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  1. Versutian Federation DoE

    It's weird how we act like breaking out the beer and bags of MDMA and holding a wild party when we hit 100 nations but then we beat 200 nations and it's all "oh that's sorta cool"
  2. Versutian Federation

    I advise to all players interested in joining the alliance to check this. It's useful.
  3. I thought this was of some sort of interest

    Aye, spoiler tags would be very useful. Try bracket - spoiler - bracket in bbcode, maybe? Because there's a bbcode editor.
  4. Dev Watercooler #1 - Laws

    Very interesting. You said it arrives sometime in the window of this week-ish, right?
  5. Tax Rates

    Election taxes- set Personal to 0% but don't call the electionright away. It takes some time to calculate the happiness and such for the better, so you'd best hold off for about a second. The result: It gets better each time, too. Handy.
  6. What'd you to do to make them so literate and happy with the same tax level as mine? :<
  7. Tax Rates

    How does one go about upgrading a city?
  8. Versutian Federation DoE

    Making a second city is a great investment. A good boost in population and a longer-term investment, provided you care for it.
  9. People Population:533,300 Birth Rate:18.78 Death Rate:3.00 Immigration Rate:1.33 Growth Rate:4500 per day Life Expectancy:66.73 Official Language:English/French/Spanish Economy Net Income per Day:$35,658,029.09 Personal Tax Rate:45.00% Corporate Tax Rate:100.00% Avg. Income:$213.11 Gov Satisfaction:70.98% Land Area:614.00 sq km GDP per Capita:$70,039.68 ($37,352,163,771.03 total) Stats Crime Rate:5.90% Literacy Rate:80.75% Disease Prevalence:17.51% Population Happiness:49.33% Unemployment Rate:10.02% Research Levels:0% Also, two cities. Aye, so it's not really day one, per se. Close enough.
  10. Mods vs Players

    √ Hey look. It's a pretty swan. Honk.
  11. The tech thread

    Unfortunate Macbook, unfortunate HTC Evo, PC gaming masterrace.
  12. Versutian Federation DoE

    Finally built a new city. Spokane shall prosper in due time, all 10000 residents.
  13. High emigration rate.

    Why drop them so little? I dropped mine to 0/0 and waited one minute for nicer effects to set in. Then I called an election. I now hold an insane majority. Like, even bigger than last time. 85% of the parliament.