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  1. My First Day

    I'll stick to what i have, I've had this idea since they first closed the game and i don't plan on changing it by a minor inconveniences. If anything i'm willing to modify the name slightly to differentiated it but not more.
  2. My First Day

    you sneaky little .... i was gonna pick that country, oh well now i got to choose another Never mind i did it anyway, guess we will be sharing the name them huh? we should probably sort out the differences.
  3. Nationalism

    That happen in Puerto Rico, in the past although people were poor, they didn't loss themselves. They always had a sense of identity and humanity, family and community were above personal benefits. Now, a few decades of force Americanization, everyone is willing to sell out their country in exchange for a few more bucks. Nobody wants to work, they only take coupons because the government give up so many benefits. This is so american, if you protest your a communist. I am socialist, i not gonna give up benefits for people who are just taking advantages but neither i am going to ignore the needs of people. Many American are in genuine need for economical aid, In my island that not necessarily truth, more than half of those who take government aid are taking advantages of it. It is a stretch to call all of the smart people socialist or at least left-leaning? I mean many of the world most important politicians has been socialist, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela,etc. They do care more about the people and what they should be entitled too than most conservatives and even liberals( weak people) will ever do. Capitalism is so mundane, it simply a another form of slavery.
  4. Nationalism

    I'm from Puerto Rico, i want to stress that my loyalties and affections are for island, not the United States. My country is Puerto Rico. Take me from example, i love my country deeply and have a strong understanding of my people's culture,history, beliefs, idiosyncrasy and values . My take is that my country is part of my family, like a second mother. I think that many of the problems that the US has is because they lack protests or revolutions. People never gather together in order to change a system with visible flaws. Yeah, sure they do what the masses say they do, but the masses almost never do anything!
  5. Nationalism

    First off, nationalism is a very human belief. Look at history and you see that people tend to love their places of birth as if it was a mother, so we shouldn't be so surprises nor should we denied it. You should at least feel some sources of connection to something. Second, something definitely when wrong when the US started developing, from a country that promoted freedom, democracy and law, they started aggressively expand. Suddenly there was the Monroe Doctrine . the Confederacy, the US started intervening in Latin America, protecting it interests. It wasn't the first country to abolish slavery in this Hemisphere and it was the only one that acquired colonies. Now people look to you like the obnoxious trigger-happy idiot. I don't know man, i think Americans should start changing some aspect of their societies, rednecks shouldn't be the only one to feel patriotic and proud of their nation.
  6. Israel Strikes Syria

    What's worse than turning into Iran or Libya? Turning into Iraq. It a bloody mess and nobody want's to take a dip in it, nor should we if the intentions are to place a bunch of snakes in power like we did in Iraq. Remember they do have chemical weapons, imagine if they fell to Al Nusra. Israel is going to regret those attacks.
  7. Texas Fertilizer Plant explosion

    Fertilizer is somewhat flamable =l Don't ask me how i know that. Maybe they should start using ******** as bombs to save money
  8. Boston Bombing

    Chechen areMuslimstoo. Al thoughI'vewouldn't be so quick to classified this as aIslamicextremist attack until we get more in. Since more like some kind of political manifesto, either way they shouldn't kill the last remaining guy. Just shoot him with a rubber bullet andtassel. We need to know the true reason behind this attacks.
  9. Margaret Thatcher has passed away

    Those policies where meant to make then look good, to fix the economy in the short term rather than the long term. The fall of the Soviet Union lead to a world dominated by a power that believes itself the world police. Reagan supported Saddam Hussein during the Iraq-Iran war, which Iraq started. They also provide arms to the forerunners of the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden during the Soviet-Afghan war. This came back to hunt us in the First and second Iraq war and the rise of fundamentalIslamismin Afghanistan.
  10. Margaret Thatcher has passed away

    Did any of you forgot she calls Mandela a terrorist? How she open the door to the Apartheid government? She cared as much for the people as she did for a rock. I say good riddance. Their is a special section in hell for her, Reagan and otherssenilecold war leaders who are responsible for the mess up world weinherented.
  11. Palestine recognized by UN

    Unfortunately for Israel and the US, Hamas is now more powerful than Fatah and the Palestinian National Authority, they are the legitimated rulers of Gaza and hold a great deal of support in the west bank. Rhetoric is just a way to keep yourself on top, Hamas has proven it willfulness to make a deal with Israel, just by making ceasefires monthly. Your going to have to deal with Hamas one way or another, it is not going away. If you want peace you also are going to have to disqualified the USA a mediator for peace, they are too pro- Israeli. Bibi Nentayanhu is also the last person that want a Palestinian states, he is more concern with keeping Israel the dominated power in the middle east.
  12. Beta And Alpha Info

    A another question, What kind of changes can we expect? maybe some hints to incite us to wait a little bit