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  1. k.i.s.s. would probably be the best imo... might want to think about irc rules... something about highlighting mods
  2. What's your most favourite/hated topic to debate

    first, prove religion exists second, prove that a religious figure/religion didnt create science neither is possible also, I dont understand people saying religion is bad... religion is a defining point of humanity - the majority of the world is classified as religious and anyways, it's just a belief.. just like people who believe the united states have never lost a war, religion is just a belief. it really doesnt matter if it is right or wrong.
  3. Streaming programs?

    I would say more ram is always good but for the most part that should work, might want to consider your internet strength
  4. Examus is God

    I have come to find a thread worthy of my attention good work ej in spreading the word examus
  5. Famous IRC Quotes

    [20:13:45] <CaptainMarin> but i like complaining because it increases my debating skills and i express myself in that way [20:14:21] <CaptainMarin> By complaining, I mean ranting [20:15:00] <CaptainMarin> I know [20:15:07] <CaptainMarin> But it increases my debating skills [20:15:36] <CaptainMarin> and it does because debting is not science and there is not full-proof theory whereas one can increase their debating skills [20:15:43] <CaptainMarin> It varies from person to person. edit- bold + [20:18:05] <CaptainMarin> Translation of that last last post: Everyone learns differently. There isn't one system that works for all human beings. The way one learns varies from person-to-person.
  6. Famous IRC Quotes

    thanks! We need some quotes people
  7. Famous IRC Quotes

    http://img252.imageshack.us/img252/6104/screenshot20130203at153.png you were saying? I think that we should inclue a pic without img tags when we post it... idk just cause
  8. Famous IRC Quotes

    <ReidRumor>Examus, you could start a "famous irc quotes" thread. Done <ReidRumor> This episode of what not to say to a moderator brought to you by Cyberlord.
  9. True Evangelion's game dev thread

    wow this looks pretty cool - still going at it?
  10. This is a good idea.... I think that having a monthly subscriber thing like this would be popular my only issue with it is that you would probably want to avoid taking away features to add to the pack... my suggestion would be to have the game built, then add in these features after as something seperate. this would allow for everyone to have roughly the same abilities, and theoretically someone without the pack could physically do the same/better, but the pack would just aid the player. though I would avoid making it too easy...
  11. ... death to whoever voted against taeyeon CS i suspect you
  12. Request for Nation Image

    anything more specific?
  13. Rate the sig above you

    10/10 its SONE and says LiQ
  14. QoTW June 13, 2012: Cute or Sexy

    this choice... so its or
  15. I posted "lol... as stated before, this was just a thing for laughs, and you were the first two alliances I thought of. " this was taken out of context by IRIS. this was not a joke thread, merely me saying that the big WoT was a fun thing I did for amusement to go along with the announcement we were paperless. http://forum.project-terra.com/index.php?/topic/7915-birds-need-trees-liquid-zero-is-quick-to-respond/page__st__40