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  1. Will Russia Invade (Mainland) Ukraine

    Actually I would have to disagree with you there. Despite what you would think about the Russian Economy they are right up there with France, The UK, Brazil, and Italy. Especially if you are looking at PPP. And I would not say that the USSR's economy was all that good, it was almost all artificial which is why when they dissolved the Russian economy virtually imploded overnight. Now a days that are actually some what of an exporting powerhouse. They may not have the best industrial base in the world but they certainly do have the raw resources that others do need. Which is why it makes this so hard, because Russia has integrated itself so perfectly into the global economy that sanctions on them could have ripplingeffects on everywhere from Eastern Europe, to the US and China. I mean just look at what happened when Sanctions were even mentioned. Nearly every financial exchange in the world fell between 2% and 12%.
  2. Religious Affiliation

    I would have to say that I walk the fine line between a Modern Deist and a Spiritual Atheist.
  3. Versutian Federation DoE

    We are only as large as we are because VF for the last 12 or so hours has turned into a massive discussion about VF establishing a foothold here. It has taken over our Regional Message Board, regional IRC, and I think a part of our offsite forum xD ~Anhur, The VF Minister of Foreign Affairs in NationStates