will win this war. Operation Blue Eagle will show the growing eagle leaving the nest, our nation leaving our old policies of sitting behind and taking a back seat. But even though, I know many Homari citizens feel fear today, which is why our government will be taking stronger precautions. Law enforcement in our planned budget for February increased by 150 percent, and the IAH funded another 50 percent more. Our mission is defined, and we have stood up to the call of battle, and our goals are just. We have the full confidence of the international community against these terrorists, and to the near 3 thousand troops who will be deployed tonight, I tell you that you have my complete and full confidence. We will not waver, nor fail. Peace and freedom will prevail. Thank you, good night.
    Anderson Palmer: More for opinion, Kevin Stamper and Emily Stewart. So guys, this is really a historical moment in the history of this nation. The first time this nation has ever gone to war, and I’m most certainly sure you guys have something to say on it. Kevin, I’ll start with you. Your party is facing election in just a couple of days, and you’re going to need to formalize a position. Kevin, what’s the party’s position?
    Kevin Stamper: Well, the administration mostly believes that war would be beneficial to boost the economy-
    Emily Stewart: That’s the complete wrong reason to support this war. We need to support this war based on moral and justifiable reasons, not cash.
    Kevin Stamper: Wow, first time ever the National Front actually badgering someone for doing an action for the benefit the economy.
    Anderson Palmer: Emily, why do you want to go to war with the Kingdom of Maluk?
    Emily Stewart: A lot of reasons, mostly because it’s our moral duty. When 380 allies are killed in the most brutal way possible, a terrorist activity, then there’s absolutely no possible reason not to be involved. Those who are against being involved are the ones who blew up that oil terminal in New Guinea and who killed 380-
    Kevin Stamper: Whoa, hold it now.
    Emily Stewart: -while I’m not a complete fan of a self proclaimed fascist party taking head of one of our allied nations, their heads are completely in the right spot for this scenario.
    Anderson Palmer: Alright, we’ll be back right after the break. Stay with us.
  6. Ahovking gave reputation to Varspasian for a blog entry, Silistrian Propaganda   
    It became known today, that Silistrian Military Advisors have were attacked by the Oceanian forces on Northern Maluku. Many are saddened over this incident and the people are crying out for retribution.
    Here is what the Silistrian State News Network (SSNN) has to say about this -

    "Today, we were informed by the Silistrian High Command, that Oceanian forces have unlawfully engaged and murdered several of our brave men and women who were simply trying to keep the peace. We currently believe they have at least seven of our brave and courageous soldiers in captivity. And after brutally killing our valiant soldiers, the Neo-Fatherland Party of Oceania condemned our Military Advisors! This is not only an insult to our heroic soldiers, but also to Silistrious as a whole! However, luckily there is still some sense within the Oceanian Government, as Chancellor Charlies still appears to be thinking more clearly than the majority of their Government. Within a matter of hours, public opinion of the Federal Defense Forces have gone up by nearly 43%. There are now many that call out of even further increased military funding, and intervention. There is even some that propose a full out retaliation against the Federation of Oceania, however Grand Chancellor Varspasian is currently leaning against such a action.
    Wait, hold on -- It appears that the 1st Fleet (21 ships) has left Silistrian waters for the Kingdom of Maluku! This is including the F.S.S. Valiant ( Silistrious Class ), which just finished construction two days ago. For those unaware of the F.S.S. Valiant, it is currently the largest Silistrian ship ever constructed, and possibly the largest in the world. Here are some of the public statistics:
    Displacement: 88,634 metric tons
    Length: 301 meters
    Beam: 44.2 meters
    Draft: 13.4 meters
    Propulsion: 3 Thorium-based Nuclear Reactors w/ three 6-bladed helix propellors.
    Compliment: 4,395
    Maximum Speed: 55 knots (102 km/h)
    Armament: Four Automatic-Cannons equipped with 1 ton yield nuclear warheads
    Three .960 caliber Automatic Rapid-Firing Cannons
    66 Cruise Missiles
    26 Surface-To-Air Missiles
    One Directed-Energy Weapon
    The F.S.S. Valiant cost nearly 34 billion SFD to make, and costs nearly 1 billion SFD a day to operate. However, the High Command believes that this ship will keep our seas clear of hostile aggressors. However, as of right now we don't know just what exactly the 1st Fleet will be doing. We will get back to you as the information comes in, Silistrian State News Network signing off." Grand Chancellor Varspasian also made a speech today in relation to the attacks on Silistrian Military Advisors in Maluku.
    "It is a sad day, that our brave heroes lost their lives. However, they knew what they were getting into. I assure the international community that the Silistrian Military is not responsible for the actions of a small group of our Military Advisors to Maluku."
    In other news, Varspasian officially outlawed slavery in Silistrious.
  7. Ahovking gave reputation to Varspasian for a blog entry, Military Advisors, or secret soldiers?   
    Today, Grand Chancellor Varspasian addressed the Senate in relation to the current war between the Kingdom of Maluku and the Federation of Oceania. In this address, Varspasian proposed further increased military funding, and further interference.
    The Senate voted 251 to 249 to send 1,000 Military Advisors to the Kingdom of Maluku. As well as to provide the Kingdom of Maluku with food and other basic supplies. Silistrious will also be sending soldiers to protect these advisors. The estimated amount of soldiers being deployed is around 10,000-15,000.
    The Senate also voted 274 to 226 to increase Military Funding to 550 billion SFD. This 50 billion dollar increase is said to go solely on the defense and further modernization of the Silistrian FDF (Federal Defense Forces).
    However, the people are protesting against such an interference. They argue that Silistrious doesn't have any official diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Maluku, and that why should Silitrians risk their lives to make sure "no rules of war are broken". Others believe that these so called "military advisors" are actually soldiers. But the Vice Chancellor ensures that they aren't.
  8. Ahovking received reputation from Paul_ for a blog entry, South/Northern Maluku Offensive   
    As the Titian Class-Destroyers flatten South Maluku cities, Oceanian troops land in South Maluku and heavy fighing breaks out in major cities, with close air support, Oceanian troops continue on a slow but steady pace gaining control over large parts of the island.
    As war battles on to again control over the Southern Maluku island, 3 Titian Class-Destroyers and 5 Scorpion Class-Corvette were all destroyed near the Northern Maluku island, Unknown to the Federation of Oceania, The People Union of Kalimantan has almost 33 Oceania Union Submarines, although over 80 years old, they have been maintain extremely well with large part reconstruct, the Oceania Union's Blackbelt-Class S17-Attack Submarine was considered one of the most advance and powerfulest submarines of its time before the global Collapse and the collapse of the Oceania Union, despite being over 80 years old and the world largely recovered it remains a formidable Submarine.
    A second fleet of 6 Titian Class-Destroyers and 5 Scorpion Class-Corvette 11 The A-90 Cruiser and 9 Scorpion Class-Corvette, attempted to move its way up to the northern Maluku islands, hoping to find the naval fleet that destroryed the smaller fleet, the large fleet was attacked as soon as it reached the port city of HoGa, in north Maluku, only 2 A-90 Cruiser and 4 Titian Class-Destroyers and 1 Scorpion Class-Corvette surviving , reporting Submarines.
    Soon after reports of Submarine sighting and attacks coming from the top of the Southern Maluku island flooded in. Oceania began to pull back its navy from large areas of the Southern Maluku island, With the majority of Oceania's navy forced back to New Guinea, lacking a significant anti-Submarine capabilities, Oceania was forced to Speed up the deployment of the few Perth Class - Frigate it had, which was Oceania's first vessels since the collapse of Oceania Union to be fully fitted for combat, although it lacked in numbers, it gave sufficient cover from Submarine attacks to protect a small force near Southern Maluku island.
    With the navy "defected due to lack of anti-Submarine capabilities" Oceania change doctrines from a primary navy lead attack to a primary Air lead Attack, with the full deployment and mobilisation of Oceania's airforce, almost 100 fighter jets (the AF-08'S) were sent to establish Air superiority, A few dog fights were reported but lacking significant technologic knowledge, resource and experience as well as limited industrial capacity Maluku air force was quickly crashed.
    24/7 Bombing raids were established over kingdom of Maluku as well as Socialist Republic of Sulawesi, attacking Ports, factories, as well as crop fields and farms, as well as key population areas.
    Soon after the Bombing raids over kingdom of Maluku and Socialist Republic of Sulawesi
    were established People Union of Kalimantan began pulling support from both states and began to ask foreign state like Silistrious and Homar and many others for any form of aid including military equipment and military personnel.
    Paratroopers began to land on both islands, resulting in heavy fighting and heavy resistant, rumours and reports are coming though that in large pockets of resistant Paratroopers would call in air bombing killing hundreds of woman and children.
    Back in Oceania
    Oceanian intelligence agency "intelligence reports" were unable to establish if the kingdom of Maluku or any other nation in the region had Submarines. It was clear Oceania's intelligence agency had failed, and were unable to establish if the kingdom of Maluku or any other nation in the region had Submarines nor was it able to accurately pin point key military base in the kingdom of Maluku, nor warn of terrorist attacks on its embassy in Homar.
    Reforms to the Oceanian intelligence agency will be announced soon.
    The Neo-Fatherland Party has also called for all Oceanians to return home after the terrorist attacks on its embassy in Homar.
    With Oceania at war and in the middle of remilitarising, thousands of jobs are created, and with new work programs building new and Old national monuments as well as old Capitalist monuments like the iconic "The Southern Great Bull" monument, The grand Tasman bridge and the Continental Dome, as well as repairing roads and building new roads and rails, Unemployment is at less than 1%.
    With Banks having to keep full amount of each depositor's funds in cash/silver/gold, ready for immediate withdrawal on demand, confidence within the banking community is at a all time high, although, leading and investment from banks have completely been wiped out, the state has replaced banks as the major leaders and investors within the economy, the people seem happy now knowing their bank deposits are self in the bank where to bank can no longer loan sone else your funds and its ready at any time to be taken out on demand.
    Inflation is up by 7% while the GDP has grown 5.1%.
    Guinea Class - Frigate 4x Sidney Missile launchers with 36x AA-Missile (Short Range, Anti Ship Missile), torpedo Single launchers,
    Perth Class - Frigate 8x Alexandra Missile launchers With 72x AB-11 Missile (Long Range, Multiple-role Missile) Tomsen-22 Vertical Launching System with 10,
  9. Ahovking gave reputation to Paul_ for a blog entry, Roundup for 1/23/2015   
    Anderson Palmer: Good evening, thanks for watching. President Reberbio makes a statement on the new findings by the Congressional Investigative Commission. Take a look.
    PRESIDENT OF HOMAR DYLAN REBERBIO: The findings of these reports are incorrect and based on false motive. Both the Chancellor of the Federation of Oceania and President understand my commitment and my appreciation to the Federation for their continuous support and assistance in all matters. With this understanding, it should be considered nothing but nonsense that the administration would condone, much less allow an attack on one of our most significant allies. While next to none of these findings in the report are factual, nearly private investigator agrees that these findings are entirely politically motivated.
    Anderson Palmer: The President made a statement in his office just hours ago in a televised statement to the nation. The controversy is over a report led by the Worker’s Party led investigative committee in the Congress which was released yesterday. We now turn to Worker’s Party chairman Steve Sukrano as well as National Front chairman Milton Theodore, gentlemen?
    Anderson Palmer: Anytime chairman. Let’s get right to it, Chairman Sukrano, I want to start with you. Your party who has spearheaded this entire report unsurprisingly stands by it, what do you say to your critics?
    Steve Sukrano: Anderson, people like the President of Homar and other members of the right attack this report because they cannot pull the blanket from their eyes and they are so infatuated with the President-
    Milton Theodore: Whoa, Steve, come on.
    Steve Sukrano: They will follow this President to the end of a cliff and they will jump off the cliff, most specifically with this bill, this report. This report provides hundreds of pages of undeniable evidence supporting the claims of negligence and an institutional failure by the administration.
    Milton Theodore: Come on Steve, you know this better than I. This entire plot and report is political circus. This President is adored and supported by nearly 63 percent of the country, National Front supports our allies in conflict and strife, which by the way, we’re seeing now. The President has supported wholeheartedly Oceania’s actions in the region, why would he ever want the area to become unstable? Why would he want the embassy to collapse?
    Steve Sukrano: Excuse me, we never said that. We said that firstly, the embassy must be secured by the government, and the fact that we failed in that promise shows the complete institutional failure of the government.
    Milton Theodore: Steve, that’s false. I mean, sure, the government does has a promise to secure all lands within our borders and that includes the embassy, but we never anticipated an attack on our embassy.
    Steve Sukrano: Which is why this report takes that statement and shows it’s false. The President failed, his government failed. I never said, I never said that the President planned this attack. I’m just saying that the President could have done more, and the ability to do more caused the death and injury of many Homari citizens.
    Anderson Palmer: We’ll be back after the break, stay with us with more on this topic.
  10. Ahovking gave reputation to Varspasian for a blog entry, An Interference   
    Today Grand Chancellor Varspasian gave the O.K. on the deployment of over 50 Silistrian Military Advisors to aid the Kingdom of Maluku. However, the Grand Chancellor insists that these advisors are simply there to ensure no rules of war are broken on the side of Maluku.
    The Senate has increased military spending to 500 billion SFD(Silistrian Federal Dollar). Following this decision, protests erupted throughout the capital. However, as of now no civilians have been harmed.
    Grand Chancellor Varspasian has reportedly sent State Enforcers (Agents of the Ministry of the Interior) to investigate several Senators in relation to tax evasion. But as of now there is no concrete evidence of such a action.
    In other news:
    A nuclear bomb accidentally went off. However, due to the labs sufficient nuclear resistant walls, only 32 were injured and 17 died. The nuclear bomb had the yield of 1 kiloton.
    Makeup companies testing makeup on animals without their consent is now illegal, unless heavy fines are paid.
    Freedom of speech declared revoked for a person convicted of hate-crime. Some protest that the freedom of speech should never be revoked.

  11. Ahovking gave reputation to Varspasian for a blog entry, Condemnation   
    Silistrious publicly condemned the sabotage of the Oil Terminal in New Guinea. Varspasian also however, condemned the fighting taking place in Indonesia.
    Varspasian said the following in a public announcement about these events,
    "These shocking events have made me realize, that Silistrious needs to improve its security and anti-terrorism agencies. Which is why We will be taking further measures to secure our nation. But do not be alarmed, none of your(the people) civil rights will be infringed."
    Some however are very skeptical and believe that Varspasian is simply taking advantage of the situation to further his own agenda. However these are currently being regarded as nut-job theories.
    In other news:
    Three government officials known to be advocating against the government, mainly Varspasian, were arrested for drug trafficking. They claim they have never seen the drugs before. However they were sentenced to 15 years in prison.
    The seventh Nuclear Plant in Silistrious has been repaired after being closed for six months. It will be opening later today.

  12. Ahovking received reputation from Paul_ for a blog entry, New Guinea Attacked!   
    An Oil terminal in New Guinea has been sabotages, exploding killing almost 380 new Oceanians (New Guinean nationals), Outraged The President calls for emergency meets of both houses, and as Chancellor Charlies race back to the Federation Of Oceania, the president calls to empower the presidential office with war time powers, with both house dominated by the The Neo-Fatherland Party and without Chancellor Charlies veto powers, the president is elected War Time Powers.
    By the time Chancellor Charlies lands in the main airport in Sidney, Oceania had declares war on The kingdom of Maluku (Maluku, North Maluku - Socialist democracy), 30 min later Socialist Republic of Sulawesi (Yellow) declared war on Federation Of Oceania to aid The kingdom of Maluku. 4 hours later, the People Union of Kalimantan (Communist Dictatorship) begins sending military and financial aid to The kingdom of Maluku.

    Map Of the Land
    Green - Federation Of Oceania
    Red - kingdom of Maluku
    Yellow - Socialist Republic of Sulawesi
    Not Coloured - People Union of Kalimantan

    Other News: Almost 50,000 socialist and 30,000 communist have been arrested, The Neo-Fatherland Party begin talks about what to do with the almost 140,000 socialist and communist that have been arrested so far, everything from mass exportation, mass killings or forced labor have been suggested, the Coalition United Party has began national protest and righting with the government against such actions calling for their release.
    With the President now empowered with War-time powers, he has suggested Coalition United Party was starting to lean to the left and defending socialist and communist could be seen as an act of solidarity with them, which would give the President legal powers to ban and arrest the Coalition United Party.
    With such talks and rumors, the Coalition United Party have called off planned protest.
    Warning the following is just a small brief history of the region to explain whats happening now..sorry if somethings doesn't make sense i had to miss out ALOT of things.
    NOTE: for those who are not aware, Before the Federation Of Oceania, there was the Oceania Union which had member state of all modern day Oceania states including Indonesia, when Oceania Union slowly turned capitlaist to socialist then communist, the Oceania Union went bankrupt, before its collapse it transferred the unions debt to all modern day Oceania states including Indonesia, Leaving Australia debt free, these state were not aware of the huge debt that was transferred into their name until they broke away, facing debt with interest rates almost 6 and for some states almost 20 times their GDP all state apart from Australia went bankrupt a second time, the result was after Australia recovered after the short 7 year civil war after the break up of the union, Australia rebuilt itself returning to where it was before creating the union under 9 years, however it took some state who recovered the fasterst like new Zealand and new guinea almost 80 years to get back on track while others like Indonesia never recovered and due to inherited debt and almost 60 years of Oceania policy to highlight culture difference within Indonesia resulted in the islands breaking off declaring independent.
  13. Ahovking gave reputation to Varspasian for a blog entry, Federal State of the Republic Address   
    Today Grand Chancellor Varspasian gave his Federal State of the Republic Address. In which he greatly talked about the topics of increasing the infrastructure of the nation, raising taxes for more government policies, and equality rights.
    Varspasian wishes to:
    Raise the average tax rate to at least 15%
    Increase government spending towards social and domestic programs
    Increase the overall infrastructure, mainly roads, due to the devastation of the nations infrastructure due to the winter.
    Increase equal rights for women.
    Reduce racism in businesses
    Raise minimum wage to 25 dollars per hour from 17 dollars per hour

    Many approve of what Varspasian is aims to achieve, despite the raise in taxes. Many businesses however do not want to raise the minimum wage, however Varspasian stated during the address,
    "We should strive for a richer people, and if that requires businesses to make less money, that is a consequence I am willing to make."
    In other news: The Ambassadorial Estate for the Federation of Oceania has begun construction
  14. Ahovking gave reputation to Paul_ for a blog entry, Roundup for 1/16/2015 (BREAKING NEWS)   
    Anderson Palmer: Breaking news today as the President makes a completely unexpected announcement in the middle of a regular scheduled daily press briefing. Take a look.
    PRESS SECRETARY BRIAN CONNELY: ...as well as increased tensions within the Sperzer region. This is indeed a tense moment and we’re all keeping our eyes out-
    PRESIDENT OF HOMAR DYLAN REBERBIO: Ladies and gentlemen, excuse me Brian. You know what they say, if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself.
    Dylan Reberbio: I’m here to answer no questions but rather to make a statement. Effective immediately the Republic of Homar will be drastically reforming it’s foreign policy from policies of shared relations between one nation to the shared relations of another. As President of this nation, I’ve been exceptionally proud of our nation’s growth not only in the domestic stage, but the international stage as well. We’ve created a long bond between the Federation of Oceania and this Republic. While many of us do indeed favor isolationism, it must be looked upon that a rigid foreign policy of no friends in a lonely world does us no good, for either side. That is why upon election I have myself campaigned on a promise to re-examine our foreign policy. Few of you know of the nation of Silistrious, but in due time, you will. I most recently conducted a series of productive talks with their leader, Varspasian, and within this time I have decided to grant the nation right of embassy within our nation, placing their embassy on Horenz Street 42, the same street as the Federation of Oceania. Now I know, to all of you, there are already concerns about the foreign policy which I have intended to take and now share with Silistrious, mostly concerns of the dictator like fashion of it’s leader, Varspasian. I have personally met with him and I have no concerns that he is able to lead and guide his people in a manner so fair. While my security council and I do share concerns of the disbandment of a position of high government within the nation to, it seems like, concentrate power within his position of Grand Chancellor, there is no doubt in my mind that this is in the best intention to help him more efficiently service his constituents. This is time now to end our policy of isolationism officially and to open up our borders to trade and information. To start our new beginning in policy, I’ve taken some steps to reform our policy outside our borders. First, I have instructed Secretary of State Rose to negotiate with the members of the Varspasian government for embassy status as well as free trade negotiations. Second, Secretary Rose will relook at our policy of isolationism and create a list of friendly potential allies for the future of this nation, and this review will be guided by the facts and the law. Third, the administration and the overwhelming amount of Homari citizens believe, we must take steps to open ourselves to new culture, industry, commerce and information, so that’s exactly what we will do. With the changes of this administration’s policy, I am announcing a no-visa travel guide, allowing incoming immigration and tourism without any visa from foreign nations. In addition, we are officially allowing credit cards and cheques to be used in foreign nations with total access and availability to spread the influence of both our economies. More resources should be exchanged to the international community and so should our principles of free markets and economics. As well as freedom of economics, I also believe in freedom of information, and our policies abroad have prevented our freedom of information desire, so we will open telecommunications to every corner of the known earth, sharing our deep rooted ideology and culture. Now, change is hard –- in our own lives, and in the lives of nations. And change is even harder when we carry the heavy weight of history on our shoulders. But today we are making these changes because it is the right thing to do. Today, Homar chooses to unshackle itself from it’s past and embrace the future, for the Homari people, for the Silistriousian people, for the Oceanic people, and for people all across the world. Thank you.
    Anderson Palmer: The President announcing radical change to foreign policy effective immediately. Now, we’ll talk to Emily and Kevin Stamper here at our table, so guys, is this good, bad, what. Kevin, I want to start with you. On behalf of the entire Worker’s Party, what do they think?
    Kevin Stamper: Well Anderson, as you know, the Worker’s Party has a wide and expansive base of members sharing all sorts of ideology, so I really can only share official party rhetoric. But in most simple terms, we believe that we do live in a dangerous world as we saw just in these couple of weeks. We saw the dangers of terrorism and disaster and what we do not need in this time of struggle against the opposition is to make it easier for terrorists to come into this nation. If anything we need a much more tough stronger foreign policy, not this light nonsense the President is partaking in. It’s an embarrassment and it just needs to stop.
    Emily Stewart: We need this open policy of foreign relations because of the fact that we are facing such a strong opposition. We need to align ourselves with strong allies, with strong citizens from all over the world to fight these enemies. By isolating ourselves we capitulate to their demands, their demands of fascism-
    Kevin Stamper: There you go again, fascism. You and your fear-mongering-
    Emily Stewart: I’m the one fearmongering? You’re the one who’s saying bombs and bullets will rain upon our cities if we go with this new policy. I’m the one assuring peace and prosperity, a gilded age if you will of information and commerce with this new foreign policy.
    Kevin Stamper: So even in the times where our economy is more burdened than ever, you still believe in this nonsense?
    Anderson Palmer: We’ll be back right after this break.
  15. Ahovking gave reputation to Varspasian for a blog entry, Ambassadorial Estates   
    It was announced today by Grand Chancellor Varspasian, that approximently 27 leagues away from the Capital, that a plot of land measuring to be 10 acres will be made into the Ambassadorial Estate of the Republic of Homar. Construction has apparently already begun, and the costs for the estate have been estimated to be around 77 million dollars.
    Varspasian is also encouraging the aspect of lowering, if not abolishing all tariffs to the Republic, in order to increase trade between the two nations. However the Senate is skeptical to this.
    Anti-Chancellorship protestors, as they are know being called, are crying out that Varspasian is wasting money on such an endeavor, as well as making it harder for the Government to gain income due to the wish to lower tariffs.
    Varspasian relied,
    "Silistrious has been a wealthy nation since time immemorial, spending a few million dollars for the sake of diplomacy is nothing new. As for my plea to lower tariffs, or rather abolish them completely, this is only to improve trade between our nations. I have no doubt that this is the only way to prosperity."
    In other news; General Yarv Urlik, commander of the 6th Army, was arrested for High Treason. He will be court marshaled in two days, however most people believe that he will be convicted and executed by firing squad.
  16. Ahovking gave reputation to Varspasian for a blog entry, Silistrious Forever   
    Today Grand Chancellor Varspasian signed an amendment to abolish the office of President. With this amendment, the office of Grand Chancellor has been finally accepted as a real government position.
    The office of President is hereby abolished.
    The office of Grand Chancellor is hereby established.
    The office of Vice Chancellor is hereby established.

    The office of President cannot be reestablished.
    The office of Grand Chancellor cannot be abolished.
    The office of Vice Chancellor may be abolished with the consent of the Vice Chancellor and Grand Chancellor.

    Many officials believe this to be a power move by Varspasian, however the Federalist party greatly supports his decision. Due to the Federalist majority of 175 seats in the Senate, the amendment will go unchallenged.
  17. Ahovking gave reputation to Paul_ for a blog entry, Roundup for 1/9/2015   
    Anderson Palmer: Thanks for watching. Tonight we’ll look at Nicholas Perd, suspected perpetrator of the attacks in Cyrus against Congressman Blake Stefanos which called 2 people and seriously injured the Congressman. There’s growing evidence about mental instability on the part of Perd and growing signs that something could have been done to prevent the attacks on the Congressman. Earlier on this network we had a classmate on who was a classmate of Perd. Listen.
    STUDENT BENJAMIN GILLIS: This guy was mentally disturbed, we all were scared of what he would do. I wasn’t scared of him physically, small guy, scrawny. Couldn’t punch to protect a fly. But I was scared of him shooting up the school, he was that kind of psycho guy.
    Anderson Palmer: That was one of Perd’s classmates in math. It’s been well noted that Perd’s erratic behavior led to confrontations with campus police and city wide police. Suspended from campus multiple time for assault and battery, many recommended he be turned into a mental asylum, saying his presence at school would endanger himself and others. Joining us now, psychologist for the Dewey Institute for Behavior, Joffrey Griffin. Jofffrey, does this guy fit this uh, standard of serial killers?
    PSYCHOLOGIST JOFFREY GRIFFIN: He does fit the profile of a serial killer, or a mass murderer, which is essentially someone who sees themselves being a victim of other individuals either through exclusion or rejection. This guy started to see some problems in high school, and it was only when he contacted his congressman repeatedly, Stefanos, and then he turned violent.
    Anderson Palmer: And what was uh, Perd’s behavioral issues caused by?
    Joffrey Griffin: It tends to be something socially internal, doesnt always have to be you know, drug use or violence. But let’s go to a scenario, and he did fail a drug test for marijuana, that isn’t nearly sufficient to justify this kind of violent response. It seems to be more alongside uh, paranoia of victimization. A desire for revenge.
    Anderson Palmer: Alright, thanks. Joffrey Griffin from the Dewey Institute for Behavior. Now with us, legal correspondent Joel Morrison. Joel, so this isn’t an easy defense to make. What do you think will be the most likely course of action?
    LEGAL CORRESPONDENT JOEL MORRISON: Well, in this situation the only possible way to go is uh, insanity. But insanity really is a rare case to get off on scott free, in most situation even in insanity you serve a lengthy prison sentence and rehabilitation for possibly the rest of your life. I think the judge may accept an insanity plea depending on a judge.
    Anderson Palmer: So a defense based on insanity is hard to make?
    Joel Morrison: It’s very hard. But there are some who uh, were found not guilty in reason of insanity. And this is a charge not against a local citizen, but a congressman. Federal official. So he broke both provience law and federal law.
    Anderson Palmer: And it doesn’t seem like he would win in two separate court cases just off of insanity.
    Joel Morrison: Absolutely correct.
    Anderson Palmer: Alright, thank you Joel Morrison, legal correspondent for CNC News. Let us know what you think on this entire issue on our website down below. In the Congress, two congressmen have already started legislation on gun control in response to these attacks. Today, Nina Lestuwaki sat down with one of them to discuss their purposes of this law, and the content of the laws.
    Nina Lestuwaki: Thank you Congressman for sitting down with me.
    Nina Lestuwaki: Let’s get right down to it. This law bans assault rifles entirely, from sale to usage. The President and your own party opposes any form whatsoever of gun control other then background checks.
    Mario Volgar: I uh, am a member of the party, and I share a plurality of beliefs of the party, but this terrible event has just shown us that action needs to be taken that the President has not taken so far.
    Nina Lestuwaki: You don’t think that background checks are enough?
    Mario Volgar: Not at all, background checks are too simplified in this country, which is exactly why in this piece of legislation we’ve called for much more indepth waiting periods and background checks alongside increased spending for mental rehabilitation.
    Nina Lestuwaki: Some might argue that these laws demonize people who need guns for good purposes.
    Mario Volgar: Those who uh use guns for negative purposes, a plurality of them, purchase guns for good reasons. They buy guns to defend themselves from dangerous places and scary situations. But then they get angry in one situation and make a action or conduct themselves in a manner that they can’t ever take back, and they also have a weapon to facilitate themselves in their actions.
    Nina Lestuwaki: So how do you differentiate the people who will use guns for good purposes and bad purposes? You don’t know if someone is going to have a bad time in their life after they buy a gun and use that gun.
    Mario Volgar: Let me put it out like this, if we were faced with the choice of giving everyone guns, or giving no one guns in a gunless population, we would choose the latter.
    Nina Lestuwaki: Some might argue that the bad people can get their hands on guns regardless the law to do some heinous things.
    Mario Volgar: So until we can get rid of them all, we should do nothing to try to help the situation at all? My goal as a Congressman is to help and to protect the most amount of people, and if I can help just one through legislation, it would have been worth it.
    Nina Lestuwaki: Alright, thank you very much Congressman Volgar.
    Anderson Palmer: We're also getting news that the Federation of Oceania has elected the Neo-Fatherland Party as their new President, and the current incumbent party has retained the Chancellor seat by a tiny margin. For those new to the story, the extreme right wing Neo-Fatherland Party has recently made news due to it's sudden rise in popularity. We have no word from the Presidential Mansion about the results of these events, but the President has been quoted before that regardless of events in the election, he would maintain his dedication to the relations between Homar and the Federation of Oceania. After the break, we’ll speak to the Congressman’s colleague on the shooting at Cyrus which killed two and injured one, Congressman Blake Stefanos.
  18. Ahovking gave reputation to Paul_ for a blog entry, Roundup for 1/6/2015   
    Anderson Palmer: Good afternoon, we’re following many news stories tonight, primarily a threat received by the IAH today threatening wide scale bombings which could take the lives of thousands of people in Homar’s most populated areas. We’ll be covering that breaking news story and any developments that come alongside. But tonight, we start with politics. The President had his first press conference of 2015 and stated that 2015 would be a breakthrough year. Listening to some questions today, the President took some tough questions about his domestic and foreign policy.
    UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Mr. President, is it safe to say that your first couple of terms in 2013 were a tough, a rough moment in your political administration?
    UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: What do you have to say for failing on your promise to raise the literacy rate?
    UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Do you have a comment on the 20 percent of citizens who are sick at the moment?
    UNIDENTIFIED MAN Mr. President, unemployment is going up as I think we all know, many attribute this to rising immigration, what do you have to say about that?
    UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Mr. President, many would say that uh, a highlight of your administration would be uh, opening diplomatic relations with the Federation of Oceania. But with political instability in the area, are you regretting your actions?
    PRESIDENT OF HOMAR DYLAN REBERBIO: Well, I think that firstly it is safe to say that a highlight of the administration would be indeed opening diplomatic relations and shattering isolationism. A policy that’s uh, been initiated for some many decades. In respect to the growing electoral instability, I think that firstly the Federation of Oceania shares the ideology-
    UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Mr. President, I think we all know that. What I ask is if you regret your actions due to the political incidents that have occurred, early elections and all.
    Dylan Reberbio: The answer is simply no. While the self proclaimed fascist party is leading in some polls, we do have very, very strong beliefs that the majority current leading party will keep their majority. Despite the uh, possible results of an early election, I do have a sincere belief that the relations of Homar and the Federation of Oceania have been mutually beneficial, and as long as I am in the seat of the executive office this mutually beneficial relationship will continue.
    Anderson Palmer: As you can I see, the President of Homar taking some tough questions from reporters alike. However, as the President takes office with a near 70 percent approval rating, those numbers will go down as many consider them soft. On the other hand, the GDP has increased and literacy and health also has increased since he took office for the first time, but just by a small amount. But perhaps the most interesting event of the press conference might have been questions of foreign relations. Now for analysis, we’ll go to Kevin Stamper and Emily Stewart. Kevin, I’m going to start with you. What’s the Worker’s Party opinion on the matter of foreign relations?
    Kevin Stamper: We’re unilaterally against relations with Oceania. Oceania is completely addled with their politics and economics. They’re far more capitalist than Homar, and they’re wrong for Homar.
    Emily Stewart: Which is why they’re good for Homar. They lessen the trade gap between our two nations and provide us with necessary benefits and trade.
    Kevin Stamper: What I’m saying basically, is that we would have serious concerns before sharing relations with a self proclaimed fascist country.
    Anderson Palmer: Alright, we’ll be right back after the break.
  19. Ahovking received reputation from Paul_ for a blog entry, Early Elections Called!   
    With Thousands out protesting for early election, The Coalition United Party has agreed to early elections, with many expecting the The Neo-Fatherland Party to win a strong majority in both houses, dealing a critical blow to the Center-right The Coalition United Party, which has yet to lose an election.
    Early polls show many voters have lost confidence in The Coalition United Party, which was unable to hold the state together when a minority group attempted and gained control, With fears of another Oceania union style collapse or another "hijacking" many voters have shown to be giving their support to The Neo-Fatherland Party
    Info about the Top 3 Political party.
    The Coalition United Party: Center-Right, Pro-Union, Mixed Economy.
    Minorities or the majority, All should be equal, We should welcome and make room for other cultures, this is the very basic building block of our great Federation, Together we bought Oceania back together, we reformed the Oceania union into the Oceania Federation, and together we have achieved what we had once lost, our wages, our standerd of living have finally reached Oceania union level, only the Coalition United Party has the experience and the history to be trusted to rebuild our nations.
    Foreign Policy: Maintain Current isolationist policy.
    The Neo-Fatherland party: Extreme-Right, Imperialist & Expansionist, Anti-Union, Pure-Capitalism
    We demand the forced removal of all minorities that refuse to accept the English language as their first language and the anglo-saxon culture as their first and only culture, Unions must be crushed and big bussines brought back into line, Governmental intervention of the economy must be severely limited and the freemarket should be allowed to dictate freely.
    Foreign Policy: strengthen ties between Homar and Oceania, extend Oceania sphere of influence in the region.
    The Family First Party: Center, Mixed Economy, Christian, welfare.
    We demand to defend christian values within our nation, to defend the current statues of unions and business, to help create a strong welfare system to help those in need and to ensure our nation grows strong, fair and balance for the years to come.
    Foreign Policy: Slowly opening of relations with other states.
  20. Ahovking gave reputation to David Neibig for a blog entry, The 51st session and the latest national data   
    The first bill debated by the Bundeskammer during the 51st session was yet another reincarnation of the Freedom of Information Bill. The bill was defeated after securing the support of just 176 BDs on 29 November, continuing a trend of falling support for the bill that has continued across all four votes since mid-October with today's vote representing the lowest level of support for the Freedom of Information Bill since it was first went to a vote on 27 August. The chair of the libertarian pressure group Bürgerfreiheit für Neibigland, Thomas Hesse, spoke to ARN TV's evening news programme Tagesschau following the vote:
    Despite the bill being opposed by 324 BDs, Politik von Heute was unable to get a statement from any of the BDs who opposed the bill, a fact that Thomas Hesse subsequently criticised in a blog post on Bürgerfreiheit für Neibigland's website:
    Politik von Heute's political correspondent Katja Egner gave a possible explanation for the unwillingness of opponents of the bill to speak to the media:
    That same day the Forestry Minister, Paula Koch (MDP), announced that three new lumber yards would open in the Nordhagener Forst in the north east of the country.
    The Public Transport Investment Bill fell for the second time in six days on 30 November after it was opposed by 322 BDs, one more than during the vote on 24 November. Marvin Seifert (PKN Transport Spokesperson), spoke to ZNF TV's evening news programme Rückblick:
    Independent politics blogger Rudolf Stern assessed the implications of the political deadlock of the country's traffic situation:
    The last day of the 51st session of the Bundeskammer saw the successful passage of the Free Condom Act that mandates the government to take steps to provide condoms and other contraceptives free of charge in medical and educational establishments. The Roman Catholic Bishop of Dorsburg, Ralf Nitsch, spoke to Politik von Heute criticising the passage of the legislation and told us:
    The chair of the Health Select Committee, Regina Schenke, disagreed with Nitsch's statement telling ARN TV's Tagesschau:
    On 1 December the president announced a cessation of the Territoriumserweiterung durch Ankauf Program (Territorial Expansion through Purchase Programme).
    The last day of the 51st session of the Bundeskammer also saw the release of the latest national data from the Bundesstatistikamt (Federal Statistics Office). The figures were released at 1500 NST (Neibigland Standard Time). The economic index (NWIX) grew 6.1215 points or 3.67% to 172.9732, a drastically lower figure than the previous two months which had shown growth of 24% and 34% respectively. The NWIX was led by a €31.6 billion increase in GDP and the creation of another 600,000 jobs. However the growth of the NWIX was held back by an overall fall in GDP per worker of over €5500 with GDP per capita figures falling even more sharply dropping by €9600 as the unemployment rate more than doubled to 9.43% and the total number of people out of work rose by over 220,000 to 310,800. The number of public sector workers grew by 6680 to 43,755 over the course of the month representing 1.47% of the total workforce a drop from 1.56% the month before.
    The Social Well-Being Index (SoWeiX) grew 20.87 points or 16% reaching a value of 151.3252. The rise in the SoWeiX was driven primarily by fall in crime from 5.26% to 4.38% and to a lesser extent by a decrease of 0.27% in disease rates, a 10 week rise in life expectancy. Literacy rates rose to 92.48% and population happiness rose 0.3% to 58.39%.
    Like the NWIX, the National Production Index (NHIX) saw very limited growth of just 3.6145 points or 1.61% to 227.4915. The growth of the NHIX was caused by an 89% rise in the output of processed dairy accompanied by a 42% rise in the output of unprocessed timber a one third increase in the output of processed lumber, a doubling of the net output of crude oil and a 14% rise in petrol and put. However a fall of over 90% in the net output of milk held the overall growth of the NHIX back to its modest value of just 3.6145 points.
    The population grew by 828,000 or around one third during November with the official population figure for 1 December being 3.295 million. Overall population density grew by 225 people per square kilometre as the government's territorial expansion added 251 km² or 11.8% to the country's territory. The daily population growth rate in the published statistics was 25,800, an increase of 5000 since the start of November.

    As with the previous national data releases the various political parties sought to make their points with the opposition parties seeking to use the data to back up their claims that the MDP was letting the country down with the MDP arguing that the data showed that its governance was benefiting the country. In an at times very heated edition of ARN TV's politics discussion show Der Runde Tisch Niklas Wexler (PKN party leader) sought to demonstrate that the NDP government was letting the country down:
    President David Neibig reacted angrily to Wexler's comments saying:
  21. Ahovking gave reputation to David Neibig for a blog entry, A Message from the Editor   
    I would like to apologise to all our readers and on behalf of all staff here at Neibigländische Politik von Heute for the lack of news coverage and analysis we have provided over the last five days. This is due to the fact that our offices have been moved and some things are still not running as they should. Rest assured that we will be back and will continue to bring the news and analysis from Neibigland to inform the citizens of our nation so that they can hold the politicians to account. While our publishing difficulties persist in the office, our reporters, commentators and analysts continue to do their jobs to the best of their abilities; when we are next able to publish a news report it will cover the entire time period from our last issue (11 September). While we hope that we will be able to publish something sooner we expect to be able to return to our previous schedule of publishing at least once every three days by Monday 22 September 2014.
  22. Ahovking received reputation from Ax3hunter for a blog entry, Federation Of Oceania Hit's 4 Million.   
    Federation Of Oceania Hit's 4 Million.

    When Asked to comment officially on the NEWS
    The Coalition United Party: ANOTHER milestone, The Federation Of Oceania will keep on grown larger and stronger, we are just so happy our vision of a great and strong Oceania can be realised.
    The Social National Democratic Party: No Comment..
    The Family First Party: We couldn't agree any more with the The Coalition United Party, this is a time of celebrations and reflection on just how far we have came.

  23. Ahovking received reputation from Paul_ for a blog entry, Federation Of Oceania Hit's 4 Million.   
    Federation Of Oceania Hit's 4 Million.

    When Asked to comment officially on the NEWS
    The Coalition United Party: ANOTHER milestone, The Federation Of Oceania will keep on grown larger and stronger, we are just so happy our vision of a great and strong Oceania can be realised.
    The Social National Democratic Party: No Comment..
    The Family First Party: We couldn't agree any more with the The Coalition United Party, this is a time of celebrations and reflection on just how far we have came.

  24. Ahovking gave reputation to Paul_ for a blog entry, Roundup for 9/5/2014   
    Nina Lestuwaki: Good afternoon Homar, I'm Nina Lestuwaki, you're watching Roundup on CNC News.
    Emily Stewart: A drastic drop in points today in the Homar Stock Exchange, 243 points drop in the span of just 4 hours. The HSE closed after the 5 percent drop had been fufilled, as a minimum of 5 percent needs to be lost in regards of points, to shut down the HSE mid trading. This is expected to be due to the recent re-election of the President.
    Kevin Stamper: There you go, business fearing the President, fearing the worker. It's time that this nation wakes up, and you can even see the results on the stock exchange.
    Emily Stewart: Oh Kevin, how wrong you are. The truth still stands, that the President is the biggest friend to business. You're just speaking out of your a-
    Nina Lestuwaki: Ok, let's keep it civil before we get shut down. Speaking of which, today the Official Embassy of the Federation Of Oceania. This would be the first ever nation to have diplomatic relations with Homar, a definite high point for the Reberbio Administration. About the Federation of Oceania, from what we know of the Federation of Oceania we can confirm that the Federation's government has similar political ideals to the Republic of Homar. Possibly, this will foster multiple generations of economic cooperation and friendship on both sides. It is expected that the opening ceremony to the embassy will occur tomorrow, President Reberbio is expected to attend.
    Kevin Stamper: I for one, am thrilled that the President is extending his hand to third world nations and offering help, but this will undoubtedly bring a flood of cheap immigrants, which I am not thrilled with.
    Emily Stewart: Unbelievable, this is a good event Kevin. I'm patriotic to the fullest, but I can still recognize facts. The fact is that the Federation of Oceania is far, far bigger then Homar. With more then 3 million citizens, Oceania has more opportunity. I'm not saying that people should move to Oceania, but Oceania has a far bigger economy, definitely a larger military and if they're a third world nation, we're a 50th world nation. Homar should be humbled and honored to hold hand in hand in-
    Kevin Stamper: That's utter nonsense! Complete-
    Anderson Palmer: Alright guys, on a final note, on CNC News tomorrow at 9:30 PM to 11 PM, we'll have the first officially published documentary on the harrowing events of the terrorist attacks that stole the lives of more then 400 people. We'll have exclusive interviews, in depth factual analysis, and a panel of experts on counter terrorism and security to commentate on the disaster.
    Nina Lestuwaki: It's produced by Roundup's executive producer, Don Jordan, who's done a spectacular job so far. I've seen previews, and it's just looking great. On that note, we'll see you after the break, stay with us.
  25. Ahovking gave reputation to Paul_ for a blog entry, Roundup for 8/31/2014 (FULL DEBATE EDITION)   
    Anderson Palmer: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 1st and only Homar national debate for the Presidential Election of 2014. We're here in downtown Lublin at the Coulter Center, I'm delighted to be here. I'm Anderson Palmer and I'm here with my associate Nina Lestuwaki on behalf of CNC News. This will be the only debate, and it will be jam filled with topics chosen by CNC News, and not in accordance with any campaign. No candidate has seen these questions or the topics, they have just agreed to attend the debate. Now, Nina Lestuwaki.
    Nina Lestuwaki: Thanks Anderson, as you may know I'm Nina Lestuwaki alongside Anderson Palmer from CNC News. The format of the debate will be a 1 minute statement from the candidates, and then a rebuttal if specifically targeted. The audience is also asked to keep their applause or laughter to a minimum, other then now, where we welcome to the two candidates. Please welcome, Professor Milton Green of Homar University, and President Dylan Reberbio of Homar.
    Anderson Palmer: Alright, thank you gentlemen. We'll begin now, by making a 1 minute quick statement introducing yourself to the voters. By virtue of a coin toss, the President goes first. Mr President?
    President Reberbio: Thanks Anderson, Nina. I would like to thank the Coulter Institute for Political Science for hosting us, as well as CNC News for creating this format, and hosting this debate. I would also like to thank Professor Green for attending this debate, and I look foward to it. My name is Dylan Reberbio, I'm the incumbent president of Homar. I have a lovely wife of three years marriage, and am the defender of free markets and free social policy in a time when those two issues are most challenged, which is now. We face real issues, at real areas in our nation. What the Professor won't tell you, is that generally a small economic change, won't ever change the issues and reform the crisis our nation faces. We don't need less freedom, and less free markets. As I said, we must make sure we have free markets. The freer the markets, the freer the people. While absolute power, corrupts absolutely. So let's work together, reelect our administration for a second term, and we'll work together to solve our nation's problems, and keep them away from the foundations of our nation forever. Thank you.
    Anderson Palmer: Thank you, Mr. President. Professor Green, your one minute statement please?
    Milton Green: Well, thank you Anderson, thanks Nina, thank you CNC and thanks to the Coulter Institute. We all agree, that we have problems, We have crisis, we have poverty. But we don't agree on how to solve these issues. The President goes on and on about problems and crisis. But what he won't tell you, is that he created this mess. Without the neglegence of the government with their so called free markets and freedom math, we would barely be in a health crisis. Unemployment the president drones about, would be 0. And the literacy rate the President brags about getting to 90 percent, over many monthes, would be 100 percent in a Green administration. 20 years ago, I married my wife. She provided me with a new bed of information. And as she helped me with my election and campaign, I help her and we trust eachother. We understand traditional Homari values, and we live by them. Join the Green Administration, and let us bring back values, rights of workers and our nation.
    Nina Lestuwaki: Alright, and with that done, let's go to our first question. The question on everyone's minds, is the issue of terrorism. 400 died on the Lublin bombings that also injured a additional 1000. Another unquantifiable amount of people possibly suspect to new diseases after the destruction at the CDP's headquarters. A former interview with a member of government stated that there was no threat to Homar, in regards to another attack. We now know this is not true. Mr. President, what can you do to really assure us there will not be another attack?
    President Reberbio: Well Nina, I first ask what could we do to prevent this? We nearly tripled security at airports, people suggested that. Done. What else? They said perhaps restrict sale of explosive materials. After many weeks of behind congress negotiations, we finally got that done as well. What else? They said strengthen law enforcement. Our administration now quadrupled the amount of law enforcement officers on the street, for 750 to nearly three and a half thousand. What else? They said, create a safety perimeter around desirable locations for terrorists. We did that, we put perimeters and armed guards around all public areas. See, this is a incident that happened out of the blue. I know this does not do much to settle the fears of Homari citizens, but we need to face the facts. This administration has done nearly everything the citizens of Homar suggested, and a bit more. Other then a police state, which is the alternate, but here's the thing communists don't tell you. If you put a policeman, a police camera on every street, every home, yes, you may eliminate cases of domestic beatings, but then the crime will not be against those getting beaten. The crime will be against the Homari people for having their freedoms violated. Important to remember that, for if Professor Green gets elected, this is what we're looking at. Thank you.
    Nina Lestuwaki: Thank you. Professor Green?
    Milton Green: Well, I think it's important to understand that he didn't answer the question.
    President Reberbio: Oh? I just did. Want me to restate?
    Milton Green: If I may finish? Thank you. Now, once again, the President will use his talking points to seem like he achieved a lot. We know we have the one who detonated the bomb at the CDP headquarters. We should get in, interrogate him, and make sure he never sees the day of light again until we get the information we need, to prevent another attack. We know he's part of a group which demands biblical literalism. Biblical literalism is something, that's not all entirely negative. It would be beneficial, if we had biblical literalism in some parts, and also not be attacked by radical terrorists. That's a win win for the nation of Homar.
    President Reberbio: That's really a extraordinary statement. May I counter? I've never heard anything like that before.
    Nina Lestuwaki: We will allow it.
    President Reberbio: Alright, well firstly, I want to say that interrogation, or advanced interrogation methods never work. They never have. They only result in false results. A man will say anything instinctively to get him out of a death situation, especially if it's false. Now, with that out of the way, biblical literalism. Professor Green, are you wearing more then two pieces of clothing material at a time?
    Milton Green: I am.
    President Reberbio: Alright, then I should stone you infront of the entire town. There's your biblical literalism for you. Sounds indeed like a win for Homar, right? We surrender to the terrorists, and we also install biblical literalism. That's a real win win for the terrorists! Maybe not so much for the 1 million citizens of Homar.
    Milton Green: Now hold-
    President Reberbio: Oh no, why don-
    Anderson Palmer: Gentlemen, let's just agree that both statements were taken out of context. Then let us move on to the economy?
    President Reberbio: Alright.
    Milton Green: Fine then.
    Anderson Palmer: Gentlemen, it is no secret that unemployment is at 7 percent. With the congress split on the way to move foward, what will be your administration's main focus on improving the economy? Professor, you first.
    Milton Green: Well, the president brags about lowering unemployment to a odd figure of 7 percent. Under my administration, I will get it to 0 percent. That's right, there will be no unemployment what so ever. OUr plan will be to create a environment where the worker can feel safe at his workplace, where all workers can get payed a wage appropriate for their work. To create a environment where the poorest amongst us aren't left behind. Because the truth is, the President want's you to believe, if you're poor, you're on your own. And the truth is, you're not on your own, we're on this together. If a poor man on the south side of Lublin can't afford to eat, that effects me even though I don't relate to him. That makes me poorer. Although the President likes to brag about creating some sort of individualist society, the truth is, we're in a collectivist society. So we shouldn't focus on you're on your own, we should focus on we're all in this together. That'll be the focus of my economic plan, and that'll be the hallmark of Green economic plan.
    Anderson Palmer: Mr President, your statement?
    President Reberbio: Well firstly, our policies must have worked. If you don't think, say, all the hundreds of charts and statistics which say that the average salary has gone up, then sure, there's another pinpoint to show our policies of free markets and capitalism have worked. That's the simple vote. THrough the vote, anyone can clearly state their policies. The results of the vote? Two separate elections, both with a majority of over 200 seats. So anyone who claims that our policies of capitalism are unpopular with workers, is simply not true. Furthermore, in most cases, we have 450 seats in the congress. That's 90 percent of the vote. Claiming that somehow, 10 percent of the vote are workers, that all hate us? Please, that's in the negative. You can bet, the 10 percent are those who are angry that their welfare checks are being cut, due to their refusal to get work. The 10 percent, are those who aren't getting corporate welfare, because this is a society where if you decide to spend millions of corporate money on airplane tickets and luxury items, that company deserves to fail, and that is the 10 percent we're talking about. Now, the question of do they work? Yes, they do. The largest growth in GDP in Homar history, after the dismantling of the public corporations this government has held, we saw the largest boost in average salary, the largest growth in GDP in the history of Homar. Never before, shall we go to a time of socialism, for we shall never risk our workers and their wages. This is a time for Homari workers to be empowered, and that's happening as we speak. The growth of Homar's average worker's salary has exploded. Now, I know, Milton will say oh but sir, the salary's of the super rich have also exploded, at a much faster pace! And to that I say, in opposition to what? And the answer is, Milton won't say this. But what he wants, is the poor to get poorer, granted that the rich would get poorer. If you want a greater economy, like this government has created, you do not do that. Our policy is a good one. The freer the markets, the freer the people.
    Anderson Palmer: Profe-
    Milton Green: Yes, well, I gotta say, I personally despise the President's record of slander and saying things that simply, are not true. The truth is, I want the poor to get richer, so they can be the rich. My goal, is to get everyone enough money through hard enough work and determiniation. Under that theory, we'll get far, we'll empower the worker, far better then this President. We'll institute the general theory of socialism, for the better. No longer can we as a nation afford to leave the worker alone on it's back. Because as I said, it's in the best interest of all, to institute a minimum wage. Also, the President says the largest growth in GDP in recorded history. Recorded history? You mean the past month? That's no viable way to base a entire economic theory off of a month of statistics.
    President Reberbio: I agree, which is why you should oppose socialism.
    Milton Green: No. That's illogical to base a entire principle, off of a month of theory. But it's not illogicial to base a entire principle or economic policy off hundreds of years of human history.
    Nina Lestuwaki: Alright, gentlemen, let's go on to our next topic, health. We all know, with two major outbreaks in regards to disease over the past month. The CDP has announced that 1 out of every 5 citizens has a disease. How will you two fix the possible incoming health crisis? Professor Green, go ahead.
    Milton Green: The cure is universial single payer healthcare. Detach healthcare from employers. When someone is on the street, dying because of the lack of medicine, it's our duty to help them, to help them with the neccessary medicine to prop them up back on their feet to make them a productive member of society. Healthcare should not be a game of corportations, we can no longer be hostages to the whims of giant pricate healthcare insurance corporations, controlling us all with strings as if we were puppets. It's time the government takes profit out of health, and does it's job to defend and to protect the people of Homar. Like I said, we're all in this together, not you're on your own.
    Nina Lestuwaki: Mr President?
    President Reberbio: Well, that was a very interesting answer by the Professor. But in reality, people aren't dying because they have no health insurance. They're dying because of sickness, because of poverty, because of unemployment, because they can't even purchase insurance or medicine. Healthcare can be fixed by making heath insurance tax deductable. By promoting the basics of disease prevention, hygiene. Promote washing your hands, staying to yourself and general safety. By making health insurance tax deductable and deregulating the health insurance market, you create better quality health care for cheaper.
    Milton Green: So, why aren't people all under healthcare? It's already deregulated.
    President Reberbio: But there are state restrictions, putting city wide restrictions and regulations on health insurance markets. Take those regulations down and make a health insurance marketplace. Capitalism, as you said, can only work with a well informed populace. So you should support a market place.
    Anderson Palmer: Professor Green, a response?
    Milton Green: I have no response.
    Nina Lestuwaki: Alright, and a question from the audience.
    Anderson Palmer: After extensive screening of all questions, CNC News has decided the question to be from various social media sites, and to choose the topic you the viewer most wants to see. The question will be answered by President Reberbio first, then Professor Green afterwards. The question is: A recent poll was conducted by the National Society of Polling, the topic of the poll was the frequency of LGBTQ persons in Homar. The poll resulted in the conclusion, that one out of every 15 people, are homosexual or bisexual. This is a near 7 percent rate. Which one of you will allow full rights of those who are homosexual and bisexual? President Reberbio, you first.
    President Reberbio: Well, I am honored, that over the last few weeks our congress headed by the National Front voted 491 to 9 to give those who love eachother full marriage rights, making homosexual marriage legal for the first time in this nation's history. I view this as a civil rights issue. Gay rights are human rights, they are civil rights. We cannot defend liberty or freedom, if we cannot even defend the rights of 7 percent of our citizens. So my policy plain and simple, we have homosexual friends and relatives. We must defend them, and defend our common man, before we can defend anything else, and that includes homosexual friends.
    Anderson Palmer: Thank you, Professor Green?
    Milton Green: Well, I'm all about giving homosexual couples rights to uh, be in a same sex union. I would certainly allow them to share banking accounts, but not call it a marriage. A marriage is explicitly stated as a union between a man and a woman. No leverage over that. The bible states it explicitly. Furthermore, we cannot allow homosexual couples to adopt children. Children are best in stable, loving couples with a male and female model. That's just the facts. So, sure, we can give homosexual couples rights to be in same sex civil unions, but we musn't allow them to engage in activities that harm others, such as adopt children. The weakest in our society. We further must not allow 7 percent of our nation to change thousands of years of marriage laws. As president I will repeal the law which would infringe on the rights of religions to be forced to do a ceremony which is against their beliefs.
    Anderson Palmer: Mr Pres-
    President Reberbio: Milton, you state that we should follow the bible. Once again, the Bible commends selling women, your daughters. Stoning women, and in some cases castration. You go on and on about following the bible, when if we really followed the bible, you would be the first person on the first plane out of Homar International Airport, you would be out of this country day 1. So I beg of you, we all beg of you to not surrender to the terrorist scum that is forcing your hand to follow biblical literalism, for it has a very dark side.
    Milton Green: Mr. President, I will not allow you to tarnish the religion followed by nearly 600 thousand Homari citizens. You can believe in what you want sure, but do not try to force your beliefs on us.
    President Reberbio: And on that note, I ask you not to force your beliefs on us either.
    Milton Green: No such actions have been done by any Christans.
    President Reberbio: Oh sure, other then you who is trying to impose biblical literalism on the, not 600 thousand Homari Christans, but the 1 million Homari Citizens. Muslims, Christans, Athiests, Jews, everyone forced to follow this rediculous law.
    Milton Green: Rediculous? Mr President, I would ask for you to take that back.
    President Reberbio: Well, I don't want to sell my daughter, and anything that says it should be legal is indeed, rediculous.
    Nina Lestuwaki: Alright, I gotta stop you guys there before my producers drive me out of town. Your final statements, gentlemen. Mr President, you go first.
    President Reberbio: Well, firstly I would like to thank Professor Green on a exciting night of debate. It has really been a spectacular event. To those watching on Homar's CNC News, this election is a choice. A choice between freedom and tyranny. A choice between liberty and destruction. Homar, if you feel that our nation is better off then the rubble of the Austerity Period in the 1990s, if you feel that you have more cash in your pockets, if you feel the same urgency that I do, if you feel the passion that I do, then I have no doubt in my mind that when the day comes, September 1st, you will have another administration of freedom and choice. It is with that, I ask for you to vote your mind, vote your concious, and to vote for what you think will be the best choice for your nation, not just you. Thank you.
    Anderson Palmer: Professor Green?
    Milton Green: I would like to also thank the President and CNC news, for engaging me on this debate, I thought it was fun. Here's a message to the mom who can't make mortgage payments, because she's stuck after her husband left with kids on the line Here's a message to the father, who's working years with no wage increase in sight, 80 hours a week. We stand today, on the crossroads of history. Will we choose the path of liberation, or the path of shackles and a ball and chain. Tonight I say to the Homari People, enough. Enough with the failed policies of this administration, if you understand the deep possibilities we face, the chance we're in to rise to global superiority, then I know with all my heart, you will vote on September 1st and the Workers Party will rule the Congress. It may just be me, but I can imagine a freer worker. A worker who can get some time off, for having a child on the way. A worker who can live free of fear that when they go to to work, they might return home with a limb cut off, or a nerve shattered. If you share this dream, vote, September 1st for the Workers Party, thank you, god bless Homar.
    Nina Lestuwaki: Thank you, Professor Green. This is the Presidential Debate of 2014 with Professor Green of the Workers Party and President Reberbio of the National Front. I'm Nina Lestuwaki, alongside Anderson Palmer on this historic occasion, thanks for listening in, good night.