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  1. Chris was on today.

    Oh Canada...
  2. Chris was on today.

    "...deployed again..." as in, start from scratch?
  3. Chris was on today.

    Just throwing it out there again - is there a 'help wanted' list or anything the community can contribute?
  4. Raw Resource Variety

    No. It makes it more interesting as it allows for a market and trade - makes more of a community. Anywho, you cant research iron ore into your country's earth. However, access to other refineries would be nice.
  5. Over 9000 km^2 of Land

    Wow I'm top ten - Yay! Also it only has two million pop. Consequently, someone is buying resources up to one million units - That's a lot of nuts! I mean warehouses....
  6. Take the game down

    I asked before - help wanted?
  7. Take the game down

    We humbly anticipate the beneficial and mutual progress and diplomacy through trade and understanding - and the prospect of loving thy neighbor through ass beatings and blitzkrieg.
  8. I was refering I meant within Project Terra; you are solely responsible for feeding your people. And the name's not Pork Soda - that's an honorary title only earned at The DMV - My name is Mud.
  9. Forums are your friend, buddy! Pretty much everything you're looking for is in here - and yes, there is a learning curve, it just takes time. Some laws are just tough to pass and it is government responsibility to feed the masses no matter which leanings your country takes.
  10. Jemmms Fav Game Last Post Wins

    You lose.
  11. Financial "Problems"

    Yes - all laws have a trade off - more taxes mean less happy people. I know you really want that continuous revenue, but manufacturing ans selling on the market will get you the best return.
  12. Financial "Problems"

    Don't we all!!! Yuk Yuk! Seriously, taxes are the only way I know to do it. Certain laws can enhance your revenue through taxation.