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  1. All I needed to hear. As long as it's not completely abandoned.
  2. We've had no new features since the implementation of laws besides a new UI that we universally agreed was even worse than the already terrible UI we had previously.And despite consensus among the playerbase, the new UI is still sitting around without any response from the devs. The servers (at least on my end) seem to be slowing down. Chris and Demos haven't visited the forum since June, and haven't posted since May. What is going on? Is this game dead?
  3. Site layout

    The old UI wasn't great, but the new one still looks disgusting to me and my issues with it still haven't been fixed. Bring back the old one. Or, ideally, scrap both entirely and start from scratch with a new UI idea in mind. If only we could hire Amplitude Studios to do the UI.
  4. Aye, I agree. I understand that this is a slow-paced game and that too much gain in too little time makes people feel entitled and causes others to leave after they "unlock everything", but the current scaling seems rather unfair.
  5. New Format

    I don't really like it, tbh. Aesthetically it's.. mediocre, but I'm quite annoyed by the reduced functionality. It takes far more clicks to views things, and the law list is quite broken with regards to separation between the name & description. And I just noticed that it's impossible to change somebody's alliance rank. That's completely broken.
  6. Versutian Federation

    We just keep growing and growing.
  7. Public companies take literally years to earn their cost back. What happened is a combination of a spike in private corporate tax and private income tax as a result of autofounded companies increasing the number of private companies and taxpayers.
  8. Law Timer

    I like this idea.
  9. City Composure

    Capital has 6/0/6/6/6. Metros have 5/0/5/5/5. Anything more seems like a waste, as their effectiveness is minimal.
  10. Law Timer

    Aye, agreed. A simple reset timer for the server would be more enjoyable in my opinion. That way I can simply pick a convenient time and work off of that instead of having my time moving slightly forward (or dramatically forward if something happens).
  11. Alliance IRC/Forum List

    Alliance Name: Versutian Federation Alliance Acronym: VF Forum Link:http://vfalliance.freeforums.net/ IRC Channel: TBA
  12. Laws - Lists/Removal

    Yea, I'd like to remove some laws from my list. I won't be passing any comedic or authoritarian ones, so it'd be nice to get them out of the way.
  13. Nation Help Thread

    I don't think elections affect happiness? Got it.
  14. Nation Help Thread

    http://project-terra.com/Nation/View/Divair Happiness took a dive at some point over the last few days, dropping from 50% to 38%. Any clue how I can improve it rapidly?
  15. Law question

    Yes, please. I think a mix of known and unknown is the best. Say, implementation of a corporate tax. You should clearly know how much your income will increase. That's just common sense for a realistic gov't. But if you implement, say, legalization of a drug, you may not know about the health effects until a few days or a week later.