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  1. So where were you for those 74 days since your last post? You're not the only one allowed to do Chris imitations
  2. Mid way through January? I guess better late than never, right?
  3. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    Unexpectedly repelled by me. The eternal winner
  4. Let's Make a Story!

  5. Some day in the future historians will ask why PT worked fine in early 2012 but was a moribund shell in early 2017.
  6. And early in the year 2017 there was no working PT!
  7. Chris, are you still alive?
  8. Dear Santa, This year for Christmas I'd like a working PT. Chris ain't gonna fix it so I'm relying on you.
  9. How much further can we be let down? Can anyone see the bottom yet?
  10. Hey Chris, how about some false hope for Christmas?
  11. And even when he does show up he pretends he never did
  12. That's true. He didn't even acknowledge the previous offer of cake did he?
  13. Maybe he won't say anything until he's offered enough cake
  14. I've grown to accept it too but like most people I know which I would have preferred out of him saying hi and him actually developing over the last 2 years.