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  1. Will Russia Invade (Mainland) Ukraine

    If they do... Oh boy.
  2. Versutian Federation DoE

    Hmm. I cannot get any supplies for reasonable rates.
  3. The tech thread

    Very nice.
  4. The tech thread

    Waitingfor the new Lumia flagshipand Surface this fall.
  5. The tech thread

    My lovely Sony VAIO Pro 13(128GB memory and 4GB RAM version), and my unfortunate 32GBiPad 4 and 16GB iPhone 5. I also have an Xbox 360. Not bad.
  6. Religious Affiliation

    It's fallacious, really.
  7. Tax Rates

    38% and 25%
  8. Versutian Federation DoE

  9. Versutian Federation DoE

    Very good. I'm really low on cement.
  10. World War III.

    I would hope that MAD won't be necessary in the future.
  11. Versutian Federation DoE

    I was thinking that we try to set a base price for resources just for VF members since everything is so jacked up price wise.
  12. Versutian Federation DoE

    I suggest that due to the horrid prices of resources at the market place, VF should aim for cheap distribution exclusively in the alliance.
  13. Versutian Federation DoE

    Indeed. That's been done.
  14. Religious Affiliation

    Agnostic Atheist.
  15. Versutian Federation DoE

    Their nations do have on average a larger population. That's the concerning thing.