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  1. OOC: This will basically be a collection of short stories from the Terran Zombie War. To get a sense of how you should post,this is an online version of WWZ.This will continually be open, toaccommodatenew stories. [Zephaniah Goss was one of the leading Hydroni missionaries in the Southern Colonies. He worked together with local doctors to find people with disease, and shove as much Ribavirin down the person's throat as was required. Nowadays, he works at the International Ministry of the Classification of the History of the Grand Infected War.] I remember my first case of Infection. I was getting my BSL-4 training in the field, tracing the periodic Ebola outbreaks back to whoever last ventured into the mountains to the south and coming back with a fever. The Hydroni were still trying to cope with the fact that they had devolved back into a third world nation, trying to live out their past as a grand power. A few people would come back into the village, scream that they were fine, then bleed and crash out the next day. We would then tediously move the bodies, sanitize the perimeter, and prepare for the next guy who caught the hemorrhagic fever. On this particular day, we were called in to check on a certain couple that had fallen ill and died. I was expecting another Ebola foray into humanity. I drank a Karatsutu, a local energy drink that was made from dubious magenta-flowered plants that grew everywhere.The drink itself tasted horrible, but it kept you awake. I needed it, the paperwork for reporting an Ebola foray is horrible. I remember that they were comatose, with a nearly undetectable pulse and the occasional moan. They were supposed to have been like this for over three days. Then, the man got up. His wife had perished; a large cut on her arm caused a tremendous staph infection that proved so cataclysmic that she couldn't even become undead. He struck at several of the doctors around me, a few other bystanders grabbed ancient AKs and began to seal off a perimeter around the facility. They looked like they were definitely not ready to let whatever just crawled out of that hospital bed. I heard a bang. There was [edited out for content]. I wish I could have kept it from spreading like it would...
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  3. The Grand Conglomerate of Hydronium-Energy Producing Individuals was founded on May 28, 2048 in the NS Plane. It was founded when a group of corporations purchased a large swath of land in Ethiopia. Being some of the most religiously free areas in Eastern Africa, a group of Neoaxumites (people wanting to reestablish the long dead nation of Axum) settled in that area. The early Hydronians (as they were still called) quickly established the religion as Christianity, and quickly performed a coup on Ethiopia. Instead of declaring war, Djibouti and Eritrea applied for ascension into Hydronium. Sudan and Somalia, on the other hand, didn't. Sudan declared war on Hydronium and South Sudan, trying to purge the new Christian uprisings that were being fueled by the Hydronian and South Sudanese revivals. After many years of war, the new Grand Hydronium defeated Sudan, and took over a swath of territory. Map: Undaunted, Somalia convinced Saudi Arabia to sent several troops to crush the "blasphemous abomination that is the Hydroni." Though none of them made it to Hydronium (Islam and Axum have been on good terms since Axum allowed early Muslims to take refuge in the Axumite empire), it made Hydronium decide that an invasion of Somalia was necessary to preserve peace. (This is also the first mention of "Hydroni," and it stuck.) The Hydroni Invasion of Somalia is agreed to be the first major offensive by the Hydroni. After five years of bloody conflict, the last few troops were that were still standing defected into Hydroni care. This did not come without a price: 100,000 lives were extinguished in the name of progress. The War of the Firsts Memorial still stands in Axum City today. After this, the Hydroni controlled an area of land from Sudan down to Kenya. It is important to note that the end of the War of the Firsts was also the day that California seceded from the US, shattering the US's reputation and power globally. Map: At this time, seven out of ten people in Hydronium had PTSD from the series of wars that the Hydroni had gone threw. After a large referendum, Khat, a common drug in Hydronium, was legalized. The memories of war dissipated... until the Saudi Arabian Confederation. After Tanzania and Yemen joined Hydronium, the GAU invaded without warning. The Hydroni were pushed out of Arabia, but then retook that land. They then reached a long and bloody stalemate, until the Hydroni had the most important invention it would make: the 117c NightFighter. The Nighthawk is considered a failure in this modern day. It had poor camouflage and had absolutely no carrying space or missile systems. In fact, the Hydroni aquired the remaining Nighthawk in an international "Hey, are you gonna eat that?" The Hydroni then went to work, morphing it into a powerful vessel that could be crafted from assembly lines. With a fifteen ton carrying capacity and a 550 mph engine, not to mention reduction of the size of the radio blueprint to the size of a sparrow; this is considered the signature Hydroni marvel. The Nighthawks overran the GAU, and paved the way for the liberation of Oman and the UAE. A truce was signed, with the GAU having a large empire of it's own. This was also a moment of great international turmoil. Borders changed like sand flowing from one's hand, but it gave Hydronium a chance for greatness. Map: The next Epoch of Hydroni history is one of the most interesting parts of Hydroni history. This "First States Period" happened after Sri Lanka/India joined Hydronium. The most powerful nation on earth was the Grand Russ, followed by the Asian Union. The GR annexed the GAU, and the AU took over much of North America. The two states attacked the Deccan Empire (India) from the north, and wore it down to a small Buddhist refugee state in the south. The now panafrican Hydronium created the entire Buddhist Third (or state) for it. After that, the entire Hydroni empire was divided into three sections: the Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist Thirds.(Israel was added as a semi-autonomous region) Hydronium finally was a superpower, but among a council of them. Map: The next thirty years nearly killed humanity. An airborne strain of the Ebola virus began to spread amongst the Triumvirate. It crippled the northern two, but the Hydroni had already been through Ebola attacks, and knew how to survive. It is thought that without the pandemic, Hydronium would have been devoured. The Hydroni took over most of the unused areas. The Hydroni emerged as the world's superpower, and as the pandemic stopped, the Hydroni grew. The last case of Ebola from the pandemic was cured on January 21, 2115. Map: On December 31, 2199, the Hydroni had conquered the globe. After this, modified NightFighters with alcubierre drives made contact with other nations (like the Vaxonian), and became a powerful interstellar nation. It took a dwarf galaxy, and it is thought that there may still be PFT Hydroni in that galaxy. But what comes up must come down... PART TWO: THE SHATTERING OF THE HYDRONI IS COMING SOON!
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    True dat. Why I send them to AiG: They'll be there forever, and eventually have something happen maybe. Thanks!
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    Technically(if you didn't like history, I would run now if I were you), NeoHydronium is a nation that split off of Hydroniumafter the Seven Great Genocides that took Hydronium from a peaceful nation into a dark superpower that killed almost a billion people in a matter of months. Hydronium itself is the product of Ethiopia getting a Hydronium based powerplant. It then took over Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Yemen, and parts of South Sudan and Oman. It grew from there.
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