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  1. Game Development Update

  2. Terran of the Week

    Interview Jemmm.
  3. Old Timers.

    bois bois bois I was around.
  4. Is altruism real?

    Everything that we do is for ourselves in the end. It may be for materialistic or emotional ends, but its all for ourselves. "Altruism" is usually done for emotional and/or reputation gains. It doesn't matter, tbh. The beneficiary of the altruistic actions still benefit from said actions.
  5. Thought provoking questions

    The this: 1.If you could offer a young child only one piece of advice, what would it be? should be the question. And this "Think before you make decisions, but don't think too much that you miss too many firsts. Think if you think you can change unsatisfactory situations, but don't think too much if you can't and just enjoy the ride. Reflect on the past, but never regret it. Plan for the future, but never depend on it. Write down all of these for it will only all make sense to you as your life unfolds." would be my answer.
  6. Thought provoking questions

    1.If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be? You wouldn't be able to communicate and the newborn wouldn't understand. Pointless. 2.What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you? I already do whatever I want in life without caring about opinions of others. But taken to extremes, I suppose I'd act like the typical raidder. 3.What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world? Less stressful, and more natural lifestyles should be mainstream. 4.To what degree have you actually controlled the course your life has taken? Somewhat well. 5.Would you rather have less work to do, or more work you actually enjoy doing? Less atm. My answer would change with the current situation.
  7. Park Jae-sung (a.k.a. PSY)

    PSY is so 2012.....
  8. So

  9. My name is Envoy

    This is an attention grabbing spam post.
  10. Satanist Philosiphy

    Society existed in the time of the foragers as well. Whenever you have a group, regardless of whether they settle in one spot, or have written rules or not, or whether you regard them as "civilized" or not, that isa society. A pack of wolves is a (wolf) society. Try thinking more along the lines of definitions. The difference between animism and some of the later religions when "civilization" appeared is that animism tends to be more applied to surroundings, while the latter is more applied to human-human interaction. Nevertheless, the same background reasoning stands. When you appease the natural spirits/hunting deities/fertility goddesses, your tribe stand to gain (according to the believers). Similarly with the latter, e.g. when the property distribution system agreed upon by society is followed (stealing is wrong), the kingdom stands to gain. My argument for religion's origins due to guidelines and ancient science stands. The only thing that changes is the content of the "morals" and the degree of enforcement. A shaman/wisewoman's words are as hefty as that of a priest's. Also, you do not need a government to enforce morals upon people. A simple strong belief within a group and peer pressure will do the rest. Note the difference between religion and spirituality. It's odd, but most of the dictionaries define religion according to the understanding solely based on modern religions, not what it actually is. I actually find wikipedia's definition to be more accurate: "Religionis an organized collection ofbelief systems,cultural systems, andworld viewsthat relate humanity tospiritualityand, sometimes, tomoral values."
  11. Satanist Philosiphy

    Good and bad basically means what is advantageous and what is not to the party defining good and bad. Morals are basically guidelines defining what is good and bad for the society it is defined by (and what they think is advantageous for all humans/living beings). Part of religion's original purpose was to define and enforce these guidelines upon their "flock". The other major part of religion's original existence is as an ancient form of science - to put forth theories explaining the unexplained. Naturally politicians of the past hijacked it for their own purposes. There you go - religion in a nutshell.
  12. Where to Be Born in in 1988 and 2013

    Where is the link to the original article?
  13. Earthquake Lights

    It is mentioned as a theory on wikipedia, but not as the "leading" one. Read the first one -One explanation involves intense electric fields createdpiezoelectricallyby tectonic movements of rocks containingquartz Then read chrisford's comment:
  14. Kim Jong Un and stuff

    From Kim Jong Un to Islam....interesting turn
  15. Cultures evolve through intermingling with one another. How would you define an <insert culture> in modern day terms? Almost every culture in the connected world has been influenced by others at some point in the past.