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  1. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    Sorry for the late response, schoolwork has practically drained most of my free time You can google the IB yourself. I don't need to tell you about everything yknow? And while i do admit that some of these tweets are genuine, in reality 2 of those tweets are just being stupid since the third one are just teaching kids words and the first one shows you that math is indeed complex (although it's pretty stupid in my opinion that you need to add five to one and then multiply it by eight). Kids are not stupid Quew, they know how to differentiate the good and the bad. As for the youtube videos. You know that these kids are going to learn these anyway right? and i'm bloody fine with kids being taught critical and open to world issues since besides the added brainpower, these kids are now aware of their world and will make better life decisions (my thoughts from the first video, will watch second) Just like passing anti drug laws and telling the cops not to enforce them. Quew are you stupid or retarded since ANY government policy needs to be enforced due to the occasional troublemaker mucking around. And the thing about social control is that people has a tendency to broke laws period, no matter how much your parents complain or the government knocks there will be people willing to change the established order and sometimes positive things came out like Nelson Mandela's lifelong struggle against apartheid I'm suggesting their PARENTS to look up the internet for guidance, not the toddlers No, i'm suggesting that the police need to pick up their asses and start working with the community, Ferguson is a bad case of racial hatred between blacks and whites in the United States (sorry if i'm racist BTW) and the American public (especially southerners) need to stop hating on minority races. Oh and the police has regularly done much worse to their own populace if you study history, they used to shoot them lead bullets and beat them with clubs so i would say that the teargas is an improvement (in a way) since it only makes you cry where are these mysterious signals you are referring to? are you saying that babies and their mothers are telepathically connected? if yes then {CITATION NEEDED} Big government is captivity?? if you say that then Northern and Western Europe must be one hell of a place to live in. surely these people are wailing in agony as european house music are beating from the machine's infernal speakers. and that is stupid. I agree with you on that Then surely the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Finland must be outright police states right? and what Ahovking and i Agreed is that the Laissez Faire economic model doesn't work and that we need government intervention in the economy since the real world is different than some economic theory
  2. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    I have a teacher who lives in China before. He says that while there is a great firewall it is not so hard to et through it. So people can access the Tinanmen square files if they put very little amounts of effort. And eh, the common core is similar to the IB. It might be stressful but hot damn does it prepare you for college and later life. I have nothing against it really, and there's also the AP if the students doesn't want to take Common Core right? Yes of course my government has the ability to enforce the policy. If it is not enforced it will be inefficient and that policy will be worthless. I'm just saying that while my government is not exactly a saving angel i do appreciate the fact that they do not jail people for having different opinions. My country is NOT China or Russia Dude.....there is this thing called the internet which 70% of all American households have. The gay parents can provide the child with sufficient guidance for the child to have a healthy and good lifestyle. And there's also this thing called School which male-female interactions happen all the time. The lack of a solid and safe household might probably be caused by the crappy and overly equipped police department is Ferguson is any indication. And that's a very stupid thing to say that you need two parents to know how to interact with other people. I have stated above that we have schools and the internet for the socializing since society constantly changes And NEET's are a primarily Japanese problem due to their society being to mechanical and robotic and having no sense of community and Friendliness. America doesn't have that problem since most of their climate is still wild and there are still socializaiton happening everywhere (especially on the net) First. The heavy handed planned economy of the USSR is stupid since it gives government officials a lot of leeway for corruption and bribery making the system inneficient. But it doesn't mean that we need to have no government intervention in the economy. Laissez Faire is a total joke and even Ahovking has agreed with me on that
  3. The Official Unofficial New Map and Rules Thread FUN!!!
  4. The Official Unofficial New Map and Rules Thread

    Agreed on the stupidly high prices of land. But cities cost so much money it will take days for my population to gain enough money (this is just money not the resources) to make a fourth city don't bother asking me to raise taxes since i love the government approval and happiness levels the way they are
  5. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    when did i post a link about banning several teaching materials? The Atlantic only says that America is struggling at maths and what's the problem with the government setting an education policy? it worked relatively well if the countries that has government policies on education is any indication (hint: China) my country's populace has already questioned several times about the effectiveness of the National Exams. No one is going to jail or prison as of yet. dude. I would never threaten you......just no. If i say anything offensive then i'm sorry. well for one thing crime is one of the effects of poverty, most criminals that i watch in documentaries doesn't have jobs and tries to make ends meet. Government subsidies helps the poor since it gives them the breathing room for them to find jobs. My country's solution is rather ingenious since the government cooperates with private companies combining government subsidies and company investment in the area. Getting the poor jobs and allows the unemployed poor breathing room.......i wonder why the US doesn't do that.....distrust of corporation perhaps?? CNN is unreliable? i need to see proof of this since most of their reports that i have read are ok in my book.
  6. The Official Unofficial New Map and Rules Thread

    nuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! why u do dis?!?!!?
  7. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    first of all, you're going all over the place in this argument. Can you please structure your argument in a better system? now you are talking about banning this......thing that exist in school, what are you referring to? and if you're saying that if the government is not involved in the school system. you're saying that the militant atheists and hardcore fanatic groups would not go on a shooting spree? that's essentially saying that if your system is not perfect you should break it down and start over instead of improving said system, totally BS (oh and if you're saying that America's welfare system is not adequate then i will totally ignore you since that statement is weaponsgrade BS) sorry Quew, it's far too long anyway so i'll try to watch it if Schoolwork is not piling up. No promises though Dude, third world farmers do grow food despite aid coming through. It's just the buyers and middlemen pay them so little for all their hardwork that if things screwup (let's say a disaster of sorts) that they don't have any money to cover up for their expenses and we have said homelessness and famines in third world country. There are government programs like India's bank account for everyone program and Indonesia's Free Healthcare for every single people that is Indonesian program that are trying to address these issues and will be finished by the end of the decade (i think). So in the short term when UN aid comes through it's making sure that the people living in these BS conditions do have the ability to fight off the hunger and the malnutrition. But when these 3rd world government programs come through (i have heard reports that these programs are profitable) the people will (hopefully) be lift off the poverty and into prosperity. So let's see The US government loss 24 billion in only 16 days of the shutdown and it's economic growth slows down to 2.4% instead of the forecasted 3% yeah , let's keep shutting down the government forever, i'm sure that somehow we will make a profit
  8. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    Wut? firstly the lack of education in America is not so much as funding (which they have in droves) but more to political if this article is any indication secondly how are government welfare programs going to make the people less inclined to work for themselves? we have see Western europe and Scandinavia using in their massive welfare system and i doubt that the people in there are slackers by any means. Instead we have seen a good system that has only been brought down mostly by the PIIGS countries. There are people who are honest workers but just fell into the cracks due to the wrong background/ misfortunes in their families. And every system is not perfect so of course i took the welfare moochers into consideration. Oh and the thing for third world countries is that although the government there is anything but adequate, there is this thing called the UN that will distribute food and housing (if the need arises), and cooperate with charities in the area so that problem is mostly solved, the UN just needs to get it's hands more dirty and we already have Charitable funds around the world that has very good credibility like these ones: My point is that i support welfare programs in first world countries (sorry that i didn't make it clear) but prefer UN sponsored and highly organized charitable funds for 3rd world countries until these countries get their act together, oh and i also donate to local charities since my country is classified as third world. as for the dates. You do know about the 2008 and 2012 are both dates for presidential elections right? even if the dates are completely coincidential those are the times where the Republican party still has sane people in the government. Unlike today where they pull stunts like this: which just make the American public all the more angrier. all in all i support legislating the poor into prosperity, there will be problems (as every other government system has) but it's certainly better than leaving people to just "get up and work" since there are people who don't have the proper education or knowledge to know the nearest Mcdonalds so they can work.
  9. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    for the first video, remember that even though the "poor" people of America do have the standards to live comfortably (although i really question his sources), society still perceives the poor as people who has insufficient standards of living, so i don't care if the poor people has color tv's, if society still perceives the poor as the poor, then i would support the poor into greater prosperity (replacing the color tv's to HD tv's would be nice). And although poverty MIGHT be a choice, the people in the United States seemed to have a lack of a proper education so they don't have the knowhow in getting out of the gutter and into prosperity. Oh and the problem with charities is that they don't have the same coverage as government welfare programs, although i am currently serving in a community and service organisation. I prefer a government run program since it has far better coverage than any charities except UN sponsored ones. I also notice that the dates of all of these sources seems to coincide or close with the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections......hmmmm interesting, it might be republican sponsored propaganda but i have no proof though.
  10. The Official Unofficial New Map and Rules Thread

    Greater Kerguelen: 1901 sq/km keep expanding southward, inform me when i covered the causeway
  11. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    3D printing is indeed the baby steps into the way of making the poor move their way into prosperity, we may be experiencing our generation's industrial revolution tech wise (or at least for me) with Smartphones being manufactured here and there, coupled with technologies that only exists in Sci Fi movies becoming a reality But i severely challenge your view that the economy man is going to become outdated, this invention has a high probability of getting a price tag/ copyrighted (the US DMCA laws are total BS for the modern world in my view) and then we need to manage the pricing of these resources. But i agree with you that mankind still has a humanity within and will change for the better if this video is any indication:
  12. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    I actually LOVE the idea of replicators like machines that will transform the economy to purely a demand based economy. But how will you get this idea off the ground? there are special interest groups who will try to stall this project anyway they can (assuming the technical problems are solved of transforming the matter & energy around you into complex structures like a burger or something else). And like everything else in this world. This new replicator has a probability of getting a price tag since everyone wants to cash in on this new product. But if you can provide me with the solution to these problems then i will gladly support a kickstarter replicator program if i have the money\\ OOC: if i nailed anything wrong then i'm sorry, i haven't watched the Venus project since it's too darn long
  13. Legislating the poor into prosperity?

    Well historically, there will be always "poor" people, there will be always people that will fall under the cracks and (at least for me) the government should do the best it can (while maintaining it's present quality of life) to lift up the poor so they would have a chance to gain prosperity. BUT if there will be such a time where there will be no more poor people i would say keep the social security programs and NHS. Better be safe than sorry.
  14. What's your most favourite/hated topic to debate

    Nice. I prefer to focus on politics especially. Proabably due to my history classes and because i like politics due to the amount of intrigue that goes with it. Maths is okay. Although i wouldn't go anywhere debating maths since i'm horrible at it.
  15. The Official Unofficial New Map and Rules Thread

    Greater Kerguelen: 1651 sq/km