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  1. Currents of War

    "Ah that's a shame," sighed Rand and turned his horse back towards the line of cannon looking down at the walls of Pana. "Lieutenant Nrozzo, you may begin the barrage." "Yes sir," said the gray-coat with a salute and then took off one of his gloves as he nodded to the other bombardiers. "On my mark. Three...two...one...fire!" The delta boomed as the line of Rasenese batteries thundered down against the walls of the most powerful small town on the Western continent. This bombardment would continue for hours as a narrow section of wall was targeted for collapse and once it would happen, the harder part of the battle would commence. With a route into the city, Rand would ride out towards the front of the Dragoon detachment and unsheathed his saber. "Dragoons! Around me! To the wall, to the city, to victory!" A cheer erupted from the cavalrymen as they charged down the hill towards the town, swords drawn and ready for a fight with the defenders who risen up for Pana's resistance. Coming to the wall, they filtered into the city and surged through the streets, making their way to the square and conflict. From the top of the hill, Lady Elena watched with her laced hand on her hip. It seemed a bit rash to her, but such was war. The faster the town surrendered, the less destruction would occur and she hoped for the best.
  2. Currents of War

    The town of Pana lay on the delta between the two peninsular prongs of the great Western continent's northwestern region. Settled between two nations and smaller vassal states on all sides, the townspeople passed life without worry or concern about the wider world. This, however, would change when early one morning, the countryside began to echo with hoof beats. Looking over the small town, which controlled access to the entire delta, two black riders wrapped their horses' reins around their hands. One of the riders took of her plumed hat and wiped her forehead, it was a hot day and the humid delta region was unforgiving on the riders' gray uniforms. "I think we've arrived early, doesn't look like anyone noticed us coming." She pushed a few strands of blonde hair from her eyes and placed her hat firmly back over her head. "I wonder if there's a defense?" "I doubt it Lady Elena," said the man next to her. "Pana is small, once we take down the wall, they'll surrender. Especially if we threaten to raze the town." "Seems a bit much, Rand," said Elena as she turned her horse back towards the camp. "Our orders are to take the region, town or no town, we can rebuild if necessary." Ran chuckled and turned his horse with the Lady. "It isn't as if the Council doesn't have the funds, we'll need to build a fort anyways." The two riders traveled back to their camp where a dragoon of Rasenese riders were camped. Upon the return of Lady Elena and Captain Rand, the cavalrymen rallied in the camp and prepared their journey towards Pana with the full intention of conquest. --- Around ten-thirty in the morning, a cannon echoed across the quiet delta valley as the townspeople of Pana looked up at a line of gray coated cavalrymen lined around their city. Under a white flag of parley, Captain Rand rode towards the gates of the city and took out a letter and looked up at the guards of the wall. "Citizens of Pana! This is a request by the Council of Rasenna and Doge Alessandro D'Lavenza, because of the influence and expansion of our great state we humbly ask for your compliance in this matter. This is a matter of conquest, but from our rule, your people will be rewarded with civic wealth and an expansion of your prestige, something impossible while independence. You have a town full of history which would be terrible to demolish, but we are prepared to raze your city to the ground if you resist our expansion. Stone walls will not stop us, your garrison will not save you. Comply and be saved, resist and be destroyed." Then he turned and rode back to the lines to wait Pana's answer, the fuses on the cannons primed for attack. Elena chuckled and leaned back on her horse, "Gunpowder has such an interesting smell in the early morning."
  3. The Valaes Tribes

    "You will leave your weapon with your men, we will not allow you to bring anything of destruction into the sanctity of our tribe. Otherwise," said Nikal, "Follow me." The hike from the exterior of the great forests took over two hours and along the way, Nikal did her best to answer the Gilboan's questions. She stated that she knew little of the rest of the world aside from the news that was carried by travelers who sailed the seas between the two greater continents, there were of course the nations of Verina and Orzhova to the Tribes' north and west where delegations had been sent. From there, she explained that the rest of the world would open up slowly to her people and that while they were not as technologically advanced, their eagerness to learn and dedicate themselves to the practice of statecraft would change the world's perceptions of the Valae. To his second question, Nikal questioned Gilboa's own use of technology. "I do hope that I mistook your question to mean only the tribes of the forest, which in case, yes, most of us are Panther-like, there are other animals with sentience throughout the forest, but they are not as organized. However, if you mean other nation-states like those to our north and west, then I must question your country's own ability to travel and see the rest of the world. Nevertheless, we have arrived." Parting through the trees was an large village nestled in a valley of the forest. A tributary of the Naxal river ran through the center of the village and other Panther-like creatures roamed the fields, some farming, while others returned from hunts in the forest. As Nikal brought the Gilboan down towards the village, other Valae paused their work and looked at him strangely, not that they had not seen man before, but they were not accustom to foreigners in their villages. He was an ambassador to be sure, but xenophobia persisted, and many simply turned their heads or watched in subtle curiosity as the Shaman took Hank towards the large tent at the center of the village - the home of Chief Tos. Pushing open the felt door, Nikal smiled up at the Chief and wrapped her arms around him as she sat on the adjacent throne. "This is Hank Bar of Gilboa, Acting Ambassador. He and a detachment of soldiers were stranded on the shores of our lands and asked for help. We have given them assistance and I thought it best that to establish recognition between ourselves and the distant nation of Gilboa, to bring her here for an audience with you, My Husband." Tos looked down at Hank and nodded before stepping down from his throne. "We are cautious of foreigners in our lands, but because you have shown respect and do not plan to stay, we can make an exception. Our people can and will come to know each other if you continue to show respect as we will do the same. Ithla!" The Chief shouted and a younger female Panther stood up from near Nikal's throne. "This is one of my nieces, she is an Apprentice Shaman and one of her duties is to pilgrimage for the tribe. She will become an ambassador for your people and in return, you make come back to trade with us another time. If you accept her in your ranks, along with her guards, we will in turn, later accept your people as our brothers and sisters under the guide of the spirits."
  4. Long live the Revolution

    Much like the delegation which had been sent to the Verinese, so too was a band of warriors and an Apprentice Shaman sent due north from the great forests towards the Republic of Orzhova. Tala na Eieda knew little of the inter-workings of this new land, but much as her other comrades sent around the world, she was anxious to learn and anxious to spread the Valae people to new lands and new shores. Upon exiting the deep forests of their country, the Valae delegation rounded the small hills on the border of Orzhova and looked out at the expansive countryside before them. Before reaching the borders, rumors had begun to circulate through the minor tribes in lands unclaimed by any nation that dramatic changes had taken place to the north and that a new age was dawning upon the people of Orzhova, it only made the Valae expedition more excited to reach their destination and soon, Tala and her party approached the border of the Republic. Appearing before the guards, Tala raised her hands in the sign of peace and knowing the language of the people, bowed with a smile. "My friends, my name is Tala na Eieda, representative and ambassador from the United Tribes of the Valaes. We have come to construct diplomatic recognition between the Republic and the United Tribes and humbly ask for an audience with your leader and entrance into your country and capital."
  5. Duchy of Verina

    The great mountains of Toktril extended across the western slope of the continent and then dipped down into the Aiza Forests where the Valae Tribes called home. Following the directions of the Chief, the Shaman, and the Tribal Council, detachments of scouts and learned ambassadors were sent out from the tribal lands towards the north where the great nations of Verina and Orzhova existed. Ayre na Malyl was an apprentice shaman to the Chief's wife and her proving ground would be her travel to the west to make contact with the Duchy. Slowly her party of twenty Valae warriors crossed the narrow paths up from the forest floor into the mountains where they gazed out towards the open sea and the sprawling city of Sarad. Whether the Verinese knew that the tribes had formed into a national body prior to the diplomatic outreach was unknown, but in approaching the city borders, the Panther-like tribesmen holstered their weapons and moved forward to the border patrols. The Apprentice Shaman approached first, knowing the languages of the northern peoples taught to her by the elders. "My name is Ayre na Malyl, I am a representative of the Valaes Tribes in the eastern forests. We come in peace to set up primary negotiations between our United Tribes and the Duchy of Verina. If we may have access to the capital and an audience with the Duke or a Senior Government Official, you will have done our people much honor." She said and bowed, her green eyes reflecting from the sun's light and her black fur gently combed and pressed to her body.
  6. DoE from Manatee

    May the spirits shine on your people as you eke out your existence in this world.
  7. The Valaes Tribes

    "You are in the lands of the Valaes, located on the center continent of our world. Surely your maps could tell you at least that much, you come here with a great deal of advanced technology, but then again even those who know everything about the world; know little." Nikal said as she looked up into the sky. "As to our people, our villages exist further back the great forest. One representative of your expedition could come with me back to see our Chief as you do hail from an established nation and our people are always interested in trade and friendship, but it is friendship that will not be exploited and we know a great deal of human history. We know how you treat nations different from yourselves and thus we will be cautious in dealing with you and your people." "Do you think we can trust them?" Said Laira in a whisper to the Shaman. "I do not know, but we cannot sit in isolation. It is as Chief Tos said, this world is filled with danger, we cannot react, we must cause the reaction. The spirits will guide us." Then, turning back to the foreigners the Shaman spoke. "Have you made your mind?"
  8. The Federal Republic of Germania - A DoE

    The Tribes of the Valae welcome Germania to the world. May the Spirits of the Earth Mother bless you.
  9. The Valaes Tribes

    Laira barely understood what he was saying, in fact she understood nothing what he was saying, except that he pointed to himself and that he pointed to his stomach. Even if the language barrier was too much, sign language was still universal. She turned up to the trees and called down on of the scouts. "Go back to the tribe and tell them that we have visitors from beyond the sea and they are asking for food. Tell them to spare what meat they can and we will give it to them, in the meantime, my time will stay here and make sure they don't wander off into the forests. We'll make sure they kept the sanctity of the tribe sacred." "Of course, Laira. I will be back." Said the scout and disappeared off into the darkness. Turning back, she nodded to Hank and pointed at his gun and then at the ground. Then she raised her hand out to halt the Gilboans. They would not allowed to advance further into the woods. About an hour later, more Valae showed up, this time with wooden carts of raw meat and grain that they distributed to the foreigners. In their entourage, Shaman Nikal came to investigate the arrival of strangers and having heard the dialect from the scouts and knowing it from her studies; the Shaman stood over the Gilboans and extended her sharp teeth. "You have come here for food and you have received. Is there anything more you desire, my guest, or have you had your fill? We know little about your cultures from beyond the seas, only what we hear in rumor and story. But what we have heard is unsavory. What brings you to our lands?"
  10. The Valaes Tribes

    The strangers may have thought their uniforms unnoticeable, but they had to cross the beach and disembark onto the shores near the great forests of the continent; they were spotted the moment their boots touched the sands. Mir had been right, thought Laira as she gazed down from the trees, above where the intruders walked on the narrow forest paths. It seemed only days after the rise of human civilization to their north and west that man was already spreading to their homelands. The question that pondered the scout's mind however, was whether these intruders were hostile or whether they brought offerings and peace. In the trees above them, the soldiers would hear sounds of rustling and the ever present growl and purr. Slowly, as they walked into the forest, the Valae scouts slowly surrounded their formation. Laira had not brought a large amount of scouts in her detachment and had sent a few other back to her tribe to bring a larger force of warrior in case these humans proved to be trouble. Pouncing across the trees to the front of the Gilboan advance, Laira held her breath and smoothed her fur before pouncing down into the shadows a few meters in front of the soldiers. After the trees started to rustle, she emerged from the shadows with her hands in out in the sign of peace. "Greetings strangers. My name is Laira na Thos, you are in the lands of the Valae. What is your business?" In the trees the other scouts prepared their weapons, just in case something went awry.
  11. The Nationalist Coalition Conference

    News traveling across the great waters has alerted our people of the rising philosophies of the eastern continents. These conditions worry the Tribes of Valaes, not that we disagree that a people should seek to unite themselves, but your other conditions seem flawed in the realm of nature that sees no animal greater than its brother or sister. A ruler is given his or her power not by his strength, but by the people's approval of his power and that he uses such power to bring prosperity to the people. The wants and desires of the people should be determined by all those in the nation, not a select few, and force, the spilling of blood is the worst sin a nation can commit against itself. The Tribes hope, sincerely, that these radical philosophies will be silenced in time so that inevitable bloodshed does not soak the Eastern Lands.
  12. PTRP Map and Rules Thread

    If I could have a small parcel of land on the Central Island, south of Vernia in the forested area...please label it, The Valaes Tribes. Thank you.
  13. The Valaes Tribes

    To the south of the Duchy of Verina in the great forests that stretched across the island continent; movement could be seen in the trees. From deep in the underbrush, green eyes stared out at the world that was taking shape around them. Events were occurring now, following the great Cataclysm that could not be avoided. With the creation of nations, political expansion would only be a following action and the green eyes that looked out from the trees, knew that action had to be taken before they were swept up in the coming storms. The sound of padded paws ran across the underbrush with the howls of the forest animals following him. In the distance, a sprawling town of felt tents and fur-skinned rooftops extended out in the grove. Hearing the sound of quickened paw-beats, some of the women in the fields looked up. Their clothes were colorful, rich purples, oranges, and reds, made with the lucrative dyes found deep within the darkness of the forest. The man ran through their gardens and their fields and many scowled, their tails whipping in the air and their clawed fists shaking in the air. These people were the Valaes, a Confederation of Panther-like People who had existed in silence since the Cataclysm. It was time to make their people known to the world. In the center of the Tribal Capital of Tador, a large tent was set up with smoke rising from the center. The meeting was already happening, the scout was late. Throwing open the cloth door of the tent, the Scout, Mir, dropped to his knees in front of where the Chief and the Shaman sat. "You've returned with news, Mir?" "They are starting to form." He rose from the ground and dusted off his black fur. "To the north and west, two civilizations, powerful and always with the potential to see our forests as an addition to their homelands." The council around the Chief and Shaman looked at each other thoughtfully and a tad worried as she shifted in their seats. The Chief, Tos, turned over to his wife, the Shaman, Nikal and placed his paw gently on her own. "We cannot wait for the spirits much longer. If we continue to stay in hiding we will lose the element of surprise to show that we are not primitive. The spirits know from history, we cannot just let ourselves become discovered." "Interaction," the Shaman closed her almost glowing green eyes, "Is dangerous. The spirits warn against it, but it is true, there may be little we can do in the face of human growth." "Then we must let the world know of our existence." Mir said, "We have the resources to travel the world, our ancestors did in the past, we can do the same now." "The world seemed smaller then," Tos sighed and rose up from his chair and stretched his arms across the tent space. "But we can wait no longer, my people. The world is closing in on us, it is getting smaller and the spirits be damned," the words caused an immediate worried look from Nikal as she rose her eyes to the Chief. "But we must act and we will act now. I must ask that each able bodied man, from the tribes that extend for miles across our great woods to volunteer to travel the world, to bring the knowledge of our people to far away shores. In the meantime, the forests will burn brightly as a sign of the rise of the Valaes People! For now! Forever!" In the following days, a perimeter was made in the great forest and in a sign of existence the trees were burned. Thousands of trees went up in one of the great infernos, the smoke would be seen for miles and perhaps even from space. Whether it would be termed a natural phenomenon or something else, it was a smoke signal, and it said, "We are here. We have risen."