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  1. Nation Help Thread

    Is there any benefit to building warehouses in multiple cities? Right now I've been building them in my capital only.
  2. Nation Help Thread

    So I've been debating buying my fourth city or to wait for the next update and see if things have changed. So far I've been buying land, but right now it costs 14 million per km the cost to benifite is rapidly decreasing. Your thoughts?
  3. I don't know about everyone else but on a tablet or mobile making a selection can be hit or miss. This is a problem when the sell button is directly below the amount field which itself is directly below buy offers. Someone got very lucky right now cuss I tried clicking the sale field to enter an amount but clicked the lowest visible buy offer. Went to click it again to remove the amount but due to large fingers clicked sell. I didn't want to sell that amount, especially not that low. I think a confirm link needs to be added or the layout change to prevent this stupid stuff from happening.
  4. savings account

    I didn't mean another game account more like the feature with the bank you mentioned, even without interest. Right now it's just pain to have recalculate how much I trying to save each time.
  5. Population in capital

    Yeah mine has remained the same 115k since I joined, I'm leaving towards bug however maybe it's just difference in infrastructure. Right now I have 1 school, 1 Uni, 1 fire station and 2 police, and 4 clinics. What about you guys more or less the same? There really needs to be an edit post feature, leaning toward is what I meant.
  6. savings account

    Yup purely to save money. I would like to save x amount per day and right now it's a plain.
  7. I was thinking it would be useful to be able to transfer funds to an account for the purpose of saveing and only funds in an active account can be spent.
  8. Population in capital

    Mine has a pop of 115k. It's always been at that level and nothing seems to change it. I was under the impression that capital cities have a fixed starting pop of 115k that remains static throughout the game sense it is baking alky a 3/4 upgraded metro area. My question is why do some players have a higher pop. Is it possible to increase the pop or is there something going on that I am not aware of.
  9. Sovereign Currencies

    I like this idea. I think it would add an interesting aspect to gameplay. Not being great at economics how would currency value be determined if not based on metal? Or would it be simple supply and demand as we see in the market right now. Second question. Would the amount of currency be taken directly from our funds? Right now I'm kinda thinking of it as simply another resource on the market, is that the general idea?
  10. I've also noticed the same thing along with the current effects on the resource market. I may be wrong but it seems like demand is out pacing supply driving the cost up. It makes me wonder if, in the futur, resource production will be able to keep up with the massive resource requirement of upgrades while dealing with diminishing returns of resource production.
  11. Laws!

    OK another failure to pass a law. Has anyone found anything that helps laws to pass. Anyone found a golden zone stat wise? Maybe my happiness is too low? Anyone find groups of laws that are easy to pass? So far I have managed to pass only these. Balanced budget. Basic criminal code. Checks and balance act. Firearms legalization. Meritocratic government and society. Freedom of speech. These are what I have not been able to pass along with how many times I've tried. Equal pay act. Capital investment tax credits. Civil rights act. Freedom of religion, x2 Fogrien investment inducement act, x3 Immigration incentives act, x3 Min wage act. The last two or three I don't remember.
  12. Here is an idea I had.
  13. Laws!

    That's the problem. How does one know which laws are controversial? What criteria (is the plural of criteria criteria?) are used to determine this. Is freedom of religion controversial if I have regulation of firearms act or is it controversial if I have deregulation of firearms act which is what I have. I don't think this system is bad just poorly implemented, if I had some way to know roughly which laws are controversial and what not it would be different, a calculated risk. As it is now I feel like a blind monkey throwing darts at a six inch dart board.
  14. Laws!

    I don't think it's the law them selves that is the problem but the whole system to pass laws. Out of the 20 laws I've tried to pass only 6 actually made it. That's a 70% fail rate, I'm not even trying to go with laws that go with my ideals now I'm just trying to get something to pass don't really care what it is.
  15. Law question

    I have to agree. I think we need more info. Even knowing which laws are similar and which are not would be a lot of help. I don't mind having the unpredictability off the voting to an extent but I think this is a little much, especially with such limited information. Of my past four votes only one passed.