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  1. The Return of Marin

    my future
  2. What's your most favourite/hated topic to debate

    I agree here too.
  3. Ask a #rare Alawite anything at all.

    We have the quran of course, but other than that our traditions are oral as we are a twelver sect and dont consider Hadith valid. ISIS are bullies and ridiculous to think that they can conquer all that land. Assad all the way, I don't support Takfiri scum
  4. Ask a #rare Alawite anything at all.

    I'm in California. Sufism I dont know anything about, I know they are "mystical" like us. And no, I have a few of my own
  5. Ask a #rare Alawite anything at all.

    Yes, i'm a member of a Islamic sect from Syria that only has 2 million members. Ask me anything
  6. im cumin out

    Sorry, will do so on the future. Just a small april fools thingy. both
  7. im cumin out

    oh my god you have a small sense of humor
  8. im cumin out

    this guy has like around 500 posts dont talk man
  9. im cumin out

    guys i see the lite i am liberal now and converter to LE WACKY NARWHAL ATHIESM also am a gril LUVVIES /)o3o(\ Strigon-chan
  11. Political Affiliation Poll

    i hate everything plus i'm shia so I cant want to be a taliban learn to read
  12. Political Affiliation Poll

    You are a edgy nihonese wannabe white kid :^)
  13. bump for the edgiest album
  14. Political Affiliation Poll

    prolly is cause you are a edgy