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  1. Yeah Chris.. fix the game!
  2. Delete Nation

    I'll see about having Chris or Demosthenes look at this. In the future, if you have a technical issue with the game please post a ticket.
  3. I can assure you that they are indeed still working on the game. They discuss coding progress within the Moderation Team on a routine basis. As for their lack of forum updates, I will leave that for an administrator or developer to address. Please keep in mind that Chris at this stage is not making money off of the game, and has commitments offline that prevent his total attention being given. That said, he and Demosthenes are working on the game still.
  4. Hi! I just joined yesterday.

    Welcome to Project Terra! If you mean by 'help section' an area to pose questions or read advice from others, we have a Game Development section located underneath the Global Politics section. If you are meaning a section with an official guide on the game, then no we don't have that at the moment.
  5. Three Items Thread

    1. Chris 2. Molding Clay 3. Shovel
  6. No life, or just awesome?

    Post counts on the forum were higher in 2012, actually. There was a purge of the number of posts that a good number of users had, a few had between 1100-1600 and a small number had a little under 2000. Some people just have more time to post than others.
  7. Proof of the Big Bang?

    It's also a great show.
  8. Nation Search Feature

    I'd also recommend adding an alliance search feature along with the nation search feature. It'd also be a good thing to add an ability to list as many alliances or nations you want per search session.
  9. Alliance laws?

    I think it could be within possibility, but something like this would at the very least require all member nations to be unable to purchase military and therefore not have an alliance strength score that is from military. I think that could satisfy those that would not like there being top alliances in peace with militaries. If the development team decides alliance laws are something they wish to pursue, I would imagine this would be one of the laws on the top of the list to work on.
  10. Mods vs Players

    Game is over, Gandalf wins.
  11. Alliance laws?

    I actually really like this idea personally.
  12. Alliance laws?

    What kind of economic and military benefits specifically?
  13. Mods vs Players

  14. Game Development Update

    It has been a pleasure to serve this community. Hopefully in the future we shall return here again and have a game for everyone to play. Thank you for your patience and loyalty to Project Terra.