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  1. Thh I don`t get your point. I`ve read many of your posts and you generally seem kinda very critical towards this game. It`s true that the development is almost 0(zero) atm, but for the love of and the others that complain so much...there are hundreds of other games on several platforms out there. It`s about money, time, RL problems and all sort of things. If I remember correctly this was a 100% free game from the very beginning and imo the way it was designed was perfectly fair both for donators & the rest of the world. As for Ahohking...he`ll get over it & find his way. We all do.
  2. Chris was on today.

    Yes its a great game. I really dont care if a reset will occur or just waiting being fully released. It has a great concept within and the minutes I spend daily ( not many) are spent pleasantly. Thats enough for me.
  3. Over 9000 km^2 of Land

    And there`s another one in top 10 which is pretty weird judging by his land area and his nation`s age. I won`t give names (nomina odiosa)... I wonder what`s the percentage of multiaccounts in this game since nobody is no longer keeping things clean more or less. It must be huge.
  4. Over 9000 km^2 of Land

    Just awesome...looks like a bad gangsters movie. ) I think the devs should hire this guy to help them programming...
  5. Dearest Cement Workers

    You're right about one thing, in alpha the system was different. 1. I built yesterday another 3 warehouses and no change in price(just 1million) or res.required. Now I'vegot 20. So at this point the facts contradict your previous statement. 2. And to cut a long story short, coz it's not my job to be a private detective...but take your time and name me a 100% fullproof game, no exploits, no multiaccounters, no system abuse. And btw, why do you complain about investments and so on, just stockpile them as others do. They don't care about investments so why would you? 3. I'm sure most of you like to buy cheap and sell at absurd prices. That's why the market looks like that. And to be precise, only for construction res.for now, and it's easy to guess why. 4. I won't go on any further, things are just like they are. Let's hope for the better, for a market system where res.are SOLD and not stockpiled. A market is used to sell things,not for other purposes.
  6. Dearest Cement Workers

    1. And I am one of those who has cement on the market and I don't like the prices. They are way too high, and I am talking about the construction res. 2. I sell cement in whatever quantities and prices I desire. 3. No news to me. I already saw that, adding a new quantity at the same price stockpiles to your previous quantity. When you see offers or requests like250,000, 350,000, 500,000,(tonns) what's that? Are you calling me a liar? You'd better check out the market more often,you'd be amazed. 4. So what's the whole point asking or offering 500,000 tonnes of smth(yes,500 thousand tonns) if you don't have either the warehouses or the quantity at hand? A game mod would be helpful explaining how things work and why do we see at this point such enormous quantities listed either as offers or requests. 5. So who do you think you are when you initially have a post with a clear intention of manipulating the prices (rising them) and then a second one saying you educate us ? Chill out man. I'm pretty sure you're not The Chosen One here to teach us how to buy your "wishful thinking"prices. 6. Well, as I've said before, I won't buy artificial prices. Now you can relax.
  7. Dearest Cement Workers

    Who are "we" ? And who is devaluing your precious cement price ? Now it seems to me that all prices for construction res. are much too high, except cement, but just for the moment. So what's this ? A clear intention of manipulating the market prices? The prices are already absurd in some cases, e.g. lumber and the market is flooded by these so called "wall street PT brokers". The market is ruined for now, thx to you, the big alliances. You sell resources among you at prices like 200.000 tonnes per 49,50 and so on, fill your warehouses and then what ? I even saw people who have 500 warehouses based on what offers and requests I see ! As for me, a casual player...I'm not buying and won't buy at your artificial prices. May you stay and wait forever and ever with your thousand warehouses filled to the top. Yeah, no system is perfect, that's why not before long the system is abused, exploited and brought down to its knees by the "smart guys". Do you find 10-15 million per 1000 tonnes of lumber or whatever fair ? I don't.
  8. USF Wants you

    Lol, nice humorous little tiny insignificant but powerful alliance.Do you have Irish Cream?
  9. Space Stuff... Is it ALIENS?

    1. No. 2. Well, according to some theories (Immanuel Velikovsky's for instance) it's very serious. 3. No. 4. Very very high. Let's all hope it's a little one. If you don't mind I also have a question. Just curious : have you ever seen an alien?
  10. 28 Billion Giveaway

    Oh Mighty Obongo, and how are you going to raid him if he's in peace mode ? :/
  11. 28 Billion Giveaway

    C'mon, there are maybe hundreds of songs in hundreds of languages about countless cities and countries. Someone mentioned it before. I think it's about Troy from Ancient Greece(now Turkey), 13-12th centuries BC. After many many years of siege they could only capture it by trickery and deception. Now give us the money.
  12. Laws!

    Now ... That's something. Back in alpha, with a comfortable majority any law was passed in 3-4 attempts, at least that was my case. I assume your party has a majority, has it not? In your case...trying to pass the Civil Rights Act for a week is just pure disaster. Easy does it...
  13. Laws!

    Fourth day in a row and failed passing a single law. Enhanced Education Act, Family Growth Act and another one which I can't remember. I called a new election yesterday and now my party has 469 seats from 500. But still unsuccessful trying to pass for the second time Family Growth Act. What's so special or controversial about Family Growth Act or Enhanced Education Act ? I'm not trying to legalise organised crime or nuclear terrorism, what's so special about these laws? Seriously now... These are the laws which I've managed to pass so far...thank you God for that... Is there something wrong between these and the ones I'm trying to pass ? Academic Co-operation Act Encourages student exchange with different countries. 5/8/2014 5:56:34 PM Balanced Budget and Department Control Act Emphasises balanced budgets and financial efficiency. 4/29/2014 9:22:38 PM Basic Criminal Code Creates a basic code of criminal law. 5/4/2014 8:10:57 AM Casino Ownership Act Implements state ownership of Casinos. 4/30/2014 10:55:21 PM Civil Rights Act Establishes a basic level of civil rights. 5/6/2014 4:11:04 PM Food Quality Protection Act Enables the creation of a Government body to ensure food safety. 5/3/2014 3:57:55 AM Free Trade Act Removes all barriers to international trade from private companies. 5/7/2014 5:47:33 PM Mandatory Vaccination Program Institutes mandatory vaccination. 5/9/2014 6:18:05 PM Universal Declaration of Human Rights The full Universal Declaration of Human Rights passed by General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948. 4/28/2014