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  1. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    I am jesus
  2. Chris the game doesn't work plz fix
  3. Chris I know you're a bit late, but if you came back and apologized. I'd accept your apology.
  4. I don't like being ignored
  5. It's because he didn't even visit for his semi-annual checkup
  6. But we can't just keep offering him cake because then he'llget greedy and wait for more cake.
  7. Okay you can't just keep coming online and not at least fake promising us bullshit.
  8. I've grown to accept that. I cannot however accept Chris not stopping by for his semi-annual visit
  9. This is an outrage. How could you do this!
  11. Can chris be president? At least I'd know what to expect
  12. Guys I'm running out of clever things to post
  13. What if we're all chris
  14. We'llcharge it to the Project Terra Credit Card. Also, I don't think we're ready to break into the European Market quite yet. Let's focus on the Amercias and the Pacific Islanders first.
  15. Chris, I'm preparing a PR statement for the Brazilian Press, and I need your opinion. Would you describe thedevelopmentprogress as "oh ********, I forgot I had a game I was supposed to develop" or "I know I have a game I have to develop, but I really don't care"
  16. You can eat it only if you order it
  17. Gandalf is in charge of the music.
  18. David is in charge of catering.
  19. Chris, don't worry. I'll handle the Brazilian PR, you focus on the game.