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  1. Population in capital

    Right now? They tie into your front page stats, which are what then determine your avg income. The 'rural' population is not represented in stat calculations at the moment, so you don't need to factor them in. They are just taken into account when calculating overall income, which is done by multiplying population by avg income.
  2. Laws!

    Right. This'll make the third time. If you come across a law you think isn't working right, PM me. The game is in beta, there are going to be errors. All the laws were input manually, by me. So there are some that weren't set quite right, particularly in terms of probability of passing. I've checked, National Drinking Age was incorrectly set and has been fixed now. If you come across another law that needs looked at, it'll get checked faster, and I'll be less irritated, if you PM me about it.
  3. Population in capital

    Just to point out, it makes no difference to your nation or your income how many folk live in your capital. Your income is based on your total population and avg income. So long as your total population is growing, then your income is growing.
  4. Anyone buying Food and Energy Resources?

    Not so much, no. Not how it works at all. Each unit of food counts as a full unit of food, no matter how much food you already have applied to logistics.
  5. Laws!

    It has no effect on passing laws. The passing of laws is affected by how many seats you have, and the laws difficulty level, but not your current happiness. Please also note that lowering your tax rate will not undo the law effects like is suggested above.
  6. Laws!

    You can pass both for the moment, but it's in development to have some laws mutually exclusive of each other.
  7. Immigration Incentives

    Yeah, they were intended to be slightly different, and I've edited the descriptions to reflect that difference. It is slight, but significant.
  8. Economy Tips

    Enter a negative number (beginning with - ) and you'll get rid of them.
  9. Dearest Cement Workers

    The game is meant to be a long term commitment, not a quick thrill. Saving up and working towards developing your nation is all part of it. The game is in continuous development, so of course there are going to be changes as we go along to ensure that the process is actually balanced.
  10. Laws!

    Yeah, the Dev team are looking into it just now.
  11. Law Effects (Not what you think)

    No, but there are other stats affected, and those in turn are linked to all your other stats.
  12. Law Effects (Not what you think)

    I may have put a little bit of thought into what each law does. Which is why the Windfall Tax doesn't directly affect Life Expectancy, Literacy or Disease Prevalence. You know that all your stats are interdependent. You must have been sitting near a tipping point to cause changes on those stats.
  13. Dearest Cement Workers

    The reason for this is scaling of requirements for urban areas. It was felt only 1 was needed, not both.
  14. Laws!

    Dabigbluewhale, power use is one of the stats that gets affected... Resora, I'll look into it.
  15. Research question