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  1. We in USF have been in game 44 days and due to our inactivity levels I Will hints forth resign and ask fellow USF members to Join me in the New Pacific Order or NPO. From the Grand Marshal FS108
  2. Tanks

    Leopard 2A6 (Germany)
  3. City Composure

    4 each in my city and 3 road networks for me and works wonders
  4. Nation name: Shilosi Form of government: Empiricaldictatorship Nation Tech (American, German, etc.): German, Italian Nation leader: Gandolfer the blue Size of military (keep it reasonable): 1,000,000 Size of nation (again, reasonable): 34,000,000 Position on the Afrikan-Wolfian crisis: Neutral
  5. So... uhm... hi?

    Self explanatory and is in Alliance Recruiting sooooo fair game
  6. So... uhm... hi?

    in USF we will show you love and care
  7. USF Announcement

    I Typed this in a hurry you idiots who judge me
  8. USF Wants you

    join us in USF we still have lots of hot women and Vodka to go around.
  9. USF Announcement

    From the Grand Marshals office Due to unforgiving circumstance's Wana has left USF as such his leave with out a 24 hour notice. Hints forth Banned. In other News USF Red Army is to replace Wana as Marshal of FA immediately and hints forth to do his Comrades great honor.
  10. The International

    Compare that to Mao
  11. Alliance IRC/Forum List

    IRC #USF Forumshttp://usfptaa.forumotion.com/
  12. The International

    you all should merge with USF
  13. Sons of Rumsod DoE

    were is USF's invite
  14. The Floodian Empire DoE

    Greetings from USF stop by our forums we sure would welcome you and get to know more about your alliance
  15. USF Wants you

    No one will be cheap in our alliance Join us in USF