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  1. Please note, I am perfectly happy with the game as is. I enjoy working with laws and what I have available, but sometimes posts really annoy me! The speed of updates isn't upsetting me in the slightest. It really is nice to know that something is being worked on though. Even just a single post every month is something enjoyable. A totally different game I follow in development - starbound - has frequent updates by the devs, even small little titbits from time to time just to let you know work is still being done. Project Terra has a colorful history; it's not something that can be entirely ignored. It will concern some players. Me, as long as I can keep my nation expanding I am a-okay. I'm not everyone, though. Everyone's busy! I'm a full time student and worker. I still have time to hop on the internet to make a few posts on forums every day. Let alone maybe once a week or month! As a game dev, there are certain things expected of you, especially in regards to indie games. They're perceived much closer to the community than normal devs, and especially when it's a one or two person project a lack of communication can worry people: see Cubeworld for example. People don't know if the game is dead or not being the devs are silent utterly and updates have seemed to stop. Who said anything about leaving? Gosh man, there is no need to be so angry. People asking about its status shows that they care, that they want to know if a game they're enjoying is still being worked on or not. It's upsetting when all their queries are met with silence. Tone back on the aggression. ???? That's a really nice strawman right there. Nobody has brought up leaving for other games here. Nobody. Not one person. By attacking this so called problem you're creating an argument that nobody has made and really invested a whole lot of effort into it too! Unfortunately it's a very classic example of a strawman so I'm not even going to bother touching it. Why? It's utterly irrelevant here. So... congrats? I play other nation-sim games. It's not a zero-sum game, especially considering how much these types of games have an emphasis on waiting and allowing for time to pass. Even suggesting such is silly. It's not like you can only play either Project Terra or Cybernations or NationStates. Again though, congrats on taking down the devs of games nobody had mentioned ever. I don't understand this pointless love it absolutely or leave it attitude. It fosters no discourse. It solves no problems. Problems do exist; they can be solved. Behaving like this is not how.
  2. Get your fedora ready

    It brings a profound sense of utter desolation and sorrow that the entire peoples of my nation were not filled with utter ~euphoria~ when I passed the law. While the happiness level of my nation should have risen to levels immeasurable by the sheeple of the world, it didn't even move a single nanometer (metric far better than the backwards and illogical imperial system). In this moment, I am not euphoric.
  3. The trouble with taxes

    Well, I hadn't thought of that stuff at first. The great part about suggestions is that they aren't static things. If they are, then that too is a problem. A black market is more than just drugs and prostitution. Did you by any chance read the link I provided about the soviet economy? Simple goods like shoes or the right size coffin for your mother became black market goods because they were no longer possible to obtain through legal means. If you've ever been to New York City, you'll see a lot of people selling watches and purses on the side walk, they're technically a part of the black market because they have no permits and pay no taxes. Key emphasis on the taxes. While the black market gets (rightfully so perhaps) a bad reputation because of illegal goods and services like human trafficking or cocaine, it also encompasses say a banned book in a repressive country, or smuggled shoes for your kids under the USSR. The point being, it can literally be any good if the reason for avoiding legal methods is taxation. In a place where corporate taxes were at 100%, that would drive most if not all businesses into the black market, even things as innocuous a dairy farm would look for ways to sell in the black market to avoid losing everything. Hence my objections. The trout wielding bushmen was a reference to Monty Python, a comedy perhaps less laughable to me than a 45%/100% tax rate being the norm.
  4. The trouble with taxes

    That was some excellent feed back with great ideas on how to fix this glaring error in "a game that aims for total realism." Anyways, Dabigbluewhale, I'm sorry, but a nation with what, 90%/100% (higher, lower? your answer is quite vague) tax rate should not face by any lengths similar growths to a nation with a tax rate much lower. If I want to make my nation an And Rand libertarian capitalist paradise, it should at least have marginally better economic growth than a Scandinavian Liberal Paradise Worker's Paradise with a a public sector that consumes 50%+ of the nation's GDP. This isn't the type of game to appeal to a casual audience, considering once more right from the front page. While it might make it "fun" for some people to have their nation's populate magic urber-kawaii furry kitsune people who love peace and are ~one with nature~ and live fur centuries on end in perfect happy harmony; that kind of stuff doesn't make it into this game. These kind of economics make just as little sense from an economic perspective.The numbers I gave were entirely arbitrary, they could be higher or lower or what have you. They just made it a nice and digestible piece of information. Still, the point stands, while people who have a high tax rate and massive public spending in every area of life might have longer lifespans and what have you, they should not experience economic growth on equal footing with other nations who have nothing but the absolute minimum government spending as required by Project Terra. The USSR did not experience the same economic growth rate as the decadent capitalist west. Now, considering the developers also intend to add in - among others - an economics scale perhaps as a nation slides further on the socialist side the changes in society/culture brought on by going further towards the socialist side could work towards softening the brunt of the negative effects brought on by massive taxation; but by no means remove them entirely. Perhaps while maintaining say a 0 on the scale, neither capitalist or socialist really, a taxation rate that causes a reduction to 35% happiness and a black market foundation rate of 45% might be blunted to 50% or 60% happiness and 20% or 25% with total socialism. Once Chris fixes up the issues with Public Companies, if you want to maintain a large white market while maintaining massive tax rates then you should have to found lots of them. With a lack of private incentive because of the public sector, the public sector should have to compensate, even if it means lower overall growth rates and economic prosperity. There's a pretty famous saying with a lot of truth to it; "you can't have your cake and eat it too." You can't have an omnipotent/omnipresent government money vacuum and a healthy, vibrant, growing private sector. Life just doesn't work that way.This game isn't meant to be a buy everything you want in what day type game either. There's plenty of games like that by groups like Zynga if you're interested. My entire nation's population is less than an eighth of New York city's alone. I've been playing it for over a month at this point too. The game progresses slowly. As for your "enjoyment of the game," while me having an army composed entirely of trout wielding bushmen might really enhance my enjoyment of the game, by no means should it be on par with the dedicated players who spend time investing in the research and development required for a modern army, who spend time/money on military infrastructure, etc. If you want an economic powerhouse of a nation, perhaps it would be wise to reduce taxes from 100% in a game that holds any semblance of realism.
  5. The trouble with taxes

    Project terra advertises itself as a realistic nation simulator but most people are taking probably 70%+ of their nation's GDP in taxes. That's problematic, to say the least.
  6. The trouble with taxes

    Unfortunately, that wouldn't really work with the system in place. The auto found rate system ensures constant economic growth, even if some laws push it higher. Places closing down would simply push the unemployment rate higher; closer to the next auto-found event. If anything, that might encourage people to jack taxes up higher, so that they can quickly eliminate that "natural" 10% (or any other number really) unemployment they have accumulated. My suggestion would allow for a very tangible method that would be very difficult to exploit once they add the planned waiting periods for taxation (if I recall correctly) changes. Even if you were to "game" the system by changing it before the auto-found event, you would still miss out on several days of your usual taxation, making it more difficult to milk people of all they are worth.
  7. Now, as it stands, having obscenely high taxes only lowers population happiness. Given that most people seem to function just fine with their happiness in the thirty percents, there's obviously something wrong here. There is a reason that you don't find 100% tax rates in the real world, after all. Now clearly, something should be done about this. I'm also quite sure that I've read there weren't going to be any sort of revolutions added that could tople your government or anything like that before. Given these circumstances, I would propose that a black market mechanic is added to the game. Now, what the black market would entail is essentially autofounded companies that eat up workers but provide no income. Why? When people can't make a profit through legal means, they will use underhanded methods. No matter how many police you have, they aren't omniscient either. That way, there would be a certain risk to having a really high tax rate. The percent chance of a black market company would need to rise as the tax rates did, and likewise for the inverse. Say at a 0% corporate tax rate and a 0% income tax rate the chance of a black market company might only be like 1% (perhaps lower), but it would rise to something like 50% at a 100% corporate tax rate and a 100% income tax rate, making just about every other company that gets autofounded an illigitimate enterprise. This would add a balancing mechanic to the game. In the real world, with too high taxes the business would just be driven elsewhere. Considering that that doesn't happen in this game (yet anyways), it is unbalanced. As such, this black market would add a long term disadvantage to keeping really high tax rates, in a way that mirrors how the real world functions [one such article illustrating what I'm talking about; notice how none of the transactions are taxable in any way]. Alternatively, it would offer incentive to keep taxes low and people happy. Having lower taxes might in the long run be a better choice with more of your market taxable. It would provide short term problems of course; it would take longer initially to build up infrustructure and services, as well as being able to employ fewer state workers.
  8. Alliance pop?

    It makes me happy to see my little alliance in the top twenty already.
  9. Dev Watercooler #1 - Laws

    Yay for direct democracy! I can't wait to get to use it. Although I do have a question. What will happen to the section of the main page under different types of governments? Will it be something like prevailing ideology in direct democracies? Will the main political party function any differently under oligarcy or autocracy, or will it stay the same and essentially become the force with a hedgemony on societal power?
  10. Religious Affiliation

    It's not basic logic. It's a complete contradictions in terms. If I said, wetness is not wet; light is not light, action is not action; any other combination there of, an explanation is required to understand what you mean by such. Saying existence cannot exist follows the exact some logic. How does it not exist if it's an observable phenomenon? Again, a complete contradiction in terms. Part of what existence? Who says this is the only existence? Further you stated your disbelief in existence, so how can something exist within something that does not exist? Again though, as described by theistic religions, an all powerful god cannot have limits placed on it as part of the definition. If we were arguing about theistic religions that do not ascribe an infinite degree of power to their deities, than we would have no problems here. However, being all powerful by it's very nature entails the ability to completely and utterly disregard conventional logic and law. If you feel as such, perhaps you should step back a moment and clarify your argument's meanings. If nobody can understand what you're saying, then perhaps the fault lies not with them. Please, explain it to me as if you were teaching a toddler. I want to understand what you're saying, but you're too preoccupied with denegation of the fact that philosophies are not entirely transparent, especially when they're personal ones. So please, explain to me in such a manner. Break it down to its simplest parts and build up from there. Well, at least you'll admit that, although it's a far cry different to be in a nontheistic religion than it is to be in no religion at all. Congratulations on your ~belief~, it's wonderful and unique and all your own.
  11. Religious Affiliation

    Well I don't understand the fact that you dropped a contradictory statement with no backing what so ever, no explanation, and then you expect everyone to understand perfectly fine as if you stated the sky is blue at this moment in time. If I said that time is a cube and left it at that, there's no way anyone but myself would understand what was being said. We're in the exact same situation here. Please explain what you mean. Existence is a codified set of laws and rules. An all powerful being would not necessarily have to follow said rules, given the nature of being all powerful and what it entails. No more so absurd that your belief in infinite fractals, or any other type of belief that has no evidence to support it given it's very nature being something beyond comprehension. Taoism is a religion, whether or not you want to accept that. Unless you're trying to pull that, "Oh but I'm spiritual, not religious!" nonsense, it suggests to me that it is you who fails to understand Taoism. Congratulations, more pseudo-religious doctrines. All this is saying to me is that you want everything having a religion entails without having the label religious because it detracts from your "scientific credibility".
  12. Religious Affiliation

    Please explain this, because this is the first time I've heard anyone but people who're convinced they live in a simulation argue such. By definition, the supernatural is something that falls outside of the laws of nature. If god were to exist, especially as popularly conceptualized by Western religions, there is nothing to suggest that it would be a part of this existence or bound by anything greater. Well, good thing I am not a Taoist, and further it looks like nobody else here is so congrats on using your religion to argue against other people's, something you seem to have claimed to be above.
  13. Alliance laws?

    Would something like an alliance declaration of neutrality (basically pulling an alliance wide Switzerland) be within the realm of possibility? Basically, making any nation in the alliance automatically in peace mode. I think it'd be a great compromise personally for the people who enjoy the alliance aspects of game play without necessarily desiring the massive wars they entail like in alpha. If it seems like it could possibly used to amass military power or do quick raids on alliances/nations perhaps something more punitive like preventing the construction of military units would allow for it without being exploitable.
  14. I was messing around with the ranks in my alliance and I'm not even sure what happened but somehow it didn't save the new admin rank position as such? Now I'm stuck unable to edit my alliance. ^^; This is really embarrassing but is there any way to correct this?
  15. Alliance management?

    Thanks for getting back to me. I do hope you consider at least raising the cap somewhat. I find war so very dreadful but I do enjoy having a lot of friends around.