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  1. Ahovking gave reputation to Varspasian in Roundup for 1/16/2015 (BREAKING NEWS)   
    Varspasian approves...
  2. Ahovking gave reputation to Paul_ in A Message from the Editor   
    Take your time with the articles, I know that it takes a pretty long time to write, as mine takes a long time as well. Considering that your's are also pretty long, I can only imagine how long it takes you to write a edition! I always find your news entries most interesting to read, and I hope one day my articles will be as interesting as yours to read! 

  3. Ahovking gave reputation to Paul_ in Federation Of Oceania Hit's 4 Million.   
    The Republic of Homar congratulates the federation of Oceania!
  4. Ahovking gave reputation to Fox Fire in Parliament In Session (Acts Passed)   
    We at Foxburo have also passed an intellectual freedoms act recently.
    Congratulations on the 2 million mark and good luck in the future to our old friends in Oceania.
  5. Ahovking gave reputation to Jemmm in Terran of the Week   
    Every time he puts someone terran of the week they are either insignificant, redundant and has or had no value.