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  1. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    But to have a winner you must have a loser. I am not a loser.
  2. Syrian Rebels capture UN Peacekeepers

    Basically, they're asking Bashar to GTFO now. And trying to have some leverage on the UN.
  3. Hugo Chavez: Dead

    Somewhere, I can hear an oil company executive cheering.
  4. Space Stuff... Is it ALIENS?

    1. It be nice to have that, but it's like preparing for the alien invasion. 2. It's serious, but no human being has ever died to ameteor orasteroid. 3. No. 4. Very low.
  5. Xbox720 Or Ps4

    I prefer the one that actually exists.
  6. The Most Stable Governmental Form.

    Tyrannical Big Brother states. But stability ain't all that good.
  7. Derail this thread!

    Milk is only drank by heathen cow-lovers.
  8. Bonus

    A prize of $1.
  9. Palestine recognized by UN

    If only we could divide the area bordering the Holy Land equally....
  10. Palestine recognized by UN

    It's a good thing, yes.... It's just, um, Hamas.....
  11. NASA budget cuts. WTF?

    There's a lot of things we need to fix on Earth, before we can colonize another world. But the budget NASA and other scientific pursuits get is pathetic compared to what the military gets.
  12. True or False

    False, everyone is a alt of his. Including you. TNP died on July 4th, 1992.
  13. Rate the person above you

    I don't know OP, but he made a thread. 7.
  14. True or False

    False. TNP is alive.
  15. Worst Player on PT

    Why am not on this list?