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  1. Top 100 Songs

    This is a little confusing. Are you looking for songs that are considered to be some of the best songs of all time by a majority of people, or are you looking for some obscure hipster's list of the top 100 alternative songs of all time that no one's ever heard of? You can't say you will include no bias, and then end your criteria with that statement. That said, I'll offer up some ideas. I'm assuming you're looking for pop music (as defined in a very general sense) as opposed to classical music, so I'll refrain from giving you Beethoven or Mozart. - Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles - Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd - All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix Off the top of my head, those are three pretty revolutionary songs.
  2. No offense, but a lot of you are being very selfish in your wishes. I agree wholeheartedly that you shouldn't be able to donate your way into a better nation, but at the same time if there aren't good incentives for donating then people won't donate. If people don't donate, then we don't get our free game. And don't tell me that "uploading a bigger flag" is a really good incentive for donating. If I pay five dollars and I get my flag, then that's all I have to donate for life. Unless I feel like changing the flag, which I probably won't, then where is the incentive to donate anymore? One time donations for permanent aesthetic perks are nice, but they won't be enough. And making the aesthetic perks temporary won't help either, it'll just be incredibly frustrating and discouraging. No, the only thing that would really work is some kind of in-game perk that is not nearly enough to be a game changer but still enough to encourage people to buy incentives. At this point, the only really fair thing I can think of is donating to receive an in-game cash bonus of something in the area of €500,000. It's enough to give people a little boost, but not enough to really push them beyond other people. When people start really rolling in the dough, this will be even less of a problem. Small, inconsequential boosts are what you guys should be looking for. Your other options just aren't going to work. Temporary in-game stat boosts have the potential to be very unfair, especially if they are cumulative to however many times you donate or in relation to the amount of € you give. Also, someone mentioned uploading anthems. I've seen this mentioned dozens of times in various threads, but last I heard Chris will not be considering uploaded anthems of any kind for various reasons, and I believe that's his final decision.
  3. Favorite Music Genre

    Pop is still very much alive. It's still incredibly popular, and numerous people love it. There are a lot of people who consider to be terrible though, and their voices are usually the more respected ones in the musical community. For me, my preference will always be 60s Rock.
  4. The way the Fantasy Roleplay section is currently set up, threads that go through what appears to be a month or so of inactivity are automatically locked. This is really counter-productive in terms of roleplay, as this is a fledgling game with a fledgling community, and things might go a little while before being active. Plus, players often interact through other player's DoE threads (which i whole-heatedly support, as it keeps clutter down and keeps things organized.) However, new players can't interact with older players if their DoE's are locked due to inactivity. Is there any way you could push that to two months, or maybe remove it altogether?
  5. Recent Movie Viewing Poster Thread

    I want to see this. Theatres were all sold out by the time I got off work. I'll be going this Saturday though, for sure!
  6. Investors Welcome

    An unkempt, portly looking man wearing a cap came into Chairman Bontate's second floor office, trailed by a rather slender and attractive young woman. In her hands were several papers, and in his a cup of coffee and a half-eaten cannoli. "Got some good news for you boss," he said through a mouthful of cream. "Oh, the girl's got somethin' for ye too." He gestured over to the woman. "Go on Bella, give him the letters." Bontate took the papers from Bella and quickly skimmed them over. "Ah, good good. Responses from Drakia and the Imperium. Was this all?" "Yes - yes sir," she stuttered nervously, keeping her eyes down. "Alright, good. You can go." He motioned for Sal to close the door as she left. "Damn. Thought we'd get a little more. We'll have to send some scouts out to look for more deals. What else you got for me, Sal?" "Just internal stuff, you know the same old. The Romanos and Dattaglias are holding a weapons demonstration in the 'isles in a week. Big Johnny wants you to be there to represent the di Gesus. Also, there's that shipment of Little Blues and Mindflood just came into Siracusa. Word is the Grecos are trying to push it south without payin' the rest of the families their share." "Damnit. What does that jack-hole Ritchie think he's doin'?" Bontate wiped his brow. "I'll have to talk to Jo and Caesar, see if I can rustle somethin' up. While you're here, take a note. Ready?" Bontate stood up from his desk and stretched. "Alright, get those straightened out and sent to our friends up north in Drakia and out west to the Imperium." A wind blew in, blowing several papers around and knocking off Sal's cap. "And damnit, Sal! Get someone up here to patch up this god-damned hole." (OOC: Sorry for being super delayed/late on this. Finals week, you know.)
  7. Investors Welcome

    "Sal, make sure you get all this. Ready? Damnit. Hurry then. Okay, okay, let me know." Bontate paced his office. He hated these formal matters, but he needed to get started. Responsibility now, you know? They told him he had things to do. Told him the success and security of the country depended on it. Incessant pressure from the major families helped move things along too, you know. Sicilian politics were rough. If you didn't move along and appease everyone, follow the right customs, shake the good hand and pat the right back, you were probably done for. People disappeared all the time - no skin off his back. He knew what he was doing. "Come on Sal, don't have all god damn day." He checked his watch. Had to see his wife in an hour, better get this done quick. The families wanted their name in the world, they wanted to get moving, and he wasn't about to spark another major war between the already feuding factions by delaying them any longer. The Romanos and Dattaglias, the Ricci and the Moretti, the Grecos and the di Gesus, they all had their motives. Didn't help that there were half a dozen major families and only three major islands. "Sal, damnit!" "Alright, gotcha, ready to go." Sal shuffled his notes together and prepared to write. "Ready? Right. Title, 'Dispatch -', no, 'Greetings from the Islands of Sicily.' No, don't put that. Title, 'Message from the -' no, damnit." "Sir?" Bontate rubbed his temples. "Better just title it 'Communique.' Plain and simple. Okay, ready, Sal?" (OOC: 1. This map shows the nation, major cities, and the most traveled sea routes within the nation. I realize that on the map Aves posted, my AoI and Controlled land is switched. That is a mistake, and will be corrected the next time I ask him to update it, which will be the next time I make a land purchase. In case you missed them, here are the maps again. ABC) (OOC: Yeah, you can consider this my official DoE. My other very early post was really just to get my name on the board. My RP style might be a little different than yours. Sorry. Deal with it. Same with my writing style. I'm pretty informal, and I like my main characters to reflect that. I'll try and keep people varied and diverse so you can see some obvious differences. Like everyone else, my characters are mine. However, if you want to do anything with them, just let me know and I'll probably be okay with it. It's all for fun anyway, right? So if you want to send in a ninja squad assassin team, or have a traveling band of misfit performance artists that my leader just has to be a part of, just let me know. We'll work something out. And to clear things up so I don't get complaints, everything I mention here, as per the rules, I have either purchased, or have the research for (or am in the process of researching).
  8. PTRP Map and Rules Thread

    I have a question on rules 1 and 2. Does what we have researched go for infrastructure as well? For instance, a Seaport and an Airport both cost 2 billion dollars to construct, so a nation in-game might have them researched but not have them constructed. For roleplay purposes, if they have it researched, can they roleplay as having it built? That goes for wanting to roleplay possibly having two seaports in different parts of the nation, even though they might only have one built in-game.
  9. Trolling = 25 years in jail?

    so basically Arizona is going to come after all of the active users in PT for being offensive to each other. Right?
  10. PTRP Map and Rules Thread

    whoops, minor mistake. i guess my colouring wasn't clear so my bad, I meant for the Black part to be my nation and the light green to be my AoI. On your next update could you switch them?
  11. Revolution is Siciliana

    After several days of bloody war, a new face has taken control of the capital. His posters litter the streets, and offer an avenue of hope for the hopeless. As a prominent member of one of the major crime syndicates in the country, Bontate has been able to use his influence to gain power and governance over the main city. His family, Santa Maria di Gesu', and several affiliates, have won the battles of the major islands. The soldiers are being reorganized into a peace-keeping militia, and the country is slowly falling back into peace. An excerpt from one of his speeches to the people of the capital made it to some of the outer isles. The government of Bontate has taken control of the Lower House, and now reigns supreme. The newly reorganized nation of Sicily, or Siciliana in its native tongue, has been established among the scattered islands. At this point, the government encourages people to remain within the major cities of Siracusa, Palermo, and Messina. Brigands still roam the countryside, and it is not safe after dark.
  12. PTRP Map and Rules Thread

    Is this already no longer being updated?
  13. Trayvon Martin

    As I understand it, the sensationalism isn't over the fact that a child has died, but rather the possible racial aspects of a case in a country that has a long and documented history of racial favoritism. From what I heard, the United States FBI is now conducting an inquiry into the case, so hopefully more concrete and unbiased evidence will come forth.