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  1. Blog Comments

    Can you try enabling javascript on your PS3 please*? *Disclaimer: Steps provided are 'as is' no warranty implied if you brick your system it's not my fault.
  2. More downvotes per day.

    Can you make them the same then please? 1 neg against...more than 3 pos (I cba to work out what your limit is here)
  3. It adjusts all swearwords to 8 characters, which means you can't even get an idea of what swearword the person is using Please can you adjust it to the same length as the swearword. ps: it screwed up an incredibly long bug title,
  4. Microsoft Backs Down

    There's a possibility that this was one massive PR stunt on Microsoft's part to make it look like they listen to their customers...
  5. Wayback Machine

    old news
  6. My name is Envoy

    1/10 Was expecting "And I'm an alcoholic".
  7. Auditorium mode in #Terra-Moderation

    Auditorium mode prevents non opped users (this includes voice and half op) from seeing who is in the channel except ops, superops and founders (@/&/~)
  8. Auditorium mode in #Terra-Moderation

    Why is it any of your business what they do in a channel designed to communicate with them? You're suggesting that they consult the community before every decision, which is quite frankly ridiculous.
  9. One amazing Image that sums up the Internet

    You don't call $150mil rich? numerous other sources on google also I suggest you go and look at Red Hat's profits, SuSE's profits, and some of the other distro's profits people don't make any money from linux HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. If you believe that then you're a bigger idiot than I thought.
  10. Auditorium mode in #Terra-Moderation

    What you're suggesting would result in PT moderators not being able to control their own channel without consulting the community each time which when that particular channel (I would imagine) sees relatively little airtim. I don't see what all the kerfuffle is about. Or mabye its only news because there's nothing else.
  11. One amazing Image that sums up the Internet

    The internet was far better before every teenager could get on it. Somehow, when those rampaging killbots arrived, the internet lost 99% of it's original purpose: porno.
  12. Staff concern for the community

    Whilst you raise a pertinent point, I don't believe that they don't take any advice from their players. There will always be good ideas, bad ideas, and infeasible ideas. The bad ideas and the infeasible ideas have to be ditched or shelved for a later date. Most of the ideas seem to be bad ones at the moment with no originality. Like your entire "be more open thing". They're open with you if you approach them in a respectable manner. A majority of the people complaining about not being listened have not approached the mod team in a respectable way, either because their expectations of how things are dealt with is off the mark (THIS IS MY IDEA, DO IT NOW), whereas logically you validate ideas with many people and a true ideas process is a well thought out one which takes time to implement and to reason through with the full ramifications of that idea clearly mapped out. This isnt going to be anywhere near instant, but that's what seems to be expected of the mod team, and I'm sorry to say, probably isnt currently possible to do with the resources they have. Mabye if they had a team of 50 coders working 9-5 every week, but yeah, 1 guy working in his spare time.. isnt going to happen.
  13. Staff concern for the community

    There's a good chance that the moderation team has been burned utilizing IRC for such transgressions, and if you've been burned, you tend not to do it again. Your thinking regarding the question situation is fundamentally flawed. IRC is a one-time post, to people who are present in that channel. Forum is posted, for all to see. You're going to have a better chance of getting a reply (albeit, potentially less timely) than if you post on IRC. A specific comment regarding Gandalf's post: this is Chris' game. He runs it how he wants to, the moderators do what he wants them to do. How he runs his game and his community interactions are entirely up to him, and should be respected as such. Don't like it? there are other games where there are admins that are probably more receptive to your needs. Regarding the OP: You're fine, IRIS. Considering there's no game at the moment i'm quite surprised there's any activity at all ever to nurture. In my observation the only people who dislike what you're (the mod team) doing are people who have a vested interest in seeing the moderation team (or mabye specific members of it) removed or to enact a change of rules for their own benefits. I for one believe that with specific members of the community the moderators have been very, very, very lenient, especially in comparison to other online games of similar ilks.
  14. Timeline for Beta Release

    A question for Chrisford: would you rather have a game which isnt playable and broken or one that works and is playable?
  15. Use of #Terra-Moderation

    Disagree muchly with this. #tm should be for questions regarding rules and to report things, discussion of bans should be done in private message on the forums or in the warn/ban appeal section of the forums. Much easier to add someone to a private message and it is far more believable than a log dump. e.g. player queries mod, mod tells them an answer they dont like, player starts typing abusive messages, mod might ban/ignore, then player complains and alters logs. Fuss for the mods. (player might not end up banned even though he or she has done this) e.g. player PMs mod, mod tells them an answer they don't like,player starts typing abusive messages, mod bans/ignore, player complains, mod adds the senior mod to the message. End of. (player stays banned) Much safer for all concerned, except people who try to manipulate the system. #project-terra should be for gameplay discussions, roleplaying, general chit chat. Moderation (read: rules clarifications, player reports etc) should be in #terra-moderation