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  1. Population in capital

    all my cities will not go further than 150,000 people when upgraded to metro areas... capital included
  2. Tourism

    I think what was meant by war was if your nation is being invaded rather than invading... Ie. Afghanistan, Ukraine and the like or even civil wars, rather than if your nation is invading (which is what the US has mostly been up to ) I do like the tourism initiative though! It would especially reflect a large slice of RL present world economy
  3. Maps Revisited

    This sounds a lot like a game of risk or of Civilization... ahahaha Personally i'm not all too favourable to the idea, then again i would be more than willing to give it a shot if it were carried out well enough... It would certainly make the land purchasing issue (and prices!) a lot more simple
  4. Site layout

    No issue here other than the market taking YEAAARSSSS to load as well as some other aspects...
  5. would the same law be repeated if it were not passed the first time through, or would the system bring you directly on to the next?? Depending on which, it may severely alter your stats in a manner you had not planned depending on what is passed and what is not, without you even knowing given you are offline... nevertheless a viable proposal which would save us all some worry! I still think basic aspects should be implemented first though ahahaha
  6. City Construction

    You may as well have the advantage on population growth, but good luck catching up on 1 million people! Ps. keep dreamin' pal And what he said.
  7. City Construction

    I agree that eventually when all aspects of PT will have been implemented, there will not be such a heavy emphasis on constructing new cities (especially with warfare). Nevertheless at the moment it appears to be one of the more pre-eminent aspects of gameplay and I concur that there is an issue with the top nations being ever more distant. As the 13th largest nation at this moment I can safely say I will never be able to catch up with the top 10 at least given they all have a few days on me. Elder players should be advantaged given they have been playing longer, however through the present system the crevasse between them and everyone else will only get larger and larger.
  8. Alright, I understand the game developers want to make it as fair as is possible for new players to enjoy PT without being crushed by the most experienced and advanced ones. However building cities has just become absurd in my opinion. Upgrading my 5th city into a metropolis is going to cost me $1,875,000,000.00, and the cost of 85,000 concrete, lumber and brick EACH, as well as the cost of building warehouses (and to purchase the materials for these) and power stations to run these. all for a measly 100,000 people... Constructing and upgrading new towns should IN THEORY always cost the same price, however that would not be fair to younger players of course... I've done a lot of lamenting but do not really have an alternate solution at the moment, so please people help me out, i think this issue is getting out of hand. Finally, is there a way of upgrading your metropolis such that they can hold more than 150,000 people?? Cheerio
  9. Energy

    Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but what happens to your nation if you enter energy deficit?? The other day I was upgrading a city, constructing some new buildings and I ran out of energy. However the system did not prevent me from constructing these, it merely placed me at -5MW. I bought another Gas station nevertheless, but was just wondering what repercussions would impact my nation if I had not. Cheers!
  10. I agree fully Dane0 (and I say this as one of the top 10 nations ATM) problem is if they scale it down now, the more advanced nations will have an even greater advantage given they have a larger daily income...
  11. New Format

    I have a problem with managing alliance ranks also... already posted a ticket in the game technical
  12. New Format

    How is everyone liking the new formatting of PT?? I think all in all it's pretty swell, tabs are working far better! Might take a while getting used to is all
  13. Dearest Cement Workers

    Both cement and lumber prices have skyrocketed as nations producing and selling these resources are inflating the market. Clearly next to no-one is buying your produce as prices merely keep soaring. I myself as a lumber fabricating nation understand the appeal of selling a ton of lumber at 12 k and cement at almost 10k, however with the already increased expenses of upgrading cities both money and resource-wise, this seems unfair competition to me which is advancing the few elite who had an early start in the new Beta Era of PT and now forge ahead. Everyone would benefit of a decrease in prices; but as I don't see that happening anytime soon, as a plea to help everyone out, please consider selling your produce to those who have made purchase requests as their prices seem already high enough to make a more than profitable and satisfying income.
  14. Alliance Statistics (Special Report)

    Very interesting idea... I hope you will be updating these as we go along!! Kudos!
  15. Issue 3 - The Foreign Investment Inducement Act

    I've been trying to pass laws for 2 weeks and still no luck. This is embarrassing really...