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  1. World War III.

    One more thing,India has the leading mountain warfare capable army Link- China does have an advantage in air,but not many airports near the Himalayas.
  2. A clock

    It is GMT(Greenwich)
  3. World War III.

    I suggest this site- Quite useful.
  4. A Brave New World, 1800 AD (IC Conflict)

    2nd,October,Busan The Japanese army launches an attack on poorly defended Busan.They number 150,000 and are armed with the newest guns.They quickly capture Pohang,Daegu and Jinju,stopping only to let reinforcements arrive.
  5. PTRP Map and Rules Thread

    I would like to have 1100 on east Island surrounding the big lake
  6. A Brave New World, 1800 AD (IC Internal)

    September 30th,Tokyo Sire,the British and Portuguese have begun rapid expansion in China!we must also take some steps! Buy more 70,000 guns.Increase our own production. Right away.We will have 150,000 guns.We have recruited 5,000 more men.And we are progressing with that ship. Great.Make our current navy ready to transport supplies.
  7. A Brave New World, 1800 AD (IC Conflict)

    September 30th,China Our massive forces quickly spread themselves,capturing as far South as Yancheng,Zhengzhaou and Nanyang to west,and a major part of the army along with artillery moved upwards,capturing Tianjin and have surrounded Peking(Beijing) to force the emperor surrender.Our army suffered 4000 causalities till now
  8. A Brave New World, 1800 AD (IC Diplomacy)

    No,I would not harm British interests,and I can sell you Yukon for 3 million
  9. Let's Make a Story!