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  1. Only if there is fat to be put on. Now if you want to talk about this further we should take it out of this thread.
  2. Law question

    Maybe it has been suggested somewhere before but when the boss has time he might consider a tagging system for the laws that allows the player to see what category they belong to as well as a score to identify the more radical and the less radical.
  3. Sorry to be a bit nit picky on only a semi related point Joe but that statement about having less laws makes it easier to break the law makes no sense at all i know you are just trying to make sense of the strange logic that this game and so many others try to hold up and my guess is one day it will go away but that is just some twisted logic. It is sorta like saying that people will get fatter if we decrease how much food is around. Of course no stranger then the fact this game has an active crime rate stat before any laws are even passed. To be some what on topic and offer something to the OP while i am here i will offer this tip. When you are going to pass a law open your laws screen in a 2nd page/tab/window pass the law and using that new screen go back into your main nation page so you can do a direct comparison between before and after the law stats, you might have to refresh the page a few times so that the stats can finish bouncing around as ever stat has an effect on all the others so it can take a bit of time for them all to settle.
  4. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    I was asking you what IB was because i did do a search on it and lots of things are IB. The 3rd one is not teaching kids words it is indoctrinating them in statism, statism being of course that the state is not bound by the rules it puts forth to others and the idea that it is ok to kill or cage anyone who is not part of the state but tries to lives by the same standards as thous within the state. That has nothing to do with what i said. They are not being taught issues they are being taught how to make people mad so that there will be violence. It would be better to teach kids how to come to win-win agreements not encouraging violence that government then uses to justify stolen power. Lets see the drug war just like prohibition has stirred up more violence and crime and has contributed to the USA having the largest prison population in the world. You flinging insults relates to some of what i was talking about above you have not been taught issues you have been taught to try and make others angry because you lack solid ground to base your arguments in. I am not saying you have Common core in your nation but government control of school results in very similar education patterns. Do you have any idea how many laws there are in the united states? No one knows how many laws there are in fact there are so many that every day the average person breaks no less then 3 of them per day just going about there business with out even knowing it. If people agree with a law they will not only not break that law but will uphold it themselves and encourage others in there life to do the same, so this idea that laws need to be top down is something out of the middle ages. I am talking about the way social control works in the advanced nations and you fling this at me? Social control is not about controlling the government it is about controlling people, there is a large voter block that consist of single mothers they of course vote for the political person who promises them more welfare if you were to suggest to them that continuing to increase the various forms of welfare will not be good for the nation they will attack you and if you are not shielded by a wall called the internet or have enough friends of your own this attack will be not be just words but likely they will punch kick scratch and if there is enough of them and the mania is pitched enough you might get killed and all this without any government orders, thous dedicated to government unions are similar and there are plenty of others groups that are attached to government that are the same way they have all built there lives around government so they will fight tooth and nail to hold on to it this also turns into things like "don't talk about politics" but there is no government agent telling anyone no government order just your friends and family cutting you out of there life if you do talk about such things how many people do you know can live long alone? Can you build a good life alone? This is why advanced nations are because they learned earlier that top down violence harms overall prosperity. Then you should say that instead of pairing it with the comment about male female relationships in school. The history of police and riots is one where police stand back for the looting/burning then step forward to beat up the peaceful protesters, this of course encourages the violence that the government needs to have in order to exist. Maybe you need to look up racism in a dictionary (http://dictionary.reference.com/) rather then being sorry about something that you are not sure you have done, that or turn down your political correctness filter while talking to me, southerner is not a race and the amount of racism in the south contrary to what the endless fear mongers and race baiters(People who use race to start fights and make problems) there is not much racism left no instead most of the racism comes out of the government. They the president is black but no he is Mulatto, in the Travon martin thing they kept on saying he was a white guy when in fact he was Hispanic the point of this all was to gin up the tension and see if a race war could be started as that would be like sugar is to cancer. And this shows that police violence is not the reason for broken homes but rather broken homes makes violence more acceptable from of interaction as you show the weapons have gotten softer while poverty has grown, of course the violence feeds in but the question you must think on is in this cycle what is the first violence no not historical as we are not Methuselah the first violence for each person, no 100+ year feuds as anyone 100+ years will likely die soon and there adding to the pot will be not much more. Biology The bodies has a number of ways of sending signals among them are hormones when a pregnant women is stressed it is a much different set of signals then when she is calm and this set of signals prepares the mind of the child for the world it is entering into if mama is frequently stressed then the child will come out set more for a hostile environment that means being ready to handle and dish out more violence then a child who's mama was not stressed or had very little. Firstly the largest government in the world at present is the United States government, now i will explain what measure is being used for this. The two prime measures are the amount of money that is spent on government and the other is the amount of force expressed by that government. The bigger the economy the larger the a pool of resources the government has to draw from as everything government does starts with violence this means that the nation with the most wealth will have the largest government before the violence of that government implodes the nation, because violence impedes economic growth and the spread of prosperity as a whole. These pictures have nothing to do with government unless they have all been threatened to dance or they will be gassed or shot sorta like when the former leader of north Korea died people were forced to cry and if they stopped they would be hauled away and shot in thous pictures i see no tanks no helicopters and no troops so thous pictures have nothing to do with government. I could be wrong maybe there are secret agents hiding in the round things at the top of the first picture like some kind of modern day ninjas waiting to kill anyone who does not dance correctly. This is much too vague and they are not the largest governments around not even by a long shot and they do not need to keep the same level of military power as might be needed pre NATO, why don't you point to something and give some details. Rule of thumb for humans is violence always has the opposite effect as was intended. This is basically meaningless as America is running under the opposite of Laissez Faire economy and again i do not care what you and Ahovking agreed on as i am not you nor him. You being in favor of government intervention is contradictory. Before there was so much government intervention people could use things like common law to sue businesses that caused them or there property damage and not have the court side with the polluter because they provided a larger income to the government. A small item to think about Corporations are not free market creations but rather government creations they exist so that government can pile regulations on to everyone else and take a cut of the profit with corporate taxes.
  5. Wheat and livestock

    This game is like the USSR when it comes to economy in that you have to manually feed your population and the government produces all resources and produces them badly resulting in a Rock Paper Scissors resource system.
  6. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    What is IB i need you to provide more information as the list of things that go with IB is a mile long. https://twitter.com/NicoleAgonicole/status/402091539850993664/photo/1 What is being asked on this page no not the easy part about math but the other part and try to figure out a meaning shared by 100% not 51% not 75% not 80% or 90% not even 99% 100% if i did not already know better i would look at the terminology and not move on to the math till i knew what was being asked of me. https://twitter.com/garyrubinstein/status/401905290234572800/photo/1 This one does not even have instructions so for me i would stare at the page for a time and then just ignore it because there is nothing to clearly show what to do, if i am unsure in even the slightest about something i will not act it might be a personality flaw but it is how i am. https://twitter.com/ColetteMoran/status/395967716382629889/photo/1 I dare you to try and suggest this is just fine. There are more examples but i figure that should be enough to make clear what i said before. Primary effect of Common Core is a centralization of education and what you see above is little bits of the agenda of government. Teaching kids how to stir up emotions now and later violence. An interview with someone who explains some of the problems of learning to manipulate emotions. So unless collage is about how to incite violence with your words now, you might want to check your assumptions at the door. Good policies do not need to be forced, if a policy needs to be forced then it is a bad policy. If you think your free you are more productive so long as your opinions are not seen as a threat to government they are happy to let you have them because you are more likely to think of yourself as free. Also it will not be government agents that come knocking when you say something out of line but rather family or friends who are dependent on the system and do not want anyone to change it, that is how social control works in more advanced nations. Dude like toddlers totally got internet wired into there brain.. oh wait no. Kids do not start learning at 5. The earlyer something is learned the more power it has in a persons life. So you are suggesting that there is a long and regularly practiced tradition of cops going into random peoples homes and tear gassing everyone? That is the only way your statement makes sense as this thing called poverty was around long before the that event. Kids are not born in school or with Wi-Fi brains kids begin learning at some point before birth with the help of the signals provided by the mothers body. NEET is what some of them are called in Japan Alternately The herbivore man- men who have decided not to have relationships with women, sorry not a Japan only problem and NO NOT GAY MEN just making sure to get that out of the way before make another assumption. Intelligent people do not breed well in captivity. The problem with central planning is the assumption that someone else knows how your life should be run and will use violence to run it. Let's translate what the first half of that into plain language. (But it doesn't mean that we need to have no violent intervention in the economy) Government can do only one thing express violence the bigger the government the more violent the government. I do not really care what Ahovking has agreed with and total joke is not an argument.
  7. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    The first link of post #19 Look into things like most recently common core and much earlier on no child left behind these things have had and are having damaging effects on education. Common core ranges from incomprehensible problems and when i say incomprehensible i mean that it is hard to even guess what it is they want done leaving kids confused mad and later in life not caring about learning because of the horrid time in public school teaching kids how to hate learning, and changing history. You say china has good education well what about information on Tiananmen square (you know where the guy gets run over with a tank) how is it viewed how many know and of thous who do know how did they find out. Ya question all you like but the real thing is it being defied and does the government have the manpower to enforce that policy if not then it is a matter of it being to small yet to be a real danger to education, when someone has a different idea on education policy are they allowed to try it out or do they need permission from the top? You threatened to stop listening based on an emotional reaction to what you thought i was saying. When a child grows up in a household without both male and female parents they are deprived opportunity to see healthy or semi healthy interactions of males and females together without 1 parent to be seen going out to work and 1 parent around to provide personal care needed for children they lose the chance to see how to interact with the world around them. I do not know what effect gay parents would have but if i had to guess it would be the lack of male female interaction might stunt the growth of normal relationships unless said parents work to fix this lack in some way but this is only a guess on my part. The lack of a solid and safe household most frequently provided by having 2 parents will have them growing up without know how to interact with other people in a personal or professional way some kids can over come this but the majority will fall into crime or become sedentary. The ones not going into crime go by many names but i can only think of one at this moment over in Japan one name they go by is NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training). It seems to be an effect of highly developed nations because that is where there is the most fracturing of the family in one form or another and the presents of welfare allows single mother households to get by without a male to provide resources for the female during her most vulnerable times. Over here the economy is all but planned in the sense that America has been trying a soft hand planned economy rather then a heavy handed planned economy like was seen in the USSR. What is it that needs proof? Everyone could see all the new people the government sent to set up barricades around all the monuments all that stuff costs more money then leaving it open and as we saw with this article CNN did not give a peep on that, if government ever shutdown for real it will cut services people are depended on instead of this bloated security state (that has only decreased security) in order to piss people off so they will demand that government is restored maybe even riot so the government can say "see we need to have army on the streets to keep you safe".
  8. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    @grillick And another leg of unemployment is minimum wage even if a person agrees to work for less any employer who pays less then what the government thinks should be will be caged and if they resist killed thou given how mad dog the police are getting they might just skip the cage and go right to the killing part, if the government could run schools of any value the people that come out might actually be worth something so saying something like "no matter how educated" is pointless when you understand that school as it is now is there to keep you out of the work force and keep you from getting the skills needed to demand a higher wage. I think you will need to define what a living wage is, and chattering on about who does and does not deserve is government daddy now? or maybe god? If they can't pay this and that it would be better to throw the emplyees out on the street and toss the empolyer in a cell. or 3rd world edition If they can't give them more then they have we need to toss everyone out so they can resume starving. @Ahovking One of the big factors of cost increase is inflation the government goes on a spending and printing rampage and as a result the price of everything goes up Inflation the other white meat uh i mean tax.
  9. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    Did you forget you listed a link about an effort to ban teaching certain things did you not even look at your own link? The term government gun is a referance to how government sets education policy i never said anything about shooting sprees. Anytime government sets policy on the how and what of things anyone who defies that policy will end up in a cage or dead, thus take the government gun out of schools. The welfare system in America right now fuels poverty and if you choose to ignore me then that is your choice but threating me does not change facts. A massivly oversimplification of the 2nd video would be thus -welfare subsidizes single mother households children who grow up in single mother housholds have higher rates of crime the crime in poor areas is blamed on poverty and thus the excuse for more welfare is made- I am sure i left out some really important info but if you want that then you will need to look into it when you can. CNN as unrelyable as ever, they failed to point out how much extra was spent walling off the parks and monuments, the growth they said was lost is only a guess and there guesses are wrong a lot when it comes to economy so they are shooting in the dark with blanks. The American economy has been so mashed thrashed smashed and hashed that it is hard to get any relyable information so anyone making preditions like shown in the CNN article are blowing smoke and fearmongering in this case about the non-shutdown shutdown.
  10. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    As to the first link it is only because government is so involved in education can there be laws that try to ban this or that if the government were not involved then the non-militant Athiests and other non hardcore fanatic groups would not have there schools subject to such things take the government gun out of school. You should watch the 2nd video i did not post it just because i thought it was interesting he talks about the link between welfare, violence, and poverty i only said it was off center because it focuses on the violence aspect but this stuff is all linked together. Thou my info talks about America mostly i would manage a guess that if it was profitable to grow food in said 3rd world nations they would do it but with so much free food coming in depressing the prices of said food there is no reason to grow it themselves however there is a similar situation in welfare in the US as there is for food in the 3rd world. In the short term the 3rd world and the welfare people are proped up by government programs but when the time comes these programs will be cut or the government will implode and the result while in the long run will be a net positive it will result in much greater suffering then if there were efforts to make these things programs uneeded such as letting people get work so they can support themselves. Funny thing about said shutdowns they ended up spending lots more money closing the parks and monuments then if they had left them alone. Not much of a shutdown. You can't legislate the poor out of poverty but in theory the government can stop protecting there freinds and get out of the way of the poor so they can get work and/or start there own businesses and climb out of poverty themselves. You should look into the canadian philosopher Stefan Molyneux his stuff is very informative, he is the author incase you do not remember of the two videos i posted above.
  11. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    If there is a lack of proper education in the USA then it is not for lack of funding in fact america has the highest in the world for education funding it even spends more then on the military at some point you have to face the fact the government spending makes more problems then it solves. As for chairty if you think the government is going to do something you are less likely to work on the problem yourself also the closer you are to just maintaining your situation the less you can donate so saying charity will not reach everyone you can not know that because you have not seen the other world were government has stayed the hell out of everyones way. The dates of these is not political the man is from canada what use has he to bug the american political cycles more so when he knows well that it is unimportant who you vote for as there will be no change, i think you need to look at some more of his videos so you know where he is coming from and you do not look like your talking from fear or preprogramming. All in all you have to consider would you raise a gun to your freinds and family and order them to give you money so you can be charitable? Because if not then you are a hypocrite and if you would then you are a soiciopath with government only the rulers win and only for a time for everyone else loses. There is no good that can come out of government only great suffering. Look into his stuff in my opinion most of his stuff is very compelling.
  12. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    He also has stuff on that venus project if you are intrested. Yes this one talks about US violence but it is closely connected to welfare so it fits even if a little off center. At present welfare is made to preserve the poor in poverty.
  13. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    If the poor were to gain prosperity there would be no need of government to help the poor so it is in the interest of government to never let the poor prosper.
  14. A video on how to better manage your nations
  15. I think i will point this out before there are anymore calls to cull resource production or something worse. In the long term of this the game structure presently in place will see a form of peak everything, and by that i mean that the glut will go away the present time frame i am thinking is when there are 20% to 60% of all nations have over 100 million population thou that is a guess at the moment and is hard to be exact. The fact is if things go on long enough it will be required to have new players who can make goods much cheaper then the older nations and if there is a stangnation of new players then players will have to limit there own nation growth or suffer starvation when they can not raid enough food from other nations, BUT KEEP IN MIND THIS IS STILL AWHILE OFF and any cut or culling of production ability or something else to cure this glut will bring the things i talk about much sooner.