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  1. Advertisments

    i'm going to make a suggestion on this suggestion. iirc another game has a option for "site ads for nation bonus." im not going to name the site, but maybe if chris set up something similar (maybe like a 5% bonus or something small) then people would have the option for it. also, if they are unobtrusive, text or static adverts, i'd definitely put PT on my ABP whitelist. and anyone else with a heart would do the same and also maybe players could donate a small amount for the bonus without ads? nothing game changing i don't think, but would be nice
  2. How do you envision your nation

    interventionist capitalistic authoritarian. i tend to see my country as one who if you dont give in to my demands, i make my military deal with you, and my demands is you work 23 hours a day to provide my capitalistic powerhouse the ability to fund my castle construction. the little people in my country fear love me, and would do anything to avoid the death squads please the almighty god-king.
  3. Economy Tips

    as long as they are producing, they are making money. just a lower ROI than when you bought them. right now when i bought my most recent one, i think my calculated ROI was approx 20 days. and i make a lot of brick. price halves? 40 days ROI. still better than building public companies, or cities at the rate im going.
  4. Economy Tips

    my tip-build as many as you can, and warehouses too. when brick becomes reasonably priced again, sell off keeping it at approx 20k? maybe more, idk.
  5. Anyone buying Food and Energy Resources?

    foxburo's cows imported from china. chinese cows make milk with high mercury content. eat bricks, you'll never go wrong. finest london bricks, from the original united kingdom
  6. Population in capital

    because they are the city income. rural areas have no healthcare ect, so are more unhappy, thus lower income that balances out the higher income. compare your happiness ect with cities and nation stats for proof edit: jester could you tell us why people have different capital pops? (or if that information could be gamebreaking, some sort of vague reference (related to income, related to infra, related to other citys ect)
  7. Population in capital

    maybe its based on number of cities and the development state of them? or the old guard who joined on day 1/2 like me who tend to have a higher pop... FTR i am a day 1 starter from alpha and have 265k pop in northampton (main city) and approx 2m overall
  8. optimum stats

    pointless, dont buy any until they have a use
  9. Alliance Bank Functions

    right now it would take me as someone whos not got the best economy 100 days of no growth to buy a bank on my own, but if a group the top 5 done it in our alliance (putting funds towards it) we would be looking at a month.
  10. Sovereign Currencies

    i like the bonds idea, maybe it could directly take it out of your income into a virtual holding pot (say new_bond_value/30) and set it so you cannot have more bonds out than your current income*30? and maybe the days and return could be settable by the bond seller, and the bonds be say 1m a piece, fixed?
  11. well yeah i know that but im saying when do you find that buying more refineries and extractors becomes not worth it?
  12. how do you guys work out when your resource production is ready? seeing as it is diminishing returns? with the food and oil i produce just enough of the refined to power/feed my nation per day, but what about brick?
  13. PT Wiki Problems

    and the problem with that is if someone wasnt reachable, it couldnt be shut down, and if it is reachable, they wont need to shut it down as it would be active
  14. PT Wiki Problems

    i dont think chris has the authority to shut down wikis that are not hosted on his site....
  15. Negative unemployment

    yeah right now there is no reason whatsoever to buy state companies