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  1. Invasion of Hovana

    This is Fantasy! Anything not directly tied to your in-game nation that involves other people goes into the Fantasy category! Not just swords and shields.
  2. Get your fedora ready

    The phone god is Nokia. Or, was. Rest his hard plastic soul.
  3. Howdy! This is the topic where I will maintain a database of what nations and rulers are roleplayed by what user and what in-game nation. When you declare, please post your nation link here so this database remains up to date and accurate. Thank you! RESERVED FOR DATABASE
  4. General Cleanup

    Howdy, RPers! In preparation for the game's opening, I've moved some topics, locked all the older ones, and refreshed the world map. In addition there are some rule changes I've put into effect after talking to multiple people. Thanks! (p.s.; #ptrp is now open for business)
  5. A New Doctor!

    Whose Line US is superior to Whose Line UK, and the two Offices have different humor styles. One's more for British humor, one's more for American. They're both successful at what they do, and neither is really better or worse. That having been said, there was going to be an American-made Doctor Who, but it was scrapped after the Doctor Who movie (the 8th Doctor), which was a co-Amer-Brit production, was only a success in Britain and not in the US. Also, I'm excited for a new avatar and signature, and being able to say IRIS YOU ARE A TRAITORa lot.
  6. Game of Thrones: Books/HBO (SPOILERS).

    I wish Joffrey had died like a ********, instead.
  7. Microsoft Backs Down

    Sony also won't require subscriptions for free-to-play games like XBL does.
  8. Use of #Terra-Moderation

    I've looked through our IRC ban documentation and you're not on it, and logs going back to January don't have anything. That having been said, we will kick and ban users temporarily if they are being abusive. You can appeal warns, you can argue with us (politely), you can get into a grand debate with sixteen people, but we do not tolerate harassment or abuse. And, assuming the unlikely hypothetical that #terra-moderation is scrapped with entirely, yes, we will continue to kick and players from the general channel for the same reasons, just as is policy now.
  9. Use of #Terra-Moderation

    So let's expand on this - what do you think would be appropriate? Where do you draw the line? What is trivial enough for the main channel and not #tm but too serious for the main channel? Should we have multiple rules for what exactly can and can't be said? To go off of that, should we have any new rules regarding it at all? Should we do everything case-by-case, and if so, how do we assure the community that we're not moving things to #tm to stifle discussion because there's no actual rule on it? And when people inevitably complain there isn't a concrete rule about it and therefore we shouldn't be moving a specific convo to #tm, what then? It's a far more complex issue than simply allowing some discussion into the main channel. If we have too many rules, then it becomes overbearing. If we don't have enough, then it's confusing. And there isn't exactly a middle ground. Let me be clear that I'm not dismissing your suggestion. Removing #terra-moderation completely is an uphill battle regardless, but a serious alternative requires a lot of serious forethought, and I want to be very thorough.
  10. Use of #Terra-Moderation

    This was not a moderation decision, so your point is lost on me. Trusted members have been given half-ops in the past and are encouraged to stick around. I really do get that auditorium mode sucks, believe me, but even so it does not stop anyone from contributing. We'd rather not assume about individual behavior - by having separate channels, it is 100% not an issue whatsoever.
  11. Use of #Terra-Moderation

    I can understand this opinion. However, I am a firm believer in the premise that whenever things dealing with rules come up, tensions and passions go wild. Whether it has to do with school rules, or the law, or game rules, people tend to get emotional - especially if they are confused or uninformed, or simply not familiar with the rules. Please note that I'm not calling anyone emotional or uninformed in the community, I'm simply making a broad statement. With that in mind, society in general has made a point that when dealing with the law, or when dealing with rules, we have separate forums for this. Parents of schoolchildren talk to administrators, protesters gain permits or appeal to the courts, and people go to the moderation subforums when dealing with video games. This is to keep things civil and done through proper channels and make sure every issue has the care it deserves. If there is a conversation in #project-terra involving cheesesticks or Doctor Who and someone brings up a moderation issues, that original conversation with either be entirely derailed or will be mixed in with the much more serious one involving a moderation issue. A statement can be overlooked, or something misinterpreted, or people joining in who have no reason to be joining in at all. Further, someone who is new to the community may ask a simple question and have it answered erroneously by a non-moderator, which can confuse them. Whether this is on purpose or on accident is irrelevant, the end result is that someone was given wrong information because someone else was around to take advantage of them. If they're in #terra-moderation, the population is generally lower and people who stick around tend to know the rules or be trusted to give out information. Plus, if a conversation happens in #project-terra, the moderators may not care to read it unless they are directly asked to. If a conversation happens in #terra-moderation, we know that it is something that requires moderation attention and can answer it immediately without hesitation.
  12. Timeline for Beta Release

    One issue with an ETA is that we have been bringing in new developers. Chris and Demo are working on the game, and I believe there are two others who have either assisted, or plan to assist in the future. It may simply be one, as it's 11 PM and I've been working all day, but my point remains that this isn't like a video game with a design team: there isn't a clear cut solution and a whole team to work when someone else isn't. A second issue is that the last time there was an ETA, we were incredibly wrong about it. The community deserves better than an improper ETA, especially if this isn't one that we can be serious about. That having been said, if and only if Chris decides to give an ETA, we will give one. But right now an ETA would be, essentially, guesswork, and we don't want to simply give the community a guess.
  13. Complaint (and letter to the moderation)

    We've made a thread for this specific complaint. Please go here: By spinning off specific complaints into separate threads, we can keep conversations readable and separate from one another.
  14. Complaint (and letter to the moderation)

    We report exactly what is going on. If there is no progress, then we report there is no progress. We are not going to lie to you and say there is progress, nor are we going to make issues up when there aren't any. There is literally nothing else for us to put up here. People wanted a thread, we made one. We then made another after that was spammed up. People asked for screenshots, we gave them. People asked for non-mods to be invited to beta, so we did. People asked for weekly updates, and we've given them. Is there anything else we can do? This was in December of last year, and you were discussing moderation issues in #project-terra after being warned multiple times to stop. You were given plenty of time to stop. We've told the community time and time before that the auditorium feature is not something we can change, this is something you bring up with Chris. I'm sorry if this is unsatisfactory for you, but this is his call, not ours. "Which I could not find", you say, except that you've already posted in this subforum before. We'll discuss it with Chris. We've already amended the rules tonight based on a player request, but we can't just "fix" rules if you don't specify which ones need fixing or any alternatives. Please do so! I'll quote myself from an earlier conversation we had just minutes ago: <@The_Doctor> Let me be clear about something - you can make a thread on the forums, PM a single moderator, make a group PM with moderators, query a single moderator, or join this channel with group moderators, in order to spark a conversation. <@The_Doctor> If you think those options are not enough, I'll be glad to hear your alternatives. If we didn't give a damn, we wouldn't be bending over backwards trying to help you all.
  15. Everything the mod team knows, the players know. Asking another person for information won't get anything new, and will instead just waste the time of the person you're asking for. I'm also going to make it clear here that we are taking this thread very seriously, as we do all threads. It may seem like we ignore complaints or ignore suggestions, but we don't - in fact, quite the opposite, and we've made a very public effort to get your (the players') opinions on certain subjects.