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  1. The Return of Marin

  2. Subsidize the Millitary Market!

    I don't think so. However if you do your extractors and refineries will be cheaper for the other resources. You could wait for the war system but god only knows actually he doesnt know when thats gonna be done. Sorry to shoot your idea down, but your idea fixes its temporarily and the time it would take time to implement could be used to fix the problem permanently instead(build the war system). Who knows maybe they will like your idea, but i personally think it will just push the release of the war system further back. Cheers and good luck in your future market sales! -Zukran
  3. Subsidize the Millitary Market!

    How about just stop extracting and refining those resources?... That would fix all problems. Price wouldn't go any lower because no one would be selling. Why would some one invest in a resource that isn't usable? You could actually then buy extractors and refineries that produce something of worth. Or you could wait till the war system is built. I could potentially see a "recycling" possibility where you could send resources but get very minimal return. For what reason to create a floor for the market. But I'm thinking like 100$ per resource. So you wont get much. Good luck with this one...
  4. The Legacy takes form.

    The Legacy is all that matters.
  5. USF Announcement

    So a member of your alliance who held the position of Foreign Affairs that no one knew about(not on public forums) left the alliance and is banned. Good to know I guess.
  6. The Legacy Group is here!

    mmmmm fun times ahead boiz.
  7. Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

    A reason to declare war?... Who needs that?
  8. This was old from PT part 2, I suggested it a long long time ago, but I think the idea got scrapped with the game =V Figured I'd bring it back to the table to see what people thought.
  9. o/ Good to see you guys again.
  10. Help i keep gettinf erres

    Those pages are not programmed yet and are currently being developed. No one else can see them either, eventually they will be finished and then they will work.
  11. Alliance stats

    I agree, but I think it should be 'Total Alliance Population' and another which is 'Average population'. Then maybe the same for military strength, if the military is anything like it was before each nation had a single value representing their military strength so maybe a 'Total military strength' column and an 'Average military strength' column. Just my $.02 Cheers, Zukran
  12. Versutian Federation DoE

    Congrats and Welcome Versutian Federation. o/
  13. Extremely Confused, Can't Click Anything.

    Yeah it might be a browser issue what browser are you using? Im using firefox and its working like a charm and it sounds like Strigon confirms it for google chrome so try one of these browsers. Also be sure you have enough funds to purchase the things you are trying to buy =) So service rely on the infrastructure so you need infrastructure to be able to purchase service people.=P I know infrastructure requires resources ontop of payment so check to make sure you have those resources required to build what you are trying to build. Cheers, -Zukran
  14. Rainy Day Fund

    Wise man. You should know what the next step to building your nation is and apply those funds to that step. Every bit you hold back is potential loss in economic or population growth. IE that 20-100 mil sitting around could be spent on more land or another city which in the long run increases your population and your income. While it sitting in your bank it hinders your growth. If the war system was in place I would have funds around incase I got attacked but no war system exists yet so no need to worry. Zukran