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  1. 28 Billion Giveaway

    You are sitting somewhere laughing you ass off!
  2. Pax Imperial Charter

    I welcome Pax Imperial, may she and her member prosper! And dont worry about having few members, as long as you all have fun!
  3. Sons of Rumsod DoE

    Welcome to PT & have fun
  4. The Legacy Group is here!

    I saw the membership list Now I see popcorn events in the future oh, and good luck on your travels here on PT
  5. A new nation...

    First of all, welcome to PT. I am Tobiash, a recruiter from the Commerce Union and we are interrested in having you as a member (just getting obvious out of the way). The Commerce Union is a small (12 members) page 2 alliance. We are in the process of building our alliance and community, so an active member like youself is more then welcome. We are a nice blend of 'PT oldies' and people from other worlds like yourself. We offer you an active community, where loyalty & friendship are both valued and offered. We offer you counsel & guidance as far as the in-game matters concerned.
  6. United Federation Of Countries

    While I might doubt the reason in making a 1 man alliance, I will wish you the best of luck with your project. You shall be welcome on our forum ( and in our IRC channel #CU on coldfront. Who knows this might be the start of a good friendship
  7. United Operations DOE

    Welcome to PT & best of luck. Do you have a forum and/or irc channel?
  8. Political Affiliation Poll

    Who are not in favor of free love?
  9. Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

    Got to agree with NPO on this one!
  10. Commerce Union DoE

    Hi, You sound like a place that I could call home
  11. Versutian Federation DoE

    In this writting moment you have 89 members Nice of world recruitting