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  1. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    this is my game i will have order
  2. TerraLeaks DOE

    Terraleaker lives in Birmingham, UK
  3. Ha chris should have never reopened the game. And he doesnt code, idk what that mod dude is talking. Coding is boring, chris is lazy. His life doesnt have much going on.
  4. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    my game peeps
  5. The Return of Marin

  6. Patch Notes Preview

    It's been what 3 years of "working hard" no longer an excuse.
  7. Patch Notes Preview

    you have the audacity to take time to type a book about updates but you have yet to add any. gtfo
  8. The Empyrean Ascendancy DoE

    I may just apply soon when I feel like putting the effort. Though in order for that to happen you need to be on Skype and IRC, if not well think about it.
  9. Versutian Federation DoE

    This is surprising, try asking Mordor to follow you here. I thought you people were multis at first.
  10. Beta Access Opened

    The wait better have been worth it.
  11. Brothers!

    Verify on Skype.
  12. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    The game with my name is the most important.
  13. Terran of the Week

    Every time he puts someone terran of the week they are either insignificant, redundant and has or had no value.
  14. upvotes all around

    So delicious.