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  1. Real-World Nations Funny you should mention that.
  2. Mods vs Players

  3. GRANTED: Unban players

    Do we have to let Kadin back?
  4. ESO

    Anyone else snag a key this weekend? I was just able to get one from a guy on Reddit.
  5. Tax Rates

    So what is everybody setting their Personal and Corporate tax rates at? I keep it set at 45% as was the norm in the old times.
  6. Unban request

    Good luck getting that dealt with. The ******** for brains mods don't care about the members they aren't banning. Looks like you will be stuck out in the cold. Merry Christmas you mother********.
  7. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    Everyone's gone so I win.
  8. Kerbal Spcae Program

    What mod allows something that large to actually be loaded?
  9. Kerbal Spcae Program
  10. Kerbal Spcae Program Im curious if there is any other KSP players out there. I have been playing since January and If you don't have it, it is one of the best games I have ever played.
  11. Old Timers.

    Honestly I haven't seen anyone new on the forums since a coupe months after the shutdown. I'm glad that it is getting close to coming back though.
  12. One Word Story

  13. One Word Story

  14. One Word Story