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  1. Law question

    Curious whether in the future there will be different probabilities of each law passing, if that doesn't exist already. Alternatively I am curious whether there are plans to have advice in the laws area i.e. 'law x is unlikely to pass' or 'law x is likely to pass', so that you can weigh up which laws you could attempt to pass with a high chance of success.
  2. Law question

    Same here, so much for party loyalty. Guess I will have to work on getting government satisfaction to like 85-90%, increase happiness to 70-75%, and hold new elections before I can be sure that laws I propose can be passed. But laws aren't my priority right now.
  3. Old and Completed Market Transactions

    Can you actually cancel trade orders/offers? And why are there offers you can't accept (as the game won't let you) filling the marketplace? That's the two qualms I have with the trade/market system, otherwise it looks good.
  4. Economic advice

    I didn't get how this game worked early on, spent too much early on, but should be able to build a power plant tomorrow. Then I am going to build some more other types of infrastructure, and buy more land. Maybe a week from now I might buy a university. I bought one warehouse, but usually I just distribute resources well in advance, so I rarely need to store them.
  5. Economic advice

    I am going to spend my funds building a coal plant over this week, and a university over the next, then worry about land, and building more clinics, police stations and so forth. Population density is my third priority, the first being infrastructure as my nation is new, the second being building up an emergency stash of money and resources.
  6. Currently I can just see coal, gas, and oil as energy sources. Are there any plans to introduce wind or hydro power as cleaner (but more expensive to build) energy sources, which can come available after research?
  7. Hello there

    I don't think I have done too terrible so far for my first part day or so: Net Income per Day: $444,284.35 Personal Tax Rate: 10.00% Corporate Tax Rate: 18.00% Avg. Income: $219.21 Gov Satisfaction: 63.63% Land Area: 558.00 sq km GDP per Capita: $73,901.06 ($37,040,023,691.17 total) Crime Rate: 13.12% Literacy Rate: 69.76% Disease Prevalence: 27.41% Population Happiness: 87.10% Unemployment Rate: 7.70%
  8. The tech thread

    Using a windows 8.1 tablet, which I bought to try it out and to use as a computer outside. Safe to say they have a lot of system issues to work out, as in the first week it gave me the light blue screen of death (and still does once in a while), so still recommend a netbook/laptop over a tablet if you have work to do it on it that is overly critical. As for desktops, I have a Windows 7 Professional, and a Windows 8.1, they are okay for work, but suck for gaming, so this year I am going to have to invest in a new desktop just to run games like Bioshock or Civ V. Fortunately I am a fan of old games and old school rpgs so it doesn't phase me, in fact it was a fun time to examine the games I missed in my childhood and play them all. I don't like Apple's desktops, but I have an iPhone which works well enough, though should migrate to android but I am hesitant with all the security issues they have been having.
  9. Versutian Federation

    Just popped in as Divair sent me a message from another game.
  10. Hello there

    Just popped in to see what this place was like, in worst scenario my nation will make a fine dystopia.
  11. Yo peeps!

    I never believed in Santa, even as a kid, I left out the cookies and milk though as my parents wanted me to be in the spirit of things. The only thing about Christmas I like is the tree, some songs, and the presents. Not Christian either, which means I don't wait till the end of the year to engage in mindless consumerism .