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  1. Chris: The game is broken.
  2. Nation Bragging & Analysis

    I pop in once in a blue moon, but I've been doing school stuff and such and haven't really been available for development here.
  3. Let's talk about the failure of the Staff

    You say this like Hannibal is responsible for the development of the game.
  4. Law Effects (Not what you think)

    Please refer to the Dev Watercooler post re: law mechanics. Every law active in your nation has its effectiveness modified by how closely it resembles other laws your nation has passed. Passing the Windfall Tax likely moved your average closer to or further from a law(s) that affected those stats, which in turn affected how much of an effect those laws have on your nation.
  5. Alliance IRC/Forum List

    OP no longer updating, replaced by updated version. Closing this one.
  6. Get your fedora ready

    THERE IS A PHONE GOD? Who is this phone god? I wish to convert.
  7. Energy Cutout

    For the moment. We will be adding the shutdown of buildings in the event of an energy shortage in the future.
  8. Laws!

    Each law has a set probability, and that gets weighted based on how closely the law resembles other laws you've already passed.
  9. Laws!

    At the moment, yes.
  10. Not recieving resources from market

    Re-read the popup carefully. It probably says you successfully placed buy offers. This is not the same as "buying" directly -- if the price you specified is lower than the prices being offered by sellers, you will have to wait until someone fills your buy offer.
  11. Law question

    This has always been a feature of the law system.
  12. Law Suggestions Thread

    One note: you may find that, once government types are released, certain laws (The E-Democracy act likely among them) will have a government type prerequisite assigned to them. The current (tentative) plan is to have those laws disabled (not deleted) once you change to a non-compatible type, and re-enabled when/if you change back.
  13. Laws!

    Worth noting that all law stats were completely re-done (not to mention law mechanics changed), so old lists of "good" laws, while they may or may not be a decent starting point, are certainly going to be out of date. Some nation stat formulas were completely redone in Beta as well.
  14. Law Suggestions Thread

    All "laws" are in name only -- they have effects on the stats of your nation, but they do not change your government type. Changing your government type will be done separately, on the Government page instead of the Laws page.
  15. Changelog

    Updated 4/27/14