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  1. Project Terra received a much needed update! The copyright notice in the footer now says '2017'
  2. Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order

    Hence the purpose of this decree.
  3. Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order General Declaration Regarding Poaching To the present and future nations and alliances of Project Terra: It has come to our attention that the International Order of AWU has attempted to recruit from the New Pacific Order's ranks through in-game messages. This practice is also known as "poaching.” Notwithstanding the fact that we have already contacted the leadership of the AWU about this issue, we believe that it is necessary for us to publicly affirm the New Pacific Order's opposition to the practice of poaching and for us to clarify the consequences of poaching from Pacifica. We also believe that other alliances should encourage proper recruitment techniques in Terra. The NPO condemns the practice of poaching and all organizations and persons that endorse its use. The Order considers poaching to be an act of war against Pacifica. Poachers directly, rudely, and unethically undermine the prosperity of The Pacific for the sake of cheaply bulking up their own alliance affiliation, and, in the process, poachers violate sovereignty. Members are the lifeblood of any alliance, and without quality members, which are gained by recruiting, an alliance cannot survive; hence, the NPO considers acting against our recruitment efforts in such an intentionally malicious manner to be an act against the health of The Pacific. Poaching is considered to be an act of war against the New Pacific Order, and the Order will treat it as such both in this instance and in the future. Our internal policies aside, the Order also believes that poaching is a practice that not only affects Pacifica; indeed, it is in international issue. Every alliance can be targeted by poachers, unfortunately. We encourage all of Terra's alliances to also condemn poaching and to promote reasonable and respectful recruitment policies on Terra. If the world's alliance can take a stand against this act and make it evident to alliances, be they new or old, intentional or ignorant, that it is unacceptable to poach from other alliances, unfortunate incidents of aggressive misconduct such as this will occur less frequently in the future. Sincerely, Jesse End, Emperor of the New Pacific Order The Body Republic of the New Pacific Order
  4. New Pacific Order

    New Pacific Order Comrades, The New Pacific Order is a strong, centralized group committed to pursuing the interests of the whole above the individual. We are an alliance of the working State. Once, we were oppressed and our labour was exploited for the benefit of others. However, we have long since cast off those bonds and stood alone as a beacon of Peace, Strength, and Prosperity. We thrive because of our commitment to excellence and our willingness to labour without concern for petty personal gain. My friend, now I ask you -- are you willing to commit yourself to the NPO and put the well being of the alliance above all? In return you will get an active, vibrant community inside our gates. You will also find that Lady Pacifica will support you in both times of peace and war. In her name countless have laboured with their very heart and soul to create a very well-established bureaucracy that lets you use your talents to the fullest and earn your position with Pacifica. If you are willing and able, my friend, join us in Francograd (#NPO on Coldfront), the jewel of the Pacific. Join The New Pacific Order! We know you'll make a great addition and there is plenty of opportunity for you here. For the New Pacific Order, Emperor Jesse End
  5. Versutian Federation DoE

    Welcome! o/
  6. The Commonwealth of Sovereign States DoE

    Congratulations on existing o/
  7. New Pacific Order DoE

    Declaration of Existence Friends, enemies, neutrals. Upon the reopening of our former home, Project Terra, the New Pacific Order came rushing back en masse to repopulate this once-great community. To restore the Light of Order and bring the word of Francoism to ever-greater heights, the New Pacific Order hereby declares our existence on Planet Terra. To those who may be unfamiliar with our Order, we hold the pillars of Peace, Strength, and Prosperity both as a promise of what we will bring to this world, and as a charge to ourselves to remain the greatest alliance that this, or any other world, has ever known. Come join us at and visit us on IRC at #npo on coldfront. We look forward to meeting and working with all of you. o/ Pacifica /s/ Jesse End, Emperor of the New Pacific Order Frawley, Regent of the New Pacific Order Holton, Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs Italiarule, Imperial Officer of Economic Affairs Axel, Imperial Officer of Military Affairs WirWar, Imperial Officer of Internal Affairs
  8. It used to be that founding public companies would decrease your unemployment and increase your income while you were waiting for your unemployment without public companies to reach 15%, then you could delete the public companies to allow private companies to be autofounded. However, now, I found that my income dropped from public companies, because although I was collecting taxes from the employees, their entire paycheque was covered by my government. In other words, I was paying out $10m/day for their income, then taxing them $5m/day, for a net loss of $5m/day.