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  1. Mods vs Players

  2. GRANTED: Unban players

    there are many players that were banned and were promised to be unbanned after a week of open beta.
  3. Pay corporation employs by subtracting corporation profits instead of adding it to state employee
  4. does your market offer ever expire?
  5. Are there any advantages do creating public companies? Does corporate tax rate affect the creation of private corporations?
  6. Hunting ?

    I enjoy reading your slightly ammusing short stories.
  7. Old Timers.

    I found this game around the time LiqZero was going through reforms. I check every week for updates
  8. General Cleanup

  9. One Word Story

  10. Nation rpg

    Nation Name: India Role in this game: neutral Nation location: India Main Battle Tank: M1 Abrams/ Arjun Secret weapons: classified Standard Issue Primary: INSAS rifle/ Ak-103 Secondary weapons: Glock 17 main fighter: Tejas main bomber: TU-22M3 main IFV: BMP-3 main artilery: M777 main ground transport (humvee): Stallion main air transport: C-130 Main export: steel, uranium, petroleum, gold, gems Bio: labor force- 486.6 million; Man power available for service- 319,129,420men/296,029,637women Other Info: have nuclear capability
  11. Mass Protest in Egypt

    Not a military coupIt's back by the population
  12. Mass Protest in Egypt

    I hope they figure things out, its what's best for everyone.
  13. Microsoft Backs Down

    Wait, ps+ is required?