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  9. A New Doctor!

    Eww. British TV Shows. JK. I actually prefer a Doctor who is a little older. Tennant is my favorite, and Smith was way too young IMO.
  10. Mass Protest in Egypt

    Mass protesting is awesome when you want to try and replace a failed regime, but that isn't to say that its lead to a quality alternative. That's the greatest problem with the revolutions happening across the Middle East. You NEED to keep in mind what the alternative will be and fight for that. Not liking the current option isn't enough. Otherwise the result is nothing less than what we hopefully can avoid in Egypt: a carousel of shitty governments that will eventually cause protests and be replaced.
  11. Game of Thrones: Books/HBO (SPOILERS).

    (ADWD) What if everyone finds out that Jon is really Lyanna's and Rheagar's son and Catelyn sacrifices herself to bring Jon back like Beric did with her? It would be a pretty cool way for Cat the Old Admin to make right all those years of abuse...
  12. Microsoft Backs Down

    People also never mention that all Xbone games will use dedicated servers provided by Microsoft while Sony games may or may not, depending on the publisher. You may scoff, but its an important distinction. Better security, more control, and the possibility for really high player counts console 64 or even 128 players. The PS4 won't have this ability. Its why Xbox Live is going to be slightly more expensive. This is a horrifying shitty article. It is completely anti-innovation, and as such, anti-consumer. Henry Ford is famously quoted in saying that, "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses". Innovation isn't about responding to the ignorant calls of the masses. Its about bringing innovative change to an industry. #5- Is basically bashing game developers from trying something new. Could you imagine FPS games didn't all but force multi-player on players? Or if game like GTA didn't start the open city game that has essentially become a genre in its own right with GTA, Saints Row, Mafia, Godfather, and others. #4- Did it occur to this guy that pre-alpha footage, isn't exactly footage anyone really wants to see? You'll get to the see the near-final result eventually. This is no better than ********ing about when a game comes out. Let them work in piece and be happy that they're putting something out at all. #3- This clown is really complaining about having to quickly switch between a phone and a controller? Seriously? They could add this to the main menu, but instead they want to make it immersive. Pressing start, or select to be able to use an interface is neat and all, but being able to use an app on your phone is pretty cool and its much more realistic. You want to call down an drone strike in The Division? Well, you better take cover, and put down your main weapon (your controller) and pick up your radio/pda (phone/tablet) to call it in. Its more immersive and awesome. I had high hopes for the little screen thing on the PS4 controller. It could be very useful without even having to put down the controller, but we'll see. #1/#2- This is just pathetic. Essentially complaining that because not everyone doesn't have money to buy the top of the line product, its development is useless. Does he also complain about Nintendo developing the game-boy? It was extremely expensive and everyone shrugged it off. It in turn led to over a decade of handheld consoles that led to mobile phone games like Temple Run and Angry Birds. Even worse, in #3 he says that the point of advancing technology is to bring together different services into one machine: "Isn't the point of technology to make it simpler? That's why I don't have to carry a separate phone, camera, and MP3 player in my pocket anymore". Then he gets mad that the Xbox One is bringing together TV/VideoGaming/Netflix and all entertainment and taking the eminent spot in your entertainment area. Seriously? This guy is completely clueless and is complaining for the sake of complaining.
  13. Game of Thrones: Books/HBO (SPOILERS).

    (ADWD) Best way to avoid spoiling is to just put the acronym of book title at the top of your post like I did. God I can't wait for Winds of Winter. So much stuff to figure out. I'm most curious about if Jon is possible alive and Robb's will. Also curious to find out who coldhands is. Gotta say I love the Starks, though. By far my favorite house. Big fan of the Tyrells as well.
  14. E3 Thread!

    This may be completely off, but honestly, most likely no publisher is going to charge for used game transactions considering the public outcry that has resulted from rumors and Msoft policy, Their games would likely be shunned and they would lose money as a result. On the other hand, if charging actually increase revenue for publishers and they do actually have an incentive to charge for used game transaction, would it not make sense for the Xbox One to have a lot more exclusives? Do you think a publisher would rather lose money making a PS4 exclusive when they can make an Xbox exclusive and not have to lose the revenue? Just a thought. Also, I'd be worried about the PS4 size. Didn't they have numerous freezes and stuff during the Sony presentation? That would happen often when my 360 overheated back in the day. Hopefully they can fix that before launch, if it truly is an issue. Oh, and that list Cody K posted isn't completely accurate. To be fair, games like TitanFall, Project Spark and Project aren't listed as exclusive, even though should be for are in a PS4 vs. Xbone debate) because they come out on either the 360 or the PC which are also Microsoft. So essentially, Msoft has 11 E3 exclusives while Sony has 6. Its a tangible difference, but I'd wait until Gamescon to see the whole picture. Its a marathon, not a sprint.