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  1. Beta Access Opened

  2. Game Development Update

    Since its over can we know all the secrets to everything? Like did the mods have in game accounts if so who, ect ect.
  3. Old Timers.

    First day here. what is a Project Terra and how do i play?
  4. Card Trick.

    Its been a while my friends,
  5. Lets Play, anman style.

    heres a test would be nice, anyway im going to make an update video and edit it into this post, itll be a vlog/talk thing so make sure you watch it ps, things i already know, i need to be more entertaning/edit the video/better mic/quality. im working on it all this is kinda a test see what works and what does not. But advice is nice. I also livestream if anyone is intrested. But ill keep most of this rant for the video, enjoy - ( god....the bad...)
  6. So

    Thank you
  7. So

    So I turned 18 yesterday. I feel no different :l
  8. Lets Play, anman style. play, lavender town. (warning, i swear a lot, also i use a really bad mic)
  9. Hey all, ive been really bored recently and well...i kinda want to make a lets play, i will live stream the game as well as post it on youtube, full gameplay (will beat that stuff boyy) as well as my cam/commentary (warning language) Just wondering how many people would watch and of those people what game should i play? I have a few but im debating redoing them to make them better, this, i guess is a way to help me learn how to better commentate on games and how to play them, so should be fun (ex of what it looks like)