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  1. Last thing I remembered about the PT military system was that you had infantry, tanks or helicopters mainly (I'm pretty sure it was a lot of other stuff). But when you invaded someone there was a little map of a beach, and then a city. You could only attempt to attack three times a day, and you had to try to push the enemy back to their starting side to win. If you won I believe you damaged their city. I remember when I beat this crazy crusader guy, I had the option to limit his military, or get 10k, and I cannot remember the other thing.
  2. I want to see how everyone constructs infrastructure for their cities, I will use one of my metro's for an example. New York City (Metro): Schools: 2 Universities: 1 Fire Stations: 1 Police Stations: 10 Clinics: 6 Truck Depots: 0 Road Networks: 6 Rail Networks: 1 I have another metro with similar construct, I use that as a basis for standard metros. Share your composure below.
  3. World War III.

    I simply want to sit down with FoxFire, 1v1 conversation without his band of NPO E-Thugs; and show him what America is about. What is wrong with that?
  4. World War III.

    I never used the word fight, you used your imagination there bubba. And the US didn't lose Vietnam, we withdrew before it was claimed a loss. US will always be a world power, generic russia scrub.
  5. World War III.

    FoxFire is just a generic Russia is stronk kid, they thought Iraq was pretty strong too. Iraq use to slap around all the Middle Easties. Had been in the top 5 largest armies. This is usually why I stay away from this section but it urks me when kids talk about how the US can easily be beaten. Y'know everyone has their losses, but I doubt the US would be defeated. Foxfire if you weren't in NPO and it was 1v1 I'd show you what America is about.
  6. Political Affiliation Poll

    Liberal = Democrat Conservative = Republican Independents can be either, I'd say I'm a centrist. (Mixed, or in the middle).
  7. World War III.

    I' am personally on a picket-fence. I have a 1:1 (50%:50%) mindset on the whole idea of a 'world war three'. For one in order for it to be a WORLD WAR, majority of the actual world would have to be involved so it'd have to have 55% of each of the nations that exist in at least 4 of the 6 continents. During the WWI, and WWII Europe still had a lot of colonial ties to majority of the nations that helped them fight. For example; Great Britain had ties with a region called Nepal, in return NepaleseGurkhafought alongside the British. Nepal is now aligned with Britian, Nepal didn't really have the own power and stability to really support itself without Britain. So really in a ways of speaking it was really only Britain with help from its colonial territories. Another good example is Canada, very few people know it but the Germans nicknamed the Canadian soldiers "stormtroopers" because they would rush into combat and defeat the numerous Germans. On the modern hand, if the war broke out in North Korea vs South Korea; it'd be completely one-sided. The reason being is that North Korea up to date has no changed its doctrine of the more the better, they use old soviet equipment. The South literally recovered a crashed North Korean UAV that had a COMMERCIAL grade camera on the inside. (You can buy acommercialgrade camera at the store). I don't suspect China would directly get involved in the war, but more-so 'fund' it. By selling their old equipment to North Korea, and possibly slipping them a few ding dongs under the table that could fuel the North Koreans, and if China were to continue to sell their goods to the US; they would remain under the radar when the US decides if they want to get involved. But by selling to each side, they are indirectly fueling them to fight each other. Although in an event if the sides were China, and North Korea vs US, South Korea, Japan, andPhilippines. The obvious victor would be the US led side, I mean lets be real here; China has had no MODERN day experience in a war like the US has had, and nor does it enjoy the defense assets. Even with the US Defense Budget cuts it will still be bigger then the next 3 nations combined (Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia). Nuclear missiles are slowly becoming obsolete with the inventions of equipment like the Boeing YAL-1, THAADs, BAE Electric Railguns that will hit you before you hear it. You could literally be standing 100 miles away and the US BAE ER was to fire it would get to you in eight minutes and hit you. And if you haven'tdisintegratedbecause the impact alone causes an explosion (the rounds have no gunpowder) then you will hear it 8 more minutes later. South Korea, and Japan also have great economies and are high ranking in technological aspects. They also have PROVEN equipment that would be rated higher than anything China, or the North could possess. In the event of Russia vs Ukraine; probably not much would happen. I mean theUkrainiansare kind've already surrendering as showed via various media outlets. Although after Ukraine if Russia tried to take anymore of the old soviet union, the Russians are going to have to answer to the brunt of NATO. Germany alone could give Russia the business; just go look at what Germany uses and how much of it they have. They have more tanks in storage than 60% of the military organizations on this planet even have. If the war broke out I would give it to NATO any day. But we can only compare statistics, it's really hard to predict wars. Because none of us have ever been in a situation where you were at war, and a lot of us base things off of what we hear from others not what we take the time to investigate ourselves. And to say the US sucks at warfare of any type is highly hilarious. I suppose we suck at "guerrillawarfare" <-- Nickname|Real Name --> (AsymmetricWarfare, Clandestine Warfare, Unconventional Warfare.) I wouldn't trust a source that doesn't even know the actual name. The US has at least 4+ Special Operations units for every branch. That's 2x - 3x as much as most nations with sizable/reputable forces. JSOC - Delta Force, Intelligence Support Activity,United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group,24th Special Tactics Squadron,US Army Flight Concepts Division,427th Special Operations Squadron,Joint Communications Unit. ARMY - 1st Special Forces Group, 3rd Special Forces Group, 5th Special Forces Group, 7thSpecial Forces Group, 10thSpecial Forces Group, 19thSpecial Forces Group, 20thSpecial Forces Group, 75th Ranger Regiment,160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment "Night Stalkers",Systems Integration Management Office (SIMO),US Army Special Operations Command Flight Detachment,4th Military Information Support Group,8th Military Information Support Group,95th Civil Affairs Brigade, and 528th Sustainment Brigade. NAVY - Naval Special Warfare Group 1,Naval Special Warfare Group 2,Naval Special Warfare Group 3,Naval Special Warfare Group 4,Naval Special Warfare Group 10,Naval Special Warfare Group 11,United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group. AIR FORCE - 1st Special Operations Wing,24th Special Operations Wing,27th Special Operations Wing,193d Special Operations Wing,919th Special Operations Wing,352nd Special Operations Group, and 353rd Special Operations Group. MARINES - Marine Special Operations Regiment, andMarine Special Operations Support Group. There were many more I didn't list I will leave a link here. Every Branch has 1 - 2 schools dedicated to training each candidate for everything required for their mission. Not to mention the training programs that most will go through. For example if you've got an 11x Option 40 Contract with the US Army, you will have to go to Basic Training, OSUT (One Station Unit Training), Airborne School, Pre-Ranger (Optional, but recommended), Ranger School, and then Ranger Assesment & Selection Program (RASP) Officers must got through RASP 1, and RASP 2. And that is JUST if you want to be a standard Ranger Infantrymen not even like a fire support specialist or any of that specialized stuff. For example if you decide to get a slot to become a Ranger Sniper, you have to go to Sniper School, and SERE. Mess with the best, Die like the rest. 'MURICA
  8. Union of Nations

    Union of Nations The Union of Nations is asovereignalliance run by, and protected by its members democratically. Based strictly on a federal republic to simulate a wide-scale union to ensure fairness and contribute to a growing community. The alliance offers many benefits, and operates solely on the principle of helping nations prosper. Some of these benefits are, our constitution-based government to ensure fair government and represented decisions, our strong foreign policy of 'We will use diplomacy, and sacrifice; but by no means shall we ever surrender'. We also help members benefit by our defense policy and domestic aid system ranging from the high millions, to low billions in case of national emergencies. If you are interested in joining us click here. If you are interested in reading our constitution click here. If you are interested in signing up on our forum click here. If you are interested in establishing an embassy, or contact with the Union of Nations please send your regards to our PoU, or Secretary of Foreign Affairs. I thank you for your patience in reading this, Regards, Zeyrock.
  9. On Behalf of the Union of Nations, a constitution has been written on Monday April, 21st 2014. UN (Union of Nations) was founded onMonday April, 21st 2014; by Protector of Unity 'Joseph L. Dell'Aquila' This constitution is to establishsovereignty, and independence from any other alliance, or organization. This constitution instills fairness to ensure prosperity with in the alliance. Peace is the highest aspiration of the UN, we will use diplomacy for it, we will sacrifice for it; but we will not or never surrender for it. An provisional government will be established till we can fully fill out our government organization and hierarchy. Current structure: Protector of Unity: Joseph L. Dell'Aquila President: Vacant Congressional Official(s):Vacant Judicial Official(s): Vacant Secretary of Defense: Vacant Secretary of Economics & Trade:Vacant Secretary of Foreign Affairs:Vacant Internal Affairs Officer(s):Vacant External Intelligence Officer(s) EI7:Vacant Recruitment Officer(s):Vacant Constitution of the Union of Nations Preamble: In regards to the reader, the following Constitution, Charter, orDeclarationof Existence will henceforth be used by the Union of Nations as a platform for which to operate the government structure to ensure fairness, and democratic governmental structure. Based strictly off of a federal republic, but on a larger scale; to ensure each nation their basic rights. Article 1: Executive Branch Section 1: Protector of Unity The highest executive power with in the Union of Nations, the protector of unity ensures fairness and instills unity into the alliance by fighting corruption, and checking for political loopholes and or having a very small advisory say for the alliance. The protector of unity may not participate in elections for any executive, legislative, or judicial position. Although may be called upon to lead an interim government during elections. Section 1.1: Powers of the PoU - Criticize and question government officials to fight corruption. - With approval from congressional staff, impeach government officials. - Temporarily lead an interim government during elections. - Declare War. Section 1.2:Eligibility & Election Protector of Unity is not a position that may be elected, and is permanently there unless they resign. Section 2: President The second highest executive power with in the Union of Nations, the president runs and ensures proper leadership to the alliance. Having large say over alliance politics the President acts as the supreme body of the UN and is heavily moderated by thelegislative, and judicial branch who may declare his actions unconstitutional. Section 2.2: Powers of the President - Representative of the alliance. - Commander-In-Chief of allied forces. - Vetoing ability. Section 2.3: Eligibility & Election In order to be a candidate for Presidential elections, you must be an advanced member+, have been in the alliance for at least two weeks. After which you will then be added to a selective list where you will be evaluated by the congressional officials. You will then be added as a candidate for being elected. In order to be elected you mustreceivemajority member vote (55%) or two-thirds congressional vote (66%). You will then have a three day grace period to prepare yourself before you are officially appointed as President. One presidential term lasts three months. Article 2: Legislative Branch Section 1: Congressional Official(s) Congressional officials are selected members who are chosen to represent the interest of the alliance population at-large. They maintain the backbone of the alliance and help run a system of checks-and-balances with its two counterparts. Section 1.1: Powers of Congress - Create mandatory alliance-wide laws. - Declare war with 2/3d vote. - Establish aide to members. - Manage alliance budget. - Impeach executive officials with 2/3d vote. - Vote for president. - Evaluate potential presidential candidates. - Override executive vetoes with 2/3d vote. - Amending allianceconstitution with 2/3d vote. - Approving Treaties with 2/3d vote. Section 1.2: Eligibility & Election Congressional Official(s) are chosen by the alliance population, for every five nations; one congressional official is elected in order to maintain a represented population and equality. One congressional term lasts two months. Article 3: Judicial Branch Section 1: Judicial Official(s) Judicial officials are selected members who are chosen to represent the justice body of the alliance, and ensure a fair trial to each and every nation that is taken to International Criminal Court by a fellow UN member. The Judicial branch also has the ability to represent the Union of Nations against other alliances. The Union of Nations may not be taken to a alliance court by a single nation of a foreign alliance; but the entire alliance itself. Section 1.1: Powers of Alliance Court - Deem any action of executive, or legislative branches unconstitutional. - Review cases where the trial is member vs member. - Review cases where the trial is alliance vs alliance. - Approve the ejection of members in the Union of Nations. - Issue warnings. Section 1.2: Eligibility & Election Judicial officials are appointed by the Protector of Unity every four months, or when vacancies appear. There will always be either 3 justices, or 7 justices. Article 4: Departments Department of Defense The Department of Defense is headed by the secretary of defense; this department is responsible for coordinating, and advising the president and protector of unity on how to handle and what should be done in the instance of a alliance war, and or ensuring safety of alliance members. This department is also responsible for keeping accurate information on alliance military capability and managing capable military powers within the Union of Nations. Department of Economics & Trade The Department of Economics & Trade is headed by the secretary of economics & trade; this department is responsible for coordinating, and managing the alliance bank and ensuring the alliance does not run a deficit budget, nor falls into an alliance-wide debt (depression). This department is also tasked with issuing domestic aid to alliance members who qualify for it in the event of an national emergency. This department is also tasked with advising member nations on how to run their economy. Department of Foreign Affairs The Department of Foreign Affairs is headed by the secretary of foreign affairs; this department is responsible for coordinating inter-alliance interactions and managing relationships with foreign alliances; ensuring that diplomacy is explored, before other solutions. This department is also tasked with keeping in contact with foreign alliance officials via forums, or IRC. Department of Internal Affairs The Department of Internal Affairs has no head representative, but directly reports to the President, and PoU. This department is responsible for coordinating events for the alliance to participate in that ensure the entertainment of alliance members. This department is also tasked with collecting information on alliance members and determining the loyalty level of members. Department of External Intelligence The Department of External Intelligence has no head representative, but directly reports to the Protector of Unity. This department is responsible for monitoring foreign nations and alliances, and maintaining a list of possible threats; and possible rogue nations and alliances. The tag-sign EI7 represents (External Intelligence 7) Seven represents the tier level of the department signifying that is is on a tier level above any national intelligence program, and on the alliance level. Department of Recruitment The Department of Recruitment has no head representative, and reports to the President, and PoU. This department is tasked with the simple objective 'obtain more members'. This department is to find and evaluate possible candidates for recruitment, and contact them via forums or PM and get them to join the Union of Nations. Article 5: Succession Section 1: Order of Succession In the event that a vacancy opens under emergency or unknown event the Protector of Unity will establish a provisional (temporary) official until upcoming elections. Article 6: Citizenship Section 1: Pre-Requisite - Nation cannot be in a current war. - Nation must be in the affiliated alliance 'Union of Nations'. - Nation must register on alliance forum (If present). Section 1.1; Expulsion The term 'ban-jected' or 'ejected'originatesfrom a political game similar to Project-Terra, and it means to permanently kick out a nation from an alliance. In order to be ejected you must have committed a crime against the alliance, and found guilty by the alliance court. Some crimes are punishable by invasion.
  10. Patch Notes Preview

    One does not simply ask if the game is being worked on -drinks mug of rum with stern stare, then moves to stroke beard- The game decides if it is being worked on.
  11. Flags need Updating

    Go test and see
  12. New Flag, G10 and Poaching

    So you're going to fight people who are just trying to get members in their alliance, because your members are too dimwitted to say no? 1v1 Foxburo
  13. Nation rpg

    Nation Name: The United States of America Role in this game: Superpower Nation location: Below Canada, Above Mexico. Main Battle Tank: M1A2 Abrams Secret Weapons: HAARP, and Other classified entities. Standard Issue Primary: M4 Carbine Secondary Weapons: M9 Pistol Main Fighter: F-35 II Lightning Main Bomber: B-52H Stratofortress MainIFV: M2A4 Bradley MainArtillery: BLOS Artillery Main Ground Transport: Oshkosh M-ATV Main Air Transport: C-130J Super Hercules Main Export: High-Tech Goods Bio: 'Murica Other Info: Wanna fight?
  14. A Strong World Currency Missing

    Dollar is strongest currency in the world,theAmerican dollaris used as the standard unit of currency in international markets. Also Panama adopted the US dollar as a currency, and several other nations in the world peg from the US Dollar. Would be nice to have a Dinar y'know so that we can have that diversity thing.