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  1. upvotes all around

    I'll see you tomorrow
  2. Pledge of Allegience (US)

    Nationalism and being a full blown fascist is certainly not the same thing. It is okay to show patriotism and nationalism for your country and I see nothing wrong with the Pledge.
  3. Sim City!

    That sounds great. I think we should base it in North America West 4, so that the servers aren't as overcrowded. I can make a game tomorrow there. Add Azyren2013 on Origin, and I'll send invites.
  4. Sim City!

    There is? Can you send me your OID? Mine is Azyren2013. I would like an invite.
  5. March 5th....Which Would You Buy?

    I think you should get it. Well, the city sizes are extremely small and the game is alot easier than SimCity 4. It's online only, and there is no terraforming/subway/pipelines. Overall though I think the new engine and the improved gameplay/graphics including having each one of your sims be individuals really outshines the cons.
  6. March 5th....Which Would You Buy?

    If you are getting SimCity, my Intel HD Graphics card can run it fine on medium settings, so I'm guessing you would be fine. I have 4GB RAM and a 2.53GHz dual core processor. The what?
  7. March 5th....Which Would You Buy?

    Well, if other people are getting it maybe we could start our own private PT Region. What do you think?
  8. March 5th....Which Would You Buy?

    Already preordered SimCity. I was in the second beta test, it was pretty cool.
  9. We already have plasma torches that do the same thing. Maybe a bigger one may suffice, but I admit it would be cool having swordsmen cutting solid blocks of steel like wood. Laser pew pews would be more effective though, given precise accuracy they could even replace torches/
  10. I love that guy. However, with light sabers you would require close range combat. Most people would find laser pew pews to be more effective. Same reason why knights were obsolete when muskets were invented. Modern guns can go right through that unless the wielder has the reaction time of a real Jedi knight.
  11. Intentional Double-posting

    See that little notch at the top left of the reply box? Does it work for you?
  12. Woman in Combat

    Women have had major successes in the Red Army for example. If they can fight and want to fight, let them.
  13. Hannibal

    You still wonder why people don't like it?
  14. The Forums

    You realize that half of the posts in this forum are jokes right?
  15. The Most Stable Governmental Form.

    See: American Revolution