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  1. The trouble with taxes

    I think the suggestions listed by the OP are awesome. I'm all for this. The game needs a lot more realism on this taxation thing.
  2. Nation Help Thread

    Some users have advised to use the nation's own energy type as in your case buying natural gas or oil renders you vulnerable to the market.
  3. Any benifits to war?

    That is why it's good if war is not too profitable. The crazy war hawks would just dominate the game and nations with smaller defense budgets would just be ruined and probably lose the interest in the game as the game becomes unplayable. So, some sort of realism is good, in my opinion. I think it would be good if we had a system, where attacking someone automatically ruins the economy for a certain type of nation or something, like Russia when their stock market lost 10% of their value in a very short time. Or perhaps a trade embargo.
  4. Infrastructure

    They are pretty much useless.
  5. Election Effects

    Has anyone tried the slavery law? Might try it for the sake of crazyness if the negative effects aren't very bad. Doesn't the tax rate affect which parties are elected? For example, it seems like the workers' party are more popular while I'm in debt, but they have also been popular while I haven't been in debt... What makes the different parties so popular? I assume some parties can help me with different laws. What would be the ideal tax rate on that day when you hold elections? Something like 20% personal income tax??
  6. Election Effects

    Maybe that 467 seat majority means that your coalition between different parties is 467, while that 217 means that your own party has that many seats? That's the most logical explanation I can think of.
  7. Nation Help Thread

    I didn't know it was possible to sell infrastructure?? Is it?
  8. Nation Help Thread

    10 clinics?!! I think that's waste of resources.The lowest disease rate I've had is 12% or 13% with maybe max 4 clinics per metro or capital.
  9. Energy Generation/Research

    I think renewable energy sources should have a high startup cost and next no cost over time. Was this the case before, because I think that would make sense?
  10. About parties

    When laws will be added how are political parties going to affect the implementation of laws? There are some parties that are not the government's party. Can they support my ideals and my desired laws? For example, if I want to pass an environmentalist law can the green party help me with that? How do parties vote? Do the members of parliament vote randomly on an individual level or do they have party discipline, meaning that they vote in a group unanimously? I'd imagine that it's easier to code the party discipline-thing with a complete set of ideals.
  11. Logistics, Special Forces and National Guards

    Not very realistic... I hope it's going to be beneficial to have a set of different units.
  12. It seems like this has not been suggested or asked before, so I'll give it a go. Currently when I have completed a transaction on the market (buy or sell) their number can grow very quickly. In a year or so it might take a very long time to scroll down the page as we are talking about maybe thousands of transactions. So, may I ask if there are anyways, such as automated deletion of old transactions or if they could be shown one month at a time or something? Currently this might mot be of very high priority, but in a few months they can grow really quickly, as I mentioned earlier. Besides I'm not sure if this would improve the page refresh time.
  13. Nation Help Thread

    More importantly, population density should be low enough, around 800, I think.
  14. Patch Notes Preview

    I think 20 days of destruction or golden age with that 50% is a little bit too much. Otherwise ok. That violent uprising seems okay, but only if the government satisfaction is too low and the government lacks forces to deal with the protests?
  15. Nation Help Thread

    Private companies autospawn after 15% unemployment. After private companies have been created the unemployment rate will drop.I do not know if you can destroy your public companies at the moment, though. As a word of advice, do not buy public companies, yet. I think you can increase your GDP/capita by decreasing your tax rates. However, at the moment you should keep your taxes at somewhere near 45% personal tax and 100% corporate tax rate. Companies create jobs and therefore decrease your unemployment. A low disease prevalence means more people. Keep it at somewhere near 14% or 15%.