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  1. Scaling Resource and Price Cost on CIties

    Aw. I tried playing CN, but I don't feel like starting a new nation on a dying cult-classic whose sides are entrenched harder than the Germans were on that beachfront in Normandy.
  2. Laws - Some Questions, Experiences, and Recomendations

    Well it was around 55%, which was up about 5% more than usual, but it's back down to 49% now. I guess compulsory sex isn't the best thing in the world after the first night. But Huxley made it look so good on paper. ;_;
  3. Suggestion: Passed Laws

    I, too, would like a Law Timeline. They're in a whacky order I don't like.
  4. Scaling Resource and Price Cost on CIties

    It would be nice if the scale was more... Logarithmic than Exponential. I've played too many games that keep me as some Africa-Tier Third-World Nation. And, after all, the bigger they are the harder they fall. Bigger nations make for a more interesting meta.
  5. Laws - Some Questions, Experiences, and Recomendations

    Nice replies, everyone. Interesting stuff. Also, passed the Sexytime Act (uwaah~). My birth rate went up... By a whole .05, and that translated into a whole 4 more people being born per day.
  6. Let's Make a Story!

  7. Laws are fun, and cost a precious amount of time for the chance to pass each. There's a lot of them, too, and it would probably take the better half of a year to pass them all, which leads to a question I've been having but have not tested myself: Can a nation pass "conflicting" laws? For example, if I passed a law that made my government run by Christian principles, could I then pass a law that makes it run by Jewish principles, then Norse principles, etc, without them cancelling eachother out? Additionally, what have peoples' statistical experiences been with these laws? Perhaps it would be too much to give actual stated benefits to laws (like "Raises immigration rate by .10%) because then people would cherry-pick and the other laws would just remain for RP purposes. I've noticed that the Freedom of Religion act raised my immigration rate by .10%, for example.
  8. Goyim invasion

    I can appreciate the dedication to roleplay, but make sure you keep it PC for our name's sake.
  9. New Format

    Yeah I was gonna ask if the changes to the laws were on purpose. It's weird to me that the name of the law and a brief description of what it does are both in the same area without any differentiation. Also we can only look at one law at a time? ;_;
  10. New Format

  11. Subsidize the Millitary Market!

    When do you think we'll be able to build things to shoot people with?
  12. The Sons of Rumsod

    Bumping to announce that our forum will be up within 24 hours (promise!) and that the user list will be updated within 5 minutes of this post being sent.
  13. Let's Make a Story!

  14. Let's Make a Story!

  15. A Message to all alliances Via USF

    Rest in peace, USF.