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  1. I'm gonna reply to this in two parts. 1. Bahahahahaha. Holy ********. Are you really such a neckbeard that you have to resent to calling someone a virgin? Jesus dude. We're not in high school here. We can all act like grown men, or women, or whatever you want to identify as, but damn, please don't identify as some pimply 14 year old who's best insult is calling someone a virgin. I mean, I lost my virginity around the age of 14. That's the average age, right? Next time, at least have the maturity and intelligence to come up with something better if you're going to take the time to reply to me. 2. Did you really just spell it fanboi? Moving on, you do know this game was first released like... 4 years ago right? Whether you accept it or not, the game's been around a while. Just because you can't "accept" that doesn't mean you can act like it just came out yesterday. Yes, there are people who enjoy this game, and know and enjoy talking to Chris. He's a cool guy. To quote Kanye, he has a dope life and does dope stuff. When you actually present the "facts and logic" you're talking about, maybe we can have a civil discussion about it instead of resorting to calling people virgins. EDIT: Hold up, just checked your profile. You registered your forum account in February of this year. So you've been around for like, 7 months total. I can tell you're new here seeing as you don't know who Marin is. So basically, all of your "logic and facts" come from your "knowledge" of the shell of a game that PT is right now. You don't know much man. Don't attack people for no reason with nothing to back your arguments up.
  2. Oh trust me. Once military is implemented, you'll never have a supply outstripping demand. Barracks were super expensive and used a ton of infra resources, and high level units cost a shitton of military resources. Plus, larger nations require a ridiculous amount of resources just to upgrade a city (I think I need 100k of every refined construction resource for my next, too lazy to check). But yeah, Refineries and Extractors are definitely worth the cost.
  3. Jesus dude, go play a different game if this is so "unprofessional" for you. This isn't a professional game for Chris. It doesn't make him money. It's not his job. He has a life and a wife. A job. He has things he needs to do. He does this for fun. He doesn't owe ******** to us.
  4. Nobody is going to want to buy your food or energy sources, as they can produce their own. Just get over that. Stop trying to make it a thing. It will not happen. Okay? Also, your logic on "making a profit is flawed." Extractors are a one time purchase price, as are refineries. Your only costs are therefore the cost to buy them. Therefore, the only reason your profit is low is because you are not selling the lumber. Once you sell enough money to overcome the initial cost of the refinery/extractor, all the money you make is profit. Take this from someone with ~100 warehouses and ~15 extractors and refineries for his construction resource. I make about ~700 million every 4-5 days. Yes, I said 700 million. I throw ~121,000 units of concrete into the system. This last time, they were priced at 5238.00 dollars per unit, which is low for concrete but I wanted them to sell quickly as I was upgrading a city. That's $633,798,000 on 5 days of producing resources.That's way more than the extractors and refineries ever cost me.
  5. Eh. It's too late now. I'm in the top 5 pages of nations finally. However, the number one nation has 1.4 million more population than I do. Aka a whole 4-5 more cities. Which means like, another 200 more warehouses. Until war is implemented, it's going to be impossible to get anywhere near the top nations.
  6. Alliances Sizes

    You want to limit alliance membership numbers? Are you kidding me? TG at its peak had maybe 20 members in 2.0. We wrecked alliances 3-4 times our "size". Your number of members has absolutely nothing to do with how good of an alliance you are, except for saying how adept at recruiting you are. VF brought 300+ new people to this game. To join VF. You want to punish them for that, just because you can't pull that many people? NPO has always been huge, it's a huge multi-game alliance/community. Besides, have you taken a look at half of these alliance's nations? They're super inactive, and haven't done anything. You feel threatened by that?
  7. New Horizons Declaration of Intent

    So why not just join an alliance if you don't want to lead it?
  8. Hell you don't even need a bloc man, you can just go nation->alliance->treaty->treaty sphere->treaty web
  9. Sooo a well run alliance... You guys do know you can kick members out who don't listen right? And that'll fix all your problems in aliances?
  10. Commerce Union: 1st State of the Union Address

    Is this an announcement of future announcements? Yawn
  11. TerraLeaks DOE

    Omg such haxxor powerz hw did u kno dis?
  12. TerraLeaks DOE

    Aw damnit. I lost my anti-christain status when I formed a new alliance?
  13. Yes, but to my knowledge nobody ever got that far on research (air force took like, 5 weeks minimum because had something like 30 steps, not sure on naval). I'm also pretty sure these things were never actually implemented. On top of that, they had downright ridiculous prices, in the range of something around 300,000 steel for one ship and whatnot. I believe Chris was working on Nuclear Weapons when the security issue became known and the game was shut down. Nobody was even close to finishing the research on this, as it took ~40 research steps to get to these, and they were down a different path from naval/aircraft and more down the cruise missile path.