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  1. "still"

    Her voice carried on the still air, does that mean nobody heard her? I suppose it could go both ways.
  2. GRANTED: Forum Warn Appeal

    Date of warning being appealed:16-June 12 Warning Reason(s):You've received this warn for posting personal information about another person on the forums, which is forbidden by the Project Terra Rules and Regulations. Reason for Appeal: It was a long time ago and I didn't mean to post OOC about that member, Ididn't read their full post which was linked via an image.
  3. Microsoft Backs Down

    I'm not so sure if it is a rumor or not. If groups of people wanted to save money on games then they could easily exploit it and save buying multiple copies of the game, even if they live hundreds of miles apart. It is hard to imagine something like that in effect, it appears to be even worse than what the developers make used games out to be. All the other Xbox One policies sucked, but that feature was the odd one out. Realistically it was not going to be what we thought it was or it was going to be cut, it was cut along with friend's share. It could have existed along with this new setup but it would work only for games bought off Xbox Live, in other words being optional. I'm willing to bet it been cut has little to do with the return of what we're used to as it isn't even directly tied to it and both could in theory coexist.
  4. Microsoft Backs Down

    I have no idea where people get their info but the family plan was supposedly not as customer friendly as it seemed without having the full details from Microsoft. Potentially under what most of us thought it would work as was having a plan of 10 people who could play all the games of an entire library saving possible hundreds for the gaming group. Some nice stranger could let others be on his plan which saves them money. You can see the issue companies who want to sell games would have with that. In reality it seems it was merely a timed demo for everyone not the primary holder of the game. And the friend sharing didn't have to be removed.
  5. E3 Thread!

    Can you post more titles as they get added? I was planning to make it an RPG and Action game summer, but hell I might do some Multiplayer, if there is free games I want that I don't already have then even more reason too.. Fable III isn't something I would download or steal for free, in fact it would be stealing my time. Edit: Never mind, the offer is pretty poor. I finally found a discussion about it and it is generally poor.
  6. Pfc. Bradley Manning finally given a trial

    >Implying punching a women makes someone a bad person. He is a hero of information and freedom against those who wish to deceive and manipulate. In a dark corrupt world it is nice to see shining beacons of light every now and again before the darkness destroys it.
  7. Xbox Reveal!

    Yup I think I gave up on the Xbox. Let's see if they change their mind from now till release.
  8. Xbox Reveal!

    I haven't heard them state it not needing to be always online enough times. I won't be satisfied until after it is released and we can confirm it does not need a constant connection. New consoles are the last thing on my list.
  9. Use of #Terra-Moderation

    I'm certain I was banned from that channel last year. Is it a policy to ban people the mods do not which to converse with? If the policy will move over to the #project-terra then is probably better if it is kept separate.
  10. One amazing Image that sums up the Internet

    Just looks like a kid to me.
  11. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, Europe for Europans etc.

    Don't sugarcoat it, it is taking land plain and simple. Doesn't matter if the culture remains the land is still being taking. If you said European culture for Europe, African Culture for Africa and American Culture for America, then I would have totally understood your point. If anything it is much the same as now except the part where it would largely deny freedoms as every culture does not have features which are all bad. You for example used "Honor killings", there are plenty of good examples that would be outlawed. Or it just the bad features of these cultures which are unacceptable? If so it isn't all that different from now.
  12. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, Europe for Europans etc.

    So ignoring race, you think everyone should remain where they're and close their borders. Denying the freedom of movement in this free world. But you think Europe should take land if they have war with Africa. I can't strongly disagree enough with this. It's so ridiculous it sounds like something of the past.
  13. Community Outreach Part the Second: Blogs

    Blogs should be fine as long as it is not personal harassment on a real life scale or the posting of graphic imagery or discussion about a disturbing topic such as necrophilia.
  14. A song about PT

    It was never really any good in any sense. I don't miss it, I will welcome it's return though.
  15. 26 dead, 18 children in mass shooting

    Not sure why this is big news story. No one gives a crap when children are killed in masses frequently in some regions, so I don't particularly give a crap now. I think the guy that cut off a woman's head and took it as trophy is certainly more interesting to talk about to this day, despite being like a year or 2 ago. And really these sort of topics are bad in America, liberals are bad. Protect our freedoms, but try to ban video games(that will surely protect our freedoms).