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  1. Ahovking received reputation from Prussia in Beta Access Opened   
    What game?
  2. Ahovking gave reputation to Chris in Chris was on today.   
    I don't see the need to turn this into a pissing contest. You don't know my schedule, I don't know yours, and it's safe to say that neither of us lives the other's life.
  3. Ahovking gave reputation to Quasar in So...Why keep it a secret   
    I can't even register on PN i don't know what the deal with it is or the history.
    It obviously is as dead as this game.
    The community of PT is dead but we can all see it is not completely dead.
    There is still a few hundred views on new posts, obviously it's just the remnants of the community and them checking in to see if PT will ever get salvaged and to see what people post about.
    Most of them don't even post their own comment, they just read others.
    It would be nice to see Ahovking make his own game that is PT + 10x better.
    This game will take a long time before it sees the light of day again, or it is finally announced by someone it will be shut down.
    I will assume that an update will not come out, and if it does it will be shite.
    So Chris should sell the game before its value is like 5$ (although it will always be worth something a little more)
    I will also assume most of us will still be checking in, I don't check in to see if there is an update, i check in to see what people say.
  4. Ahovking gave reputation to Varspasian in So...Why keep it a secret   
    Ahovking, the people support you! Please lead us to greener pastures! 
  5. Ahovking received reputation from Sith in So...Why keep it a secret   
    Removed by staff
  6. Ahovking gave reputation to Varspasian in So...Why keep it a secret   
    Ahovking's spelling errors aside, you make an excellent point. If he really is so busy and "hard at work" to make the game better, why not take a screenshot and post it? Or release an update, or even tell us what has been changed/improved. But alas, no. 

    So the question actually is not "Will Chris ever release an update?" but indeed "Does Chris even care?" and I can tell everyone from what I've seen so far, no Chris does not care in the slightest.
  7. Ahovking received reputation from evangs1 in Chris was on today.   
    He hopes on every now and then, lately he has been more active than normal, but i dont think its a comeback, because of the fact every other MOD/ADMIN is non-active...is the only one thats remotely active. 
    I remember last year or maybe the year before that a rumor was going around that Chris was actually someone who work/owned with other Nation simulation game and when PT got too big he was able to buy it and was trying to forcing it into the ground and force players to move on....Looks like it was true, No updates, Refuses to sell, community all but dead, he did what he came here for...destroy PT. 
  8. Ahovking received reputation from Quasar in I will wait.   
    People are wanting to leave because, when you have built 10+ cities, passed all the laws you can pass, and build up a years worth of warehouse goods, you have nothing left to do in the game, you get bored and tired, sure other simulation games lack a few features PT had, but at lest other games have a very active community and devalopers and a game that works, ATM PT is a shell of its former self.

    This is why people are leaving, this si why i left for nationstates and a few others, yes they are not as good as PT but hell im doing a lot more in these games than i ever was in this one. Everyone want chris to speed up devalopement, he said he was working on the game and that an update would be avalable soon, but we been hearing that for a year and a bit. Before the community died we often had post telling him how he could help things and how we could help.

    I only come back now once a week, just to see if there is any updates.


  9. Ahovking gave reputation to Chris in Chris was on today.   
    Aside from the rewrite, sure.
    "Blah blah blah, this isn't a pissing contest, but my life is harder and I've done more, blah blah blah." I think you've missed the point.
  10. Ahovking gave reputation to Daniel1975 in Chris was on today.   
    Chris, I wouldnt even give those guys a moments thought.  It is you that created this game, and able to do so despite a busy schedule.  And it is free for god sake.  It is amazing people can ******** and moan about things that are free to them.  My name is Daniel BTW.  Again, thanks man for the game, I just started not long ago so there is a lot for me to do, and I really am having a blast with it!!

    Also Chris, I know right now the game is not creating an income for you, however, when there is an option for players to make donations to the game and receive in-game bonuses of some sort, I'd jump at that chance when available.  I would think that if folks are complaining about wanting more of the game up and running, then perhaps they can chip and and offer support yes? 
  11. Ahovking received reputation from jake5999 in Chris was on today.   
    I honestly understand, i have University, Work, Part-time College and my small APP/Software Business, I am extremely busy...But it doesn't take me more than 6 months to make progress on my apps and to connect and grow my small community of followers. 
  12. Ahovking gave reputation to Chris in Chris was on today.   
    Or... maybe I've just been busy and such.
  13. Ahovking gave reputation to Chris in Chris was on today.   
    Huh, I'm a part of a conspiracy. I wish this was true, I could have probably gotten paid
  14. Ahovking gave reputation to Kinyodas in Anti-Christ and Christ alike name Profiles   
  15. Ahovking gave reputation to NMA in Chris was on today.   
    Calling PT a "community" is stretching the definition just a little too far.
  16. Ahovking received reputation from Vellocet in Passed Immigration Law, yet immigration is still at -3.30   
    Oh wow, someones playing the game xD

    First thing to know is the game..is on near-permanent hiatus..So don't expect any updates or bug fix's to the game or quick replies from the community as its almost dead.

    Secondly, How is your land? Buying more land is the major source of Immigration, Passing laws can help Immigration but only if you have Immigration in the first place. 
  17. Ahovking gave reputation to nasim in this game is never updating and I cannot even delete my nation!   
    Hi my dear forum friends
    2 questions.
    1. I've been playing for 2 months and I want to change my nation's name (the current name is Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan which is not correct and I want to change to: Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan). I don't seem to be able to do that so I guessed while I'm new I can just delete my nation and create another one with the RIGHT name (the capital O just looks so dumb). But guess what when I try to delete my nation I get a screen showing some kind of script error and my nation not being deleted. The bad thing is that I also can't create my new nation as it will give the error: name already in use (probably because it uses the same combination of words but just a change in capitalization.) So I quit until this game gets fixed or there is any way to either rename my nation or delete it so I can create a new one!
    2. That brings us to my second question: when on earth will work in this game continue because I didn't notice any change during the months I played and it's slow, not mobile friendly, and almost nothing works which is a pity coz it would be a very nice game at least better than nationstates, erepublik, or cyber nations.
    Oh btw I'm the owner of the infamous nationstates.net Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. So you could as well send me a telegram. (Not trying to promote that game even though that one actually works, but it is kinda boring without a lot of RP/imagination. And the same government issues repeat themselves now after 4 years of playing that's kinda dull)
  18. Ahovking gave reputation to Varspasian in Nation Map   
    Interesting concept. It's too bad that this game is on a near-permanent hiatus. Such a hiatus that may be lasting indefinite. So although you, and many others have such great ideas to improve the game, you'd have a better chance of winning the lottery, getting struck by lightning, and getting cancer from a banana than seeing any change in the game as of now.
  19. Ahovking gave reputation to Hannibal in Chris was on today.   
    Never attribute to malice what is eminently explainable by, you know, multiple other explanations that don't require an insane conspiracy theory. 
    I should probably remove this, but I'm laughing too damn hard. Well done. This made my day. 
  20. Ahovking gave reputation to Vellocet in Alliance Update   
  21. Ahovking gave reputation to Joediplomat in Alliance Update   
    Greetings all,
    To any active players in the PT community besides myself, I wanted to give a formal notice that as the leader and president of the United Federation of Countries, I will no longer be as active on the forums or in the pt game itself. The game is still too incomplete to continue and I cannot pass many laws any more. Wars cannot be waged and research cannot be done and land is becoming to expensive to buy. I will be a ghost on the forums checking in infrequently, but as for pt and the alliance itself, I think the community is pretty dead and therefore I will no longer be playing the pt game. (Unless of course the game is updated again). Anyone who wishes to remain in contact please private message me on the forum. I will be notified and check in when I can.
    It's been fun.
  22. Ahovking gave reputation to Chris in Take the game down   
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    Send him to the Gulag!
  24. Ahovking gave reputation to Chris in Take the game down   
    Blah blah blah
  25. Ahovking received reputation from Vellocet in Merry Christmas!   
    It's 25th of December, so I guess it's Christmas, so happy Christmas everyone.