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  1. Alliance Update

    Greetings all, To any active players in the PT community besides myself, I wanted to give a formal notice that as the leader and president of the United Federation of Countries, I will no longer be as active on the forums or in the pt game itself. The game is still too incomplete to continue and I cannot pass many laws any more. Wars cannot be waged and research cannot be done and land is becoming to expensive to buy. I will be a ghost on the forums checking in infrequently, but as for pt and the alliance itself, I think the community is pretty dead and therefore I will no longer be playing the pt game. (Unless of course the game is updated again). Anyone who wishes to remain in contact please private message me on the forum. I will be notified and check in when I can. Thanks, It's been fun. -Moose
  2. Players moving on..

    Ahovking, if you manage to get control of the game that's great and I will definitely continue playing. However, I am with you, I'm only around for RP games that aren't even pt related. If you still want to create a new RP for the three or four of us I will definitely join you. But as you say our community is small. If you don't think its worth our time and decide against the RP I will understand also, just message me whatever you decide to do so I'm not left wondering.
  3. Why i don't believe in Climate Change

    I believe it has been stated already, but I believe (global warming/climate change) are a good mix of both human activity and burning of fossil fuels and other destructive means to our planet and our planets own natural course of climate change. I mean you can't blame humans for causing the ice age by screwing up the planets natural processes. I don't place all the blame on human ignorance for rising CO2 emissions and deforestation, etc. there are plenty of natural phenomena that occurs on this planet without human intervention in natural ecosystems. The difference is that if it occurs without humans it is a natural die off of a species and its ecosystem, whereas if humans are responsible we forced a kill off of an entire species which could ultimately affect our own species sooner, by causing more or less of something to occur, or more or less food to eat. However, no matter how insignificant an impact on the planets ecosystems and CO2 emissions and O-zone deterioration you can scientifically prove to me is the fault of humanity and how we are not responsible for the planets major natural climate changes and how global warming is not caused directly by our own ignorance I will still dismiss your argument for this reason. 1) no matter what little damage we cause to our own planet, we are still partly responsible. The day the world stops using anything that can damage the planet by use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions will be the day we can say humanity is not at fault. However, until that time what ever little bit that is claimed by those who think humans have no fault in this problem are wrong. They say every little bit helps, this is also true in reverse. Every little bit can cause make it worse in this case. In terms of the environment our little bit of emissions are not helping to slow down or stop the planets global warming and climate changes. 2) throughout this planets history we have had mass extinctions due to climate changes and catastrophic weather caused by such changes. If you believe an asteroid killed off the dinosaurs then you probably have heard that the planet was encompassed by a cloud of ash and weather patterns were thrown into chaos. Plant life died, causing other animals (besides the dinosaurs) to die off causing a chain reaction of extinctions along the food chains. No plants means no small animals for larger ones to eat, no large animals meant no food for the extremely large to eat. Also no plants meant reduced oxygen which the bigger you are, the more oxygen you require. Ultimately only the smallest burrowing mammals which required the least food and oxygen survived. During this time the cloud caused global temperatures to drop due to the cloud blocking out the sun for years. The only reason why the burrowing animals survived was because they burrowed down and drew warmth from the planets core. So things like this happen every so often throughout the planets history and yes these events are beyond human control to prevent or cause. However, eventually our own gaseous emissions, if not stopped will cause a quicker mass extinction on our planet by causing the planet to experience more severe climate changes. And at the rate we cut down trees and reproduce, who's to say we also won't run short of oxygen. I mean there are 6.8 billion people on the planet and growing, but yet we continue to fill our atmosphere with poison gasses and cut down trees. So, with this rant being said I should clarify, I agree with both arguments presented in this debate, however, since the planet cannot change its nature, only humans can make the realization and change how we as a species run our planet and clean it up. It is our responsibility to do that much. I mean if I walked past your house and threw a plastic cup into your garden, I can argue it's not much garbage it's nothing to worry about. But you wouldn't like the fact I am not showing your property and you any respect and you still have to clean it up. That's how I think of it it's natural for these things to happen, but with the level of intelligence and technology humans have today we should have better ways of obtaining, expending our fuels, and garbage, and we should have better , more affordable and readily available alternatives for energy. Otherwise if we continue on this path, where will we draw the line, eventually humans will just ruin this planet past the point of habitation, then we are all up a creek without a paddle.
  4. As I promised. My final Map Update.
  5. So I have been thinking. Its December already. I will be unavailable to play the RP from the week before Christmas through New Years because of the rush of the holidays. I am thinking of stopping the RP for a while. Ahovking -You have posted some map images once in a while, I'm confident you can post a map update if you need to. If you need help you can always PM me, and I will post a blank map for you to copy and use. You could also always use one of our last map updates and just upgrade the map from there. I am going to stop playing unfortunately. With things that are going on, at work and personally I think its best that I stop playing and give my time to other more important things. This RP does take a lot of time away from me accomplishing other things and I always have to plan around setting time aside for posting news here. I have done way more in the RP than I thought possible, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with you guys. In my opinion this RP was a successful one. I don't know if Macaroni and Sparx will continue or not. Last time we spoke, they were on the same path as me and were thinking of leaving the gamewith me. Especially since we are cousins and are around for the holidays, the three of us have basically the same schedules, and it has become difficult for us to log in daily to keep up. (Especially when the RP is on the brink of war, missing one post is detrimental to our nations and we feel its best to bow out gracefully, and also to quit before we cataclysmically destroy our nations through negligence.) Hope you guys (Varspasian and Ahovking) understand. Sorry to have to leave you guys. Hit me up if you ever decide to create a new RP in the future as I would be interested in playing if my schedule allows. I will be sure to do likewise. Thanks for making this a good RP. ***(I WILL MAKE ONE FINAL MAP UPDATE FOR YOU GUYS EITHER TODAY OR TOMORROW. THIS WAY YOU HAVE THE MOST RECENT MAP DISPLAY TO CONTINUE WORKING WITH.)*** -Joe P.S. I will be around for a few days, just to make sure you all got this message, so I will immediately see anything posted, but I will not make a news post or anything on the other threads. Also, Ahovking, you are a good strategic player. Probably the best I have played any game with in a while. You really made me think hard about what kind of negotiations we talked about in the RP. No onehas given me that much of an enjoyable challenge in quite some time. I thank you for that. Youmadea worthy adversary playing the game as a super aggressive Russia. (I just felt I should mention that.) Varspasian - Its awesome you joined us. I was cool playing with you. I wish you had joined earlier so I could have interacted more with the Ottoman Empire. Still you played hard and established a good strong empire with good alliances. You are a solid RP player. I hope that if we should ever get together for another RPG that you join us.
  6. A Brave New World, 1800 AD (IC Internal)

    March 1814 - December 1814 March 1814 Major News: The North Atlantic Union announces the results of its meeting in Bern, Switzerland. The meeting between the Leaders of Spain, England, The United States, concluded with the creation of the Treaty of Bern. (Look under US Diplomacy Thread for the specific Details of the Treaty). The N.A.U waits a reply from Russia. The location for the meeting was chosen due to Switzerland having close ties to both Prussia which is a Central Power, and Spain, as a Spanish colony. The Governors of Switzerland, appointed by King Diego are neutral as to the tensions and hostility arising between Russia and the west. While awaiting a reply from Russia and the Ottoman Empire over the terms of this Treaty, the west continues preparing for war. The United States and other N.A.U. Nations assure the Ottoman Empire and Russia, they will not be the ones to "Fire the First Shots" of War. US Submarine Fleet growing. N.A.U nations worried of Russia's ability to construct the Battleship and other Cruisers. The US Constructs its version of the Battleship. The United States begins classifying its ships by naming them after States, Presidents, Cities and geographic locations. The United States begins upgrading its logistics for naval and ground combat units. US Scientists begin working on greatly improving weapons accuracy and naval speeds.. Of course all successful breakthroughs will be sent to Spain and England. Russia announces its mines were detonated after sinking an unknown object. Possibly a submarine. The United States announces that all US Subs are accounted for. What ever it was, it wasn't a US submarine. April 1814 Major News: While Russia develops stationary fleets surrounded by underwater mines to stave off Western Subs. Western Nations announce that the subs can simply fire at the underwater mines damaging or sinking the Russian ships in their place. Should war ever arise, this method would be used. As a sign of good faith towards the Ottomans, the United States orders its ships out of the Socotra Island Naval Base and to its ports along the Somali Coast, allowing the Ottomans to take claim of the Naval Base at their leisure. The United States prepares to remove its troops from its Middle Eastern Colonies, as another sign of good faith towards the Ottomans showing them that the US has every intention of keeping the peace of its proposed Bern Treaty. However, US troops wont actually leave the colonies until the Ottomans accept the treaty. US forces reach staggering new numbers of soldiers. (Note: I never listed the exact number of ships in my fleets or soldiers in my army as that would be a breach of national security secrets.) However, do not mistake my not writing the numbers for me not having large adequate forces to attack or defend with.) May 1814 Major News: The US Navy commissions its first Battleships. The United States has three classes of Battleships, named after the Great George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and General Alexander William (The person credited with the alliance between US and Sweden in the early days of the RP). US Navy Researchers have breakthrough technology with the torpedo. By polarizing the firing tubes the torpedo is fired from and installing magnets into the nose of the torpedoes, US subs can fire the torpedoes and the torpedo can hone in on its target on its own. The force of the torpedo leaving the torpedo tubes prevents the magnet from turning the torpedo around and inflicting damage on US ships. The Polarized torpedo tubes allow less friction between the torpedo and its tube, allowing for greater speed and force upon firing. Also the polarization allows the torpedo to "Float" inside its tube so the magnet in the torpedo does not hit the US subs. US Battleships are being constructed with 6inches thick armor siding and hulls and 13 inch deck guns. It can fire a 400 pound shell 3 miles. While The Battleships massive size makes it a slow ship, its power is devastating. 2000 US Engineers ordered to continue building theAmerican Irrigation System. The Irrigation System is passing the city of Seattle and moving south through the Cascade Mountains and Rocky Mountains farther East. US Ship yards under construction are at 40% completion as it is vital they are built quickly. US Panama Canal halfway completed The Canal should be completed by mid to late 1815. June 1814 Major News: US Tax equals 20 dollars per person. This tax raises $2,320,240,000 in income for the one month of taxes collected. This is staggering amount of money for this time. This allows the US to greatly fund other project, expand its military and navy and pay off the construction ofvital structures. (I came to this result by multiplying the 20 dollars tax times the amount of people in the US at this time. This is how I arrived at my answer.) England and Spain going to calculate how much they made in tax under the Dual Economy. With this much money the US buys 200,000 tons of Diamonds, and further secures the mineral as the backbone of its Dual Economy Standard other than its intern Economy's success as its secondary Standard. In essence the US just failed proofed its economy's. July 1814 Major News: Firework display and naval 21 Gun Salute cancelled. "President declares it a "Waste of Gunpowder during times of international crisis". Sahara Sand Storm over. US Colony of Libya under 8 inches of sand. England announces its set tax is at 15 pounds per person under Dual Economy. Their tax has brought in an estimated 1,200,000,000 pounds. England announces the Suez Canal is 50% complete. August 1814 Major News: US Atlantic Fleet Consists of 2000 Destroyers, 1000 Frigates, 900 Cruisers, 900 Mine Sweepers, 2000 Battleships and 1000 Submarines. US Pacific Fleet consists of 1000 Destroyers, 1000, Frigates, 1100 Cruisers, 1100 Mine Sweepers, 1500 Battleships, and 1000 Submarines. Rest of the ships in the US Navy on constant patrol between US colonies and US national shores. Russia still experimenting will electricity. While some breakthroughs have been made, the United States begins focusing on the new form of energy as well. US Somali colony preparing to house US troops coming from Middle East should Ottoman Empire accept terms of the Bern Treaty. (Note, US reserves the right here to forego the land swap if Russia declares war, as these lands will allow the US closer bases to Russian land) (However, Unless war is declared and the treaty is accepted, the US will willingly hand over its colonies in the Middle East to the Ottomans.) September 1814 Major News: September weather is warmer than expected. Snow fall in Northwest US minimal. American Irrigation System now entering the State of Oregon's Cascade Mountains. Farther East, American Irrigation System Halfway through the Idaho territory. Another 1000 US engineers are put on the project hoping to complete the construction sooner. Spanish engineers leaving State of Texas and entering New Mexico territory laying down American Irrigation System for Rocky Mountains. Spanish Engineers also continuing to build the other Irrigation System through California. October 1814 Major News: 1 million US forces deployed to US Philippines. 2 Million Deployed to Taiwan, 6 million Deployed to Alaska and 6 million Deployed to Hawaii US African Colonies are readyto defend themselves. However, only minimal reinforcements were sent to Africa. 4 million troops sent to South American US colonies and Caribbean colonies. November 1814 Major News: Through all the turmoil in the world, the US Armed forces pause for a day to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving although announced by Former President Madison, is officially made a Federal US Holiday by President Wheeler. Women Requesting the right to enlist in the US Armed forces. Congress considers the request made for women to join the Armed forces. New weapons constantly being developed by US Army and Navy. Russia attempting radar technology. US Attempts to develop radar as well. However, it is predicted that the capability for developing such technology is premature. December 1814 Major News: US Population breaking 100 million. From here on out, there are enough people in the United States that the government is expecting the US population to increase by 10million new births each year. US Federal Government establishes FDA headquarters in Washington DC. Library of Congress nearing completion. It should be completed by June 1815
  7. A Brave New World, 1800 AD (IC Diplomacy)

    The North Atlantic Union nations meet in Bern, Switzerland to discuss terms of peace, reverting back to a similar but more strictform of the East-West Pact. (While referred to as another East-West Pact, due to this treaty having a specific location it is named the Treaty of Bern). (President Wheeler) "Gentlemen and Ladies...Russia is growing way too powerful. Not only militarily, but they are now telling us what type of economy we can and cannot have. And if we do not cooperate, they have blockadedour ports, are trying to destroy our currency,and are threatening us with invasions and war. It is safe to say Russia never envisioned peace with us or the west...only its conquest and submission. I propose we adopt a new East-West Pact, dividing the world yet again." (Prime Minister White) "I second that proposal. Russia declares that the west has fallen behind the East militarily. They may be correct, but their being stronger does not give them dictatorial powers over us. What terms shall we propose then?" (King Diego) "The only thing the Russian's will accept is the break up of the Dual Economy and the surrender of our colonies." (President Wheeler) "Indeed, we may be forced to surrender some territories in Asia, but the surrender of all our colonies, and our Dual Economy is out of the question and down right non-negotiable. We will give up some claims in Asia, but so will Russia. The Ottomans appear to agree with us on the matter that Russia has too much input in other nations internal affairs." (Prime Minister White) "So what terms are we proposing? What lands are we conceding to the Russians?" (President Wheeler) "So these are the terms upon our new division pact: Concessions made by the West: 1) The United States will hand over its Middle Eastern Colonies on the Arabian Peninsula to the Ottoman Empire. 2) The United States will also hand over its naval base on Socotra Island to the Ottomans as well. 3) England will surrender 2 of its 5 Chinese Port Colonies. England must surrender Qindao and Fuzhou. (England hasn't controlled Shanghai since China was unified) England will be allowed to maintain control over Hong Kong, Guangzhou and the island of Hanoi. 4) England is not required to surrenderthe colonies of: India, Singapore, and Nepal as England has had control over these lands since before Russia was declared a global empire. 5) Spain is not required to surrender lands in the Pacific as its only Pacific Possessions are Malaysia, Indonesia and New Guinea. These three coloniesshall remain under Spanish Control. Concessions made by Russia and the East: 1) Russia must surrender its Tasmanian Naval Base. 2) Russia must hand over Denmark and its Greenland territory to Prussia. 3) Russia will lose its ability to dictate the style of economy in foreign nations that are not colonies of the Russian Empire. 4) France, China and Japan will retain all lands they currently own. They are not required to give up land. 5) Russia can keep its colony in Brazil. Terms of Involvement: The North Atlantic Union shall be the dominant force of power in the western hemisphere. It shall be charged with ensuring political stability in the west. Russia and the Central Powers are to be tasked with ensuring political stability in the east. The Central Powers will be the dominant force of power in Asia and Eastern Europe. All trade between east and west shall be halted, and political discussion stopped. Russia nor any other Central Powers nation,can intervene whatsoever in Western politics or wars if they do not involve their Brazilian or Caribbean Colonies. The only time Russian ships or their allies are permitted from being involved in the west is if they are trading and conducting business within their colonial boarders. No member nation of the North Atlantic Union is permitted to intervene in any conflicts or political unrest in Asia unless it involves directly the western Colonies located there. The Only time Western ships are permitted to travel to Asia is if they are conducting trade and business within theircolonies boarders. If either side deviates from these terms for any reason it shall be an act of aggression and may spark armed conflict or retaliation. The N.A.U. shall continue its Dual Economic System while the East will use the Ruble. However, it shall be permitted, since some western colonies shall remain in Asia, that western nations invest in the Ruble and adopt a conversion method so as to allow remaining British Chinese ports the ability to trade with the rest of China while also remaining under British control. (Like the west has stated, the Dual Economic System was not meant to hurt the Ruble, in fact it can only strengthen foreign economies.) Russia has no say in the economies of the western nations, and therefore must allow the west to use the Dual Economic System in their Atlantic Union, as the west has not protested the Ruble being used in multiple nations except their own. It must be clear that under no circumstances are the east and western forces to intervene in each others respected colonies as such actions will be considered acts of aggression and shall warrant military retaliation. (This applies to both parties.) The North Atlantic Union,now under terms of this Treaty, is recognized asa military and Economic Union. The Central Powers, under terms of this Treaty, is recognized as a military and Economic Alliance." (Prime Minister White) "These terms are good. They draw clear lines as to each parties role in the world and their respected areas of influence. But what of our Dual Economy? We are using a Diamond Standard. The Russian's can still destabilize that standard, can"t they?" (King Diego) "Do not worry Prime Minister. Fromhow the Dual Economy is set up, not only is the Atlantic Union Currency (A.U.C.) backed by Diamonds, but our internal economic success as well. So long as the taxation of our own nations is successful and we have people to tax, our governments will have money to spend and the Dual Economy will not de-stabilize. Even if it did de-stabilize, our internal economies will still remain unaffected." (President Wheeler) "Precisely, your Majesty. Now if thereis nothing further, let us go and announce these terms. Basically this treaty is giving Russia dominance in all of Asia except for the total of 5 British colonies (India (At this time Bangladesh is part of India), Nepal, Hanoi, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong)), and the US Colony of Taiwan. Aside from these6 western Colonies, Russia will have dominanceover therest of the Asian continent.
  8. A Brave New World, 1800 AD (IC Internal)

    February 1813 - February 1814 February 1813 Major News: Grand overthrow of Tzar Catherine from power. Tzar Nicholas is reinstated to power as Prime Minister of Russia while Tzar Catherine will remain as a powerless figurehead over the Russian Empire. Prime Minister Nicholas of Russia immediately summons and expands Russia's military back to its old power. Taking the US and other Western converting's to the Dual Economic System as a threat, Russia declares war on the Economic System and begins blockading all British ports in China, and refuses to recognize British claims in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Russia is sending its mass fleets everywhere. Towards England and its colonies inciting war between east and west again. These acts of war are what led to Nicholas's being kicked out of power by starting wars with the west that will result in the most likely total destruction of Russia and western powers. The United States, England and Spain-Portugal call up mass reserves and begin preparing to defend their colonies and themselves. However, no Military action is taken as The West does not want a war. While they are prepared to launch a counter invasion of Russia itself should Russia literally attack anyone of the western nations, The west only states that its Dual Economic System will not impact the Ruble in any negative way. This system is meant to stabilize only the US, English and Spanish Economies and safeguard them against failure. Once that has been established they did plan on buying into the Ruble for overseas trade with Russia. March 1813 Major News: The United States announces its new ship is ready for construction! While Russia claims to have the fastest and strongest ships, The United States is boasting it now has a ship that can rival the Russian Mark 2 Cruiser. (More detail will be mentioned later. And since we have thus developed the technology of iron ships and such rather early in RP history, I see no problem with the ship I have designed and will mention later) (Note I am not mentioning where I am sending my troops as it is technically a breach of national security and poor leadership. If this war persists the world will find where my troops are stationed soon enough, but don't forget while Russia demobilized most of its army, the United States retained its army and has large numbers of reserves and ready soldiers. Including a large navy to boot so I can travel and invade in large numbers). US Irrigation System put on hold in light of looming world war. This is predicted to be the largest war ever waged in human history if it so happens that it cannot be avoided. US and British Engineers are recalled to various locations throughout the Americas and begin building elaborate defenses of trenches, mine fields and barbed wire fences. major coastal cities are being fortified and Ports and harbor cities and towns are being blockaded from the inside by a garrison of 30 ships in each western nation. Not enough Russian ships can fit through the mouth of each harbor or port to be able to take on 30 ships firing at once. April 1813 Major News: The first new US ship has been built. The Naval Department wanted something that would impress the Russians and possibly make them reconsider threatening our colonies with their navy. The Submarine makes its appearance. With its ability to submerge itself 200 feet below the surface of the ocean it can travel and fire at enemy ships from completely out of sight. Its main armaments include the Mark 13 Torpedo which yields 70 pounds of explosives in its head which can tear a hole in any ship to date.When surfaced the Submarine has a single 11 inch naval gun. The submarine can travel at 20knots above water and 35 submerged. While only the prototype has been completed, the United States ship builders are currently constructing several hundred of these submarines which should be ready for commission in the month as they have been under construction for several months already. The United States sends the design specifications to Spain-Portugal, and England and both Empire's begin building their submarines as well. Ireland adopts the Dual Economic System May 1813 Major News: The development of the US Submarine stuns Russian military officials and the Russian Prime Minister. Not knowing where the enemies ships are is a terrifying fact to accept. Russian military officials should consider recalling their blockades from British ports and should not attempt an attack on any British, Spanish, or American colonies as the west is prepared for all out war. American troops and cavalry are in position and finally 7 million troops are ready to launch the first wave of counter invasions into Russia but only after Russia has made an attack on Western colonies. While 7 million troops are ready, many more are on standby to join the second wave of counter invasion. In the United States, coastal cities that offer ports and harbors have been mined and submarines are being deployed to defend them as well as surface ships. Another few hundred subs are being produced as the United States has the manpower and metal available to mass produce the ships. On land mines have been deployed and soldiers are taking up defensive positions. While the soldiers are preparing to fight, the US Engineers are continuing to build a system of trenches up and down the west and east coast. Every few miles it is intended that there be a trench system in place. Along the coasts, again mines have been placed and US ships patrol US and its colonial shores. The United States urges Russia to stand down and cease its threats, again reassuring Russia the Dual Economy cannot hurt the Russian Ruble. US Philippines sees increased number of ships and troops as well. Being so close to Asia, it sits in the line of sight of Russia and it is close enough to offer support to British Australia should they require it. June 1813 Major News: The United States suggests that English authorities prepare to free Russian criminals from their Australian Penal Colonies. For a good price, the Russian prisoners can become hefty mercenaries. In the face of Russian Might the western nations are considering their options to best deal with Russian invasions. "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best" is quickly becoming the motto of the N.A.U. President John Wheeler states, Mr. Madison left office just in time. Surely the people will see him as the President that brought peace, while I will be the one with the blood of war on my hands." Canada joins the N.A.U by adopting the Dual Economic System. King Diego of Spain announces that with American help, Spain has its first submarine. Producing them in Mexico and the Dominican Republic Spain is able to mass produce the submarine and send it quickly to its overseas colonies. England also announces its Submarine is ready and is producing more. In the United States, weapons manufacturers completed their work on the machine gun. Soldiers now have rapid firepower in their hands. The three best types of weapons at the disposal of every soldiers are the Sniper Rifles, Infantry Rifles and the Machine Gun. July 1813 Major News: Spain and the United States name the passage the Rio Grande which means "Grand River". The Rio Grande will play an integral part in Naval mobility and travel speed, allowing US and Spanish ships to navigate east coast-west coast quickly. The entrances to the Rio Grande are guarded and mined. US Military recruitment is up. Even citizens are being trained how to handle weapons should they be forced to defend themselves in an invasion. One US Newspaper reads "The World was not so close to peace as it thought!" Another paper reads "Peace so close, yet so far!" A Third newspaper sparked debate. Written by an angry business owner who went broke after Russia began forcing others to use the Ruble, he blames Russia for the Dual Economic System because of their negligence to consider the consequences of everyone using the same currency. Furthermore he writes that this devastating effect totally destroyed the US economy and forced the nations of the N.A.U to take up similar steps by forming an economic union where a common international currency is used. Needless to say he points the blame at Russia. Protected by his Freedom of Speech right, he cannot be arrested so long as he does not threaten any physical harm or use any "Hate Words". "The United States refutes that it is not a socialist nation." responded Vice President Adams."While some of its policies are socialist leaning, Capitalism, and Democracy are alive and well. But the United States will do what is necessary to survive economically and militarily." continued the Vice President. August 1813 Major News: The United States asks the world is it ready for another all out war? With wars on such a large scale occurring every decade it seems, many nations of Africa and Asia are unable to industrialize and prosper. They remain poor and underdeveloped because they are not given the chance at growth. SO again the US appeals to the world as a whole, IS IT READY FOR ANOTHER ALL OUT WAR?? British Troops are deployed to its major colonies, Egypt, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India. Its Chinese Colonies are blockaded, however, using their submarines British forces are able to sneak their way under the blockade and British defenses are being established throughout their Chinese ports colonies. The United States finds Diamonds are in high demand. The United States financial advisors to the President advise that the new standard for the A.U.C should be the diamond. The President likes the idea, and because of the diamonds value world wide, The North Atlantic Union nations adopt the Diamond as their international standard for its A.U.C. Dual Economy holding strong. With the United States population constantly on the increase doubling with almost every passing year, tax income rates continue to risegiving the government surplus money at its disposal. With this surplus money the United States begins funding other programs to better its defense. England and Spain also begin seeing record governmental profits and begin doing the same. September 1813 Major News: Due to the record profits from the Dual Economic System, the United States pays off its Trans-American Irrigation System for the next 4 years. All works are hereby paid their minimumwage of $3.00. (If I did the math correctly) The United States total amount paid to its workers for the next four years amounted to $10,950,000. (That is 4 years times the $3.00 minimum wage times the amount of workers which I rounded to 2500.) Ottoman Sultan falls ill and is not expected to Survive. Ottoman names his second son as Sultan upon his death. HIs eldest son is not happy and is attempting to rally support to name him proper heir to the Sultans throne. Youngest son of the Sultan not interested in political or family disputes and would rather spend his time drinking. It seems the United States' attempt to form an isolationist Union with England and Spain-Portugal have failed as all attempts by Russia to destroy the Dual Economic System are directed at the west. While no military action has been taken yet, it is expected that the Russian blockades of Western ports and colonies will soon turn into invasions. Hence the west gearing up for the worst possible scenario. October 1813 Major News: US Antarctic expeditions forbidden from travelling more than 12 miles from their base camps. Ottoman Empire begins colonizing what is left of Antarctica. The United States ghost towns of the Midwest territories are occupied by Army Forces. The ghost towns now are treated as military bases and the abandoned gold mines become safe places for our forces. In turn using nature to form indestructible fortresses and bases. The United States Naval Department while continue to build the submarine puts ship designers to the next big test of designing yet another ship more massive than the relatively small submarine. Specifications are unknown at this time but the ship is expected to pack tremendous firepower. The US Congress declares the United States in an official "State of Emergency". As the intentions of Russia are unclear for the coming year, Congress allows President Wheeler to expand the powers of the President tremendously. Martial Law is declared along the US Coast lines and in all overseas colonies. Also, the President passes an Executive Order, which does not need the consent of Congress, to begin a National Draft. While the population currently supports the US, its allies and the reasons for possible war, the US finds no problem drafting young men into the military. Congress meets to discuss giving women the right to vote. The Bill this time passes by a margin of 3 votes. Women can now vote in all US elections. (Race andgender does not matter anymore) In the Middle East colonies, US forces began digging trenches for their defense. I their digging efforts a black substance was found pooling up from the sand. Oil has been discovered!! November 1813 Major News: Finding the new black substance is highly combustible, US Defenses begin shipping large quantities of the oil out of the Middle Eastern Colonies. Large Oil mining operations begin as the United States wishes to export and refine as much of this oil as possible. "Oil might replace Coal in the next 5 years" boasts one soldier. Alternative energy is found. The United States begins working on outfitting more of its cargo ships to carry the oil. In the meantime, several new dry-docksare under construction so as to alleviate someof the pressure to build more ships. Oil Container ships are first on the list to be built as the other ship yards focus on building ships for the navy. The American Irrigation System was put on hold a few months earlier just outside the city of Seattle in the snowy Cascade Mountains. From here it was planned to branch off and follow the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Mountains south. Mexican engineers however, continue to build the irrigation system from the south up, attempting to close the gap between north and south a little bit more, making construction easier for the British and Americans when they return. Gaining special permission from the President, Spanish and Mexican engineers cross the Rio Grande and begin constructing pipelines through the specified mountain ranges. December 1813 Major News: No word yet from Russia backing down. Even after the US and N.A.U assures Russia and the world this Dual Economic System will not hurt the Ruble in anyway. From our dealings with Tzar Nicholas, now Prime Minister,in the past, he was not one to hold kindly to negotiations and incredibly expansionist. The west sends a letter to Catherine, the former Tzar and now figurehead, asking if she has any influence at all to try and end the tensions that are exploding out of control. Spanish forces in Spain and Switzerland report ready. Spanish navy also reporting an ever increasing number of submarines. It is unclear if Russia can construct so many submarines in such a short amount of time. The surprise of the west having built the submarineupon Russia took Prime Minister Nicholas by utter shock. Russia in the past months and few years has seen a constant rise and decline in their economy and Russia lacks some of the raw materials needed to build and maintain such large forces. Russia maintains enough forces to defend itself from attack, even against most of the western nations combined, however, Russia's own weakness lies in its constantly sending troops overseas. By doing so, not many soldiers are left to defend the motherland. And while Russia has an overwhelming number of civilians to conscript, they will not pass a combat ready soldiers or be properly equipped in time in the face of an all out invasion from multiple fronts. This is why Russia's vast territorial size will ultimately be Russia's own downfall. When that downfall comes however, depends upon Russia's leaders. January 1814 Major News: US Library of Congress to be completed by October of this year. With US Midwestern territories seeing an influx of military personnel Congress decides to make Utah andColorado the 42nd and 43rd States. This would allow people moving to these territories and soldiers who are bringing their families with them to remain within the United States official jurisdiction. Although, the US Claims it has jurisdiction over the territories as well, the territories are given a second priority as compared to the actual states. The US Colonial forces in the Panama Colony also begin requesting a waterway be constructed to allow ships quicker passage around South America. Request is approved and the US funds the project costing 90 million dollars (Because Panama is small and narrow it doesn't require much money to fund the program.) This undertaking will be completed in two years time. US Oil Carrying ships outfitted to carry 20,000 barrels of Oil. The Oil is being shipped to safe unknown locations to keep anyone from stealing the valuable fuel.The oil, while originally for use by the United States should an alternate fuel be needed, itcan be sold to any nation for any currency. The United States is ready to begin dealing with foreign currencies and integrating those calculations into the US Dual Economy. The United States re-fits its navy to be fueled by Oil rather than Coal. Refueling ships also refitted to handle oil. February 1814 Major News: Massive sand storm moving across Sahara Desert. All Us forces are required to remain indoors until the storm subsides. British digging in Egypt on schedule to finish by 1815. The British have named their waterway the Suez Canal British Parliament authorizes the establishment and construction of a new ship yard. Ireland also gives England permission to build a ship yard on Irelands east coast. North Atlantic Union remaining strong together. The member nations have become like family and although their histories may depict them as enemies in the past, they have learned to see past their differences to achieve what has been reached now. Total cooperation and a Union of the said nations who are pledging their defense to each other. Mexico is the last nation to join the N.A.U. The limit of member nations has been reached and no more nations are permittedto join the Union. The United States announces that the N.A.U. is ready to deal with foreign currency, including the Ruble and if Russia permits trade to continue, the N.A.U would be happy to trade to Russia in the Ruble, however, the N.A.U is not going to adopt it as their official currency. (Note: the way it works with foreign currency will be same as how it works with in each nation. After every trade, Russia will get its Rubles back and the nations involved in the trade print the money in its proper conversion in A.U.C.'s. In essence Russia is not losing its money and trades can be completed).
  9. Totally agree. Sounds good to me. I'm thinking that after this RP I am going to stop for a little while. I spend a lot of time after work on my computer for the RP. It would be like a short vacation for me if I didn't start up a new one right away. I'm thinking that maybe after the new year the new RP should start. I say that because for Christmas and New Years I will be away anyhow so I won't be taking part until I get back. Is that ok with you guys?
  10. A Brave New World, 1800 AD (IC Diplomacy)

    March 1812 Meeting between England, US and Spanish Delegates discussing whether or not our nations will accept the Russian Ruble and how we should fix our failing economies as a result of others accepting the Russian Ruble. (US Delegates) "Well gentlemen, last time we met it was to discuss us breaking up as an alliance, and here we reconvene to discuss the break up of our economies. What shall we do to fix our problems? As you all know the nations of Japan, China, Francethe Ottoman Empire and the Prussian-HRE Empire have all switched to using the Ruble as their standard currency for trade. Also, Russia has again pushed England to accept the currency as well. Anysuggestions? (Prime Minister White) "We are too proud to just give up our currency in which we have trusted for so long. But I do not see anyway out of this mess. Everywhere we look The Ruble is used. I don't see how we can avoid using it." (King Diego) "Aye, Si. I do not see how we can avoid using the Russian currency. We tried the Stock Market that you devised, however, Russia has it too and by having so many people use and accept only the Ruble it caused your stock market to crash and thus our economies to fail. What about you? You called this meeting, do you have a plan?" (US Delegates) "Aye, President Madison does have a plan. It is called the Dual Economy System. What this plan proposes is that we each develop a second currency that our three nations will accept. A set international standard for our three countries. This will be a new currency and need to be printed. This currency is for international use only for trade and other foreign expenditures. This will allow our governments money to spend internationally, and we will have money that we can spend domestically and fund projects within our nations." (P.M. White) "But how will we keep up the revenue for our governments?" (US Delegates) "Through taxation. The people will maintain absolute control over the domestic currency of your nation, in your case its the pound. The people maintain control over it, you tax them, and how much money you pull in through tax, you print out and put it in the treasury for your government to use to fund other home projects, while returning the original taxed money back to your people. They don't miss money, your technically not taking it and everyone makes it." (King Diego) "This is an interesting plan. How will we accomplish this?" (US Delegates) "When the Western Coalition dissolved we pledged ourselves as an economic alliance, I say we finalize our union as an economic power. We are all Atlantic bearing nations. We shall name ourselves the North Atlantic Union, and our currency shall be the Atlantic Union Currency. This currency shall be backed by a new material, NOT GOLD OR SILVER but something different. Each of our two economies can support the other so neither of them has a high risk of failure. And if one does fail, we do not have to worry about the other failing as well. This ensures that our people will always have money in their pockets. (P.M. White) "I like this idea. I didn't want to accept Russia's Ruble anyway, I second this motion and would be proud to enter this Union." (King Diego) "Si, I too would be happy to lead Spain into this Union. But how will we trade with Russia and China?" (US Delegates) "We simply will not trade with them. For a few years our trade with them will have to be stopped so as to allow our nations to establish a secure footing on this new Dual Economic System. Prime Minister, you control your Chinese Ports without question and Russia has acknowledged that, since your colonies in Chinaare not using the Ruble you can still export some goods from China. Meanwhile any businesses we may have in other Asian countries that are under Russian influence and not colonies of ours will have to be placed off limits and trade and business must withdraw from such nations." (P.M. White) "I agree." (US Delegates) "Another issue with this system requires that all citizens in our nations make the same wage regardless of their profession. In the US, President Madison has raised the minimum wage to 3 whole dollars and will continue to raise it until an official limit is reached. This way everyone can be taxed the same 15 percent and the government will always have money at its disposal to fund other fancies we may have." (King Diego) "I support the idea." (P.M. White) "I too support the idea." (US Delegates) " Use caution however, we cannot have too many nations use this Dual Economic System otherwise our new currency will devalue and be worth nothing. We should place a limit to how many nations are allowed to join this Union of ours and use the new system at6 nations. Prime Minister, you should ask Ireland and Canadawhichare colonies of yours to take up this system. And Your Highness Diego, please ask Mexico to join us as well. This will give us 6 nations and our cap will be filled. In one year our Dual Economy System shall be strong and our economies saved and on the road to recovery. In two years time we might be able to buy the Ruble as a third currency and initiate trade with Russia. But let us worry about that later and let us first focus on establishing this system."
  11. A Brave New World, 1800 AD (IC Internal)

    January 1812 - January 1813 January 1812 Major News: Nevada Officially announced as the 41st State of the United States. US colonization of Antarctica proceeding smoothly. USoccupies Second largest land mass on the continent to Russia. United States and other western Nations confound Russia by use of their naval corvettes. Russia's Mark-2 Armored Cruiser is still faster and more heavily armed than western corvettes. Russia wonders why Corvettes are playing such a large role in US and Western Navies. Russia pushing western nations to take on the Ruble. As a result of so many nations accepting the Ruble, the US stocks and economy crash and many nations face economic instability. US, Spain and England will meet to discuss whether they should accept the Ruble or not. February 1812 Major News: War between Japan and Korea declared over and Japan is recognized as the victor. Japan begins a militarization program to bolster its forces and maintain Korea as its own colony. The United States withdraws its businesses from Japan and halts all trade to Ruble using nations until the US can re-stabilize its economy. The US and England have laid 700 miles of piping for its Yukon Trans-American Irrigation System, however, due to increased snow storms over the winter months, work has temporarily stopped until May. US and Spain have reached the halfway point in the boarder reconstruction program to construct large ravines and waterways separating the two nations and hopefully stopping illegal activity along the boarder. The United States establishes Whaling and Fishing/Trading ports along its Arctic coast. These ports will export other materials such as otter and seal furs and skins. US Explorers of the Antarctic encounter the Polar Bear. It becomes a source of food for Arctic explorers as well as its fur becoming a rare commodity in the United States. March 1812 Major News: Spain, the US and England due to meet in a few days to discuss its economic collapse due to the wide usage of the Ruble. Civil Unrest in Russia signals possible overthrow of the Monarchy, however, due to Russia's military power and the loyalty the Russian military has for the Tzar, if any overthrow is attempted, it will most-likely result in mass bloodshed. The United States, fur trades from the Arctic is the only thing keeping US economy afloat, however, sooner or later these trades will crash as well and the entire US economy may collapse. Congress is going to take action. Western Coalition powers meet to discuss the Ruble and whether or not they are going to accept it as their currency as well. April 1812 Major News: Snow in the Yukon Mountains is melting however, too much remains to continue the pipeline. Construction will resume in May as scheduled. In Mexico, the US and Spain are nearing the 3/4 mark for completion. At this rate the project will continue on schedule some time in June of this year. Announcements from the meeting between England, Spain and the US are out. Spain, England and the US are not going to accept the Ruble. As their currency right away. The United States delegates proposed a radical idea called the "Dual Economy". (Read the Diplomacy thread for the United States for more specific details) The "Dual Economy is proposed to help protect the US economy by breaking the economy into two sections the Global Economy and Domestic Economy, using two different currencies for each section, both can support each other preventing a large scale economic crash, without effecting the other if they do crash. (again more details in Diplomacy) US Reserves reach record highs. May 1812 Major News: US population doublesdue to immigration and higher successful birth rates. US Mexican Boarder ravine is nearing completion. The ravine now stretches across the entire US Mexican Boarder and is ready to link the two oceans (Atlantic and Pacific) together, forming an active waterway cutting travel time from east to west in half. US and Mexico own the waterway and will tax any nation who wishes to use the waterway a 10% share of whatever trade deals are made or $7,000 toll for the use of the waterway (This passage has yet to be named) President Madison orders the United States to follow the Dual Economy System. This system is promising to become more efficient over time, this economy uses the nations population and the governments taxing as its key sources of revenue for the nation. Congress promises that never again will the United States economy crash as a result of foreign financial changes. US Mexican Waterway complete, The first Spanish and US ships sail through the waterway in celebration. There are 100 Bridges spanning the river, each with a Mexican and US checkpoint on their respected sides of the bridge. This is to allow immigration however, due to the rivers rapid currents swimming the span is dangerous and highly life-threatening. Crime along the US Mexican boarder has been stopped King Diego and President Madison shake hands as the Passage was opened. The project cost both nations an estimated 300 million dollars. (A staggering amount for the early 1800's) Construction of the American Irrigation System continues. June1812 Major News: US and Spanish shipping begin using the waterway more frequently. Since each nation has shared ownership of the waterway, the tolls each nation pays to use to passage is half the price other nations will pay to use the passage. United States crime rates along the US Mexican Boarder near non-existent. To cross the boarder you must encounter US or Spanish law enforcement. The only way in and out of both nations undocumented is to swim the span or swim around the boarder in the Caribbean or Pacific Oceans. US and English engineers lay anotherseveral hundred miles of pipeline this month. July 1812 Major News: Since the beginning of Spring, the snow of the Yukon has melted enough to allow construction to resume. Since it re-continued in May to date the project has gone smoothly and the pipeline is nearing the halfway point of Canada, nearing the city of Vancouver. The United States Middle Eastern Colonies sees increase in number of US reserves. As the Ottoman Irrigation System ends many US engineers return to their roles and duties in US colonies. Spain-Portugal adopts the Dual Economy for the Empire. They will have more difficulties since their empire consists of the merge of two individual nations, however, the Iberian Parliament is confident they can make the Dual Economy work. Russia offers England a land swap. Would England be interested in trading the Australian Colony for Russia's African Colonies. No word yet from England, although in meetings with the US the British Prime Minister has shown signs that he will not accept the trade as Australia is an industrial and modern colony and vital link to British Pacific colonies. August 1812 Major News: US farms along the Mississippi River showing increased crop production. The rainy seasons and the snow coming from the Mountains has brought an abundant source of fertility to the soil. US Congress meets and discusses the right to vote being passed on to women. As of current the vote failed by a margin of 200 votes. President Madison wishes to allow all men and women the voting right. Congress will reconvene later. US Begins its transition onto the Dual Economy. With the US Economy nearing absolute disaster, this transition comes in the nick of time. The US Congress recalls all United States currency, raises the minimum wage to $3.00 and redistributes the US money accordingly. While redistributing the US Currency to the people, President Madison orders the Treasury to begin printing a new form of currency to be used between the United States, England and Spain. The AUC (Atlantic Union Currency) will be printed in all three nations and used as the international currency between the three powers. Each will retain its domestic currency. England adopts the Dual Economy System. September 1812 Major News: The United Statesis forced to take a more socialist appearance due to the new economic system implemented. While Capitalism is not abolished, only the government can raise the wage, workers are paid, and it is promised that every two years the wage will increase until an official limitestablished. Also, it is mandated that every business pay its workers the same. Everyone must make the same money regardless oftheirposition otherwise "cracks in the system" will form and people may not get their deserved pay. The United States economy based on tax is essential. Every time the government receives its tax money it prints that much money and returns the original money to the people. Thus allowing the people to maintain control of their money and allowing the government money to spend and fund other projects. The US international currency is ready and the three nations begin trading with the new currency. Through the united efforts of Spain, England and the US,a major financial crash was avoided and the US economy and other western economy not using the Ruble were saved. October 1812 Major News: US and English engineers reach the city of Vancouver and the American Irrigation System is at 40% complete. In Washington DC, Congress orders the construction of a large building where all written documents can be stored. The Library of Congress is establishedand the cornerstone forits foundation is laid. The building will be completed in 2 years. Seeing as how the United States and Spain established a water way linking the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans across the US Mexican boarder, England resumes its hopes of establishing a water canal across Egypt and linking theMediterranean to the Indian Ocean. Russia announces the Torpedo Boat. The United States announces an new state of the art ship is being draftedand should be out before the end of the century. US Military Engineers examine the usage of the Gatling gun from US Civil War, and attempt to create a handheld versionof the gun. The US ArmyWeapon Developers announce the design specifications of the Machine Gun. An individual light weapon capableof firing multiple rounds a minute. (At least 10 rounds in one minute) the fasted firing gun in development for its day. The US War Department orders 4,000 of these guns to be made and plans on testing theweapons combat capabilities in training exercises. November 1812 Major News: The United States Presidential Elections are drawing near. President Madison has reached the near end of his Presidential Term. Throughout the year the candidate leading the polls is JohnWheeler. John Wheeler has chosen John Quincy Adams to be his Vice President. Widely popular with the people his running opponent is behind in the polls by a margin of 77 votes. President Madison not running for a second term as his time as President has been some of the most tension filled and crisis filled he ever dreamed possible. Wanting to end his presidency on the positive note of saving the US economy he bows out of a second term in office as he states "I cannot foresee the events of the future. In another 4 years I might have gone from the most popular President to the most hated. Therefore I shall leave office having done good." US Coloniesinquire if they too must accept the Dual Economy System of the US. The US Congress replies that US colonies do not have to switch their desired currencies if they do not want so long as they do not accept the Ruble at this time as any attempt to destabilize the early Dual Economic System can cause serious global catastrophes. US Colonies make it clear that they are not going to accept the Ruble without US permission and will continue accepting the new US currency. December 1812 Major News: John Wheeler is voted in as the 5th President of the United States. He won with a margin of 25 votes and shall take theOath of Office on January 1st the coming year. President Madison preparing to step down as President. US Banks showing signs of prosperity under new economic system. The people too are content with the system as their lives are not affected. Also, they are overjoyed that they will receive a pay raise every two years. US Congress looking for more rare materials to back up US currency with. Gold and Silver are the standard, however, other rare items are being looked for to help boost the value of the new currency. US African Colonies bring the use of salt before Congress as the standard for the AUC. However, Congress rejects the use of Salt as it is too commonly used in most parts of the world. The search for a new economic standard for the AUC continues. January 1813 Major News: President John Wheeler is inaugurated as the 5th President. As his first act as President John Wheeler personally goes to visit the progress of the American Irrigation System. It takes him 13 Days to travel to the American Northwest by Train. Workers pleased the President was concerned to visit them. President Wheeler meets with Prime Minister White, and King Diego as the new leader of the US. The US Economic System taking a positive hold on the nation. The Members of the Western Coalition discuss via (written letter) the name change of the alliance. Seeing as how the Western Coalition was dissolved as a military alliance and entered a more economic union, and due to recent events of accepting the AUC as the standard economic system between the three nations, England, Spain and the US agree to become the North Atlantic Union (N.A.U) This Union is an economic union of nations and not a military union. However, their previous pledge of defending each other in catastrophes and war still stands as these nations have a long active history together and have come to respect each other greatly. The US warns that if too many nations begin using the Dual Economic System that the N.A.U is using, the currency will devalue. The N.A,U places a limit on the number of nations able to use the Dual Economic System at 5 nations leaving room for two more nations to join the N.A.U.
  12. I like your idea of starting a new map in a new era such as 1939 or 2000. If we make the end goal owning the most land though I think then you would win the RP. (That's fine) but that would leave Varspasian with basically nothing, because there is no way he can geta large enough empire in such a short time. We have done large scale negotiations before. I think the World Peace thing is worth a shot, we can arrange our days for diplomacy, and start negotiating on the terms. Once the terms have been reached and confirmed I can make a final map update to show what the world would look like under world peace. The "Whoever owns moreLand" way would mean that the big empires would claim the victory. I will write the number of countries each empire has under its colonization: Spain = 39 nations Russia = 43 nations Ottoman Empire = 15 nations + the island of Crete (which is a part of Greece) (could be rounded up to 16 nations) (Ottoman Empire also has a Canary, Azores and Cape Verde Islands) The United States = 15 nations + some of the Pacific Islands like Midway, Guam England = 34 nations including 3 Chinese port city colonies, and a string of islands off of South America, and the Pacific Marianas France =6 nations So Russia would win under these terms. Congratulations, you have the largest Empire. But lets giveworldpeace a try and see if we can agree on terms. And like I said, I support starting a new map and possibly different eras. If you want to move faster with the time, lets move to 1 post = 1 year. It will probably be longer posts on our end but time will move quicker and hopefully we get through more of the century.
  13. A Brave New World, 1800 AD (IC Internal)

    January 1812 - June 1812 January 1812 Major News: Ottoman Empire announces that its Irrigation System will be completed by July of this year. Russia declines US economic aid offer. US markets in Japan can no longer use Japanese or American currency.Most east Asian countriesincluding Japan, Korea, China, and France and Ottoman Empireare switching to the Russian Ruble. While the value of the Ruble is increasing, the US, England and Spain are uncertain of the Rubles stability since the Tzar announced the instability of the precarious Russian Economy. As a result The US slows its amount of trade in Japan. Japan declares war on Korea. Turn of events are predictable. Japanese forces winning in a string of victories against the Korean peasants. February 1812 Major News: With the Ottoman Irrigation Project winding down, many American and British Engineers are recalled to the United States, and Canada to begin surveying the Mountain Ranges that Parliament and Congress agreed would run the route of the American Irrigation System. US and Spanish forces reach the 300 mile mark in its digging the Ravine along the boarder of both countries. US and Spanish forces also invite Ottoman Engineers to assist in this undertaking as well, as the more workers the quicker the project will be completed. Russia refuses to sell Spain its four Caribbean Islands due to Russia having Naval Bases vital to its overseas Empire. Russia gives Spain permission to intervene on the Island of Malta. Recently Maltese people have revolted against the HRE and Prussia due to the Empire's negligence of its island territory, causing trade and supplies to vanish. Malta moves towards joining the Italian States, but those loyal to HRE and Prussia begin fighting attempting to retain power. Spain now allowed to intervene is expected to send troops to the island and quiet the rebellion/protests, by force if it is necessary. It is hoped however, that violence wont be needed. March 1812 Major News: United States commissions another 200 Corvettes for its Navy. US Fleet heading south reaches southern Brazil. They are not destined for Brazil however, and continue to pass by the Russian colony. US Southwestern drought is declared over, however, to prevent severe droughts from happening again, the US notes that it is important the US irrigation system be built. Across the United States and deep in its various Mountain ranges, vast reservoirs are dug. Natural rain water and snow will fill these reservoirs and they will fill with water. This water will be carried by man-made rivers through certain towns and villages in places with shortages of water. US Taiwan becomes more industrialized than in previous years. US Manufacturers begin moving to the colony for cheaper and reliable labor. April 1812 Major News: US Fleet heading south reaches coast of Argentina. Spanish Fleet of 10 Shipsrendezvous with the US Fleet. US Naval Department announces its newest technological upgrades on all US ships (the 10 inch naval guns) is complete. President Madison publishes 3rd Federalist Paper. Nevada Territory becomes the 41st State of the Union US no longer bound by rules of Western Coalition terms as the Coalition breaks up this month as a military power. It now focuses its resources as an economic power rather than military. The United States colony of Somalia begins importing tea from British India and British Chinese ports. May 1812 Major News: As the Ottoman Irrigation Project begins winding down, Ottoman engineers are sent to the United States boarder of Mexico and assist in helping build the US Mexican boarder Ravine. The US and Mexican builders inform the Ottoman Engineers that this ravine will connect to the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans and form a river. British support for the project along the US Mexican boarderis minimal as they send men to survey the Canadian Yukon Mountains. The United States and other western nations don't accept the Ruble as currency they want to use. They buy into the Russian currency for the sake of successful trading in the east, but as far as accepting the currency as a standard in their own nations, most prefer their pounds, dollars and reals (currency of Spain-Portugal) US-Spanish Fleets reach the Antarctic The US Fleet transported 500 Personnel to the Arctic in hopes of establishing an outpost, whaling and seal hunting. June 1812 Major News: US and Spanish ships getting stuck in the thick polar ice. US and Spanish Naval Departments devise the "Ice breakers" which are ships with large sharpened rammingbows that are meant to cut through the thick ice. These ships would lead the ships and cut a path for them to sail through ice fields. US establishes 3 outposts on the Arctic Peninsula and on a few of the small islands surrounding the Peninsula. The Spanish do the same with the exception that they settle a little farther south and on two islands to the north west of the peninsula. While the US, Spain and England are aware of the Ottoman and Russian ports in the Antarctic, the west claims that there is no race to colonize the barren cold waste land. While the territorial boundaries established in Antarctica are to be respected as sovereign boarders, the need to colonize the south pole is simple a desire of exploration and scientific discovery of the coldest place on the planet. There is almost no conceivable need to establish operational military outposts on the continent.
  14. No Russia had attempted to Colonize the region that Ahvoking referred to as the NAJD. (His posts relating to the colonization of some areas of the Ottoman Empire are on page 13 (I believe) of the Internal Thread for the RP. You can look it up if you'd like. While in his posts prior to your joining us, he did say that the region was under Russian influence and Russia was attempting to Colonize it. I had assumed that at the time it was officially colonized by Russia. If he didn't end up colonizing it then it maybe wasn't clear enough. And I willmessage him about it just to be sure. It is also possible I made a mistake in my interpretation of the posts. If it does belong to Russia I will post that fact here. It is possible that being allies the Ottoman Empire and Russia can work out a land trade or someother deal. Thanks for questioning it. I will get back to you.. Joe