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  1. The Floodian Empire DoE

    This thread is cOLD and very full of mOLD (as well as this old joke), but to shed some light on this thread; TFE's home was demolished in a very unspectacular way, and our home won't be repopulated for quite some time (say September ish?). You people are smart and already figured out this isn't really official, so I trust any other false DoE's will be recognized, but I do hope some day the alliance can return so we can add some population to this game, hopefully speed its development. Good luck to everyone currently playing.
  2. Game Development Update

    Whelp, its been fun.
  3. (In the post, Dance with dragon spoilers) I wish they had more chapters with her "resurrected" self. IIRC (such long books) you only get a direct confrontation, once?, maybe twice. Everything else is just little hints at her every now and then. Also I never really thought about Jon being Lyanna and Rheagar's son! Its interesting but for some reason I feel like it won't happen if the fans think it will. Who knows though. Jon was always saying how he wouldn't forsake his vows, which made me think his only part in the books would be on the wall, but then Martin started introducing this side of him that would do anything to save his sister, so I knew something was going to happen that would force him to leave the wall. Maybe become apart of the Game of Thrones in ways besides the Night's Watch? If he survives being stabbed so many times...
  4. This series is good because it always does the unexpected. The last chapter at the wall in a Dance with Dragons.....GAH.
  5. Pledge of Allegience (US)

  6. Sim City!

    Its actually kind of nice. Not sure though, only played a little over an hour.
  7. Hugo Chavez: Dead

    Hey...! They have oil?
  8. March 5th....Which Would You Buy?

    I never got to join in on Sims City for the computer (I did get it for DS, lol) so I went for it. I think what really got me was the cool feature where friends (or public people, though that might just be lots of griefing) can hop into your area and use the city lot next to you to build their own city, and then you guys can interact. Can't wait to mess around and make my perfect city, an experiment city, apollutedcity, a power city, etc and see what they do, I can even assign areas to build and create with a friend and see who's city turns out better.
  9. March 5th....Which Would You Buy?

    I heard stuff like missing features (ex terraforming and subways?), smaller cities, and having to always be online to play it for SimCity. I know people like to hate on EA I'm not sure. Anyone think I should get it? I like the videos but it sounds fishy from what I've been looking at.
  10. Xbox720 Or Ps4

    Yep *Goes to play some Gmod*
  11. Bungie Officially Unveils Destiny

    Yes. Yes. Yes.
  12. Woman in Combat

    If they want to fight let them, simple as that. Even if "scientifically" males are better at blah blah blah combat stuff blah it doesn't mean every women will be inferior, and it doesn't mean women can't still be useful. Unless there are many well thought out, unbiased studies that show women severely weaken military then they can fight.
  13. All this doomsday stuff going on in this thread has only one explanation.
  14. Hi

    Hi, how are you?